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Graphic Designer Design

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
May 29, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae & Portfolio of

Sonia Janse van Vuuren

Cover Letter

Sonia Janse van Vuuren


Knotting Hill Complex, Buh Rein Estate

Kraaifontein, Western Cape, 7570

To whom it may concern...

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through both my Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio that I have put together showcasing both my current skills, education and what I plan for in the future. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. My current background...

Since I can remember, I have always had a love for all things art and design related. From watching the simplest of cartoons on television, all the way to the intricate UI designs of computer related entertainment and software. This passion followed me all through high school and after when I rst entered my rst year of graphic design study at the Institute of Technology in the Vaal. Due to circumstances, I have not completed my degree but may in future when I have more time do so. More than 12 years later, my passion for it has not only grown but evolved to include HTML, CSS, Illustration, Animation and various other

elds in order to keep with the times. Though my main passion will always remain with Graphic Design, I am always open to learning new skills and explore other elds that I can combine with Graphic Design to perfect myself as an artist. My specializations...

All though I am well versed in web design, illustration and alike, my love is mainly focused on Graphic Design and to speci cation – Vector and Photo Manipulation. All my skills can be summed up as follows: There are other skills but none of them are ones I can con dently say I am at a professional level with yet due to either not enough practice with them or have yet had the opportunity to have worked with them on a full time basis. About myself...

I would bore you with saying I am hard working, deadline and detail orientated and function well in a team as well as individually but those are basic requirements for any employment. Mostly I can honestly say I work best with being given a brief, given a short description on what is required if needed and then left to nish the project. I work my best with listening to music and drifting off into my own world where I can focus on the task at hand. Having worked at printing presses and newspaper companies, I am no stranger to team work but I have always done my best work when being given the chance to focus. I am also thanks to my latest studies well acquainted with both the Agile and Waterfall systems of Product and Project Management.

For an accurate description of my personality, most people would describe me as abstract and overly empathic to co-workers once I work long enough with them. Like most artists, I live with my head in the clouds as its where most of my inspiration comes from. My interests include things like gaming, reading, anime, manga, cartoons, crafts and sometimes just relaxing with a cup of coffee. Why I left working for a company to Freelance...

Having left university in the rst year of study, I never really have had the time to explore and learn new skills in a more relaxed environment and thus February 2012, decided to take a few years to up skill myself. Within the rst year, I managed to start contract work with the company PXS Distribution UK and have been working for them since till December 2017 when the company exchanged hands. In that time, I have learned better website management, how to do some skills more properly and ef ciently than ever before and once again feel I am ready to enter the job market.

Thoughts about the future...

As I am somewhat of a bookworm, I am always on the lookout to learn new tricks and skills. My current studies I am currently starting is exploring the world of coding a little more in depth, starting with the old favorites of Python, Django, PHP, Java, Javascript and jQuervy with my end goal to go from Graphic Designer into a Full Stack Designer and Engineer. I am also in the process of rede ning my illustration skills that have slipped over the past few years due to freelancing. What am I ideally looking for...

Due to both personal and medical reasons, I would prefer a remote position or semi-remote position for either contract or full time position. Availability is not a concern as I am used to over the past few years to shift my sleeping schedule to what best suits my clients in their own time zone. Relocation is also not a problem if that is required. I would like to thank you again for reading my cover letter and reviewing my Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio. If you require a sample of what I can do to see if my work style ts your product/company/brand, feel free to send me an email with your request and I will be happy to create a mock one for you.

Kindest Regards

S Janse van Vuuren


• Graphic Design - Photoshop, Layout Design, Advert

• Vector Design - Corel Draw, Illustrator, Redrawing

• Illustration - Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop

• Web Design - HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Wordpress


• Wordpress - Layout Design, Maintenance, Blogging

• Animation - Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Flash

• Android Mobile Application Design - MIT AI2, Android Studio

• Writing – Business, Ghostwriting, Novel, Transcribing Curriculum Vitae of

Sonia Janse van Vuuren

Curriculum Vitae




Buh Rein Estate


Western Cape


South Africa





Top Skill Set

Graphic Design

Vector Art


Web Design


Top Software

Corel Draw



MS Of ce


Top Languages






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Complete Skill Set

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Work History



Janse van Vuuren


19 November 1984




Physically Healthy

Fast working, deadline and detail orientated Graphic Designer with a love and knowledge for both art and coding that works long hours with lots of coffee for fuel.

• Graphic Design

• Vector Art

• Presentation Design

• Content Creation

• Web Design

• Illustration

• Concept Design - 2D, 3D & Photoshop

• Marketing & Advertising

• Social Media Marketing


• Wordpress Installation, Layout & Design

• Documentation

• Template Design

• Blogging & Writing

• Mobile App Design - Android

• Story Boarding

• Video Editing

• Adwords, Adsense, AdMob


• Javascript, PHP, SQL, API's

• Java, Python, Django,

• Corel Draw (up to Suite 2017)

• Photoshop (up to CS6)

• Skype, Discord, Google

• Notepad++, Atom

• Dreamweaver (up to CS6)

• Sketchbook Pro (up to 2015)

• InDesign (up to CS6)

• Microsoft Of ce - Word, Outlook, Powerpoint & Excel

• Illustrator, Premiere, Flash, After Effects (up to CS6)

• Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+)

• Rhino 3D, Matrix, zBrush

• Nimble Writer

• Maya, 3D Max, Google Sketchup, Gimp, Blender

2012 - 2018 - Anatnem Mentana Studios

• Freelance Graphic & Web Design

2012 - Syntech SA

• Mid Weight Graphic & Web Design

• Marketing Assistant

2009 - 2012 - Alligator Luggage & Promotional Gifts

• Mid Weight Graphic Designer

2008 - 2009 - Lowveld Media

• Mid Weight Graphic Designer

Transvalia High School

Matric / High School Diploma 1998 - 2002

Vaal University of Technology

First Year Graphic Design Certi cate 2003

Online Coursera - Munich School of Management

Competitive Strategy 2013

Shaw Academy Online Study

Mobile App Design - Completed Course 2018

Other Certi cations:

CMS Fundamentals, CSS2 Essential Training 2003, Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training, JavaScript Essential Training, Online Marketing Basics, Responsive Design Fundamentals, SEO Fundamentals, Web Design Fundamentals, Wordpress Essential Training, Writing Marketing Copy, HTML Essential Training,

Portfolio of

Sonia Janse van Vuuren


Stationery Design

Logo Design


Promotional & Mock Design


Advert Design

Banner and Online Advert Design


Photo Correction & Touch Ups

Photo Manipulation / Photoshopping

Apparel Design




HTML Newsletter / Promotional Mailer

Website Samples

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Illustration Sample


Vector Sample


Thank you for reviewing my

CV & Portfolio.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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