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Ms. Pharmaceutics

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
May 24, 2018

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Pharmaceutical researcher seeking an opportunity to conduct and participate in research projects and drug assessment.

Innovative, highly driven and motivated, demonstrated success in drug discovery from validation and optimization techniques (small molecules). Broad skill set with expertise in cell based assay development, expertise in liquid chromatographic methods, spectroscopy and biomarker assays. Committed to providing quality results to enhance the scientific aspects of medical research and Nano therapeutics.



- Experienced in conducting experiments including preparation, sampling, data collection, analysis and preparation of results and reports.

- Highly proficient in searching for literature as demonstrated during Master’s degree

- Efficient management of research laboratory including maintenance of equipment and materials, the disposal of waste and ordering of supplies.

- Ability to learn and apply new technology

- Agilent Chemstation, Image Studio Lite & ImageJ – competent, use currently

- Microsoft Office, GraphPad, Minitab and ChemDraw– use advanced skills to produce high level work


- Positive interpersonal skills demonstrated through teaching and collaboration

- Scientific report writing skills that show precision, attention to details and conform to procedural guidelines

- Proven ability to be a productive team member through interaction with staff and peers, attendance and contribution


Teacher Assistant in Compounding Lab I-II


MCPHS University

Boston, MA

Conducted undergraduate student tutorials

Evaluated student performances in laboratory experiments and report writing

Prepared laboratory sessions for undergrad and graduate students

Help undergraduate students in conducting different experiments (preparation of formulations and solutions required to treat patients) Quality control assistant


CIDASA (consorcio Industrial de Arequipa)

Arequipa, Peru

Complete reports, data entry and preparation of documentation for the company.

Compiled research reports from different sectors including production, research and development and sample analysis.

Assessment of physicochemical properties from soaps produced in the company following specifications and guidelines to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Quality control of raw materials required for the preparation and manufacturing of soaps

Provide clear directions to attain a good product Pharmacy Intern

01/01/2013- 01/01/2014

National Hospital Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo EsSalud Arequipa, Perú

Assistant in different areas at the hospital Pharmacy in the following services:

- Unitary Dosage in the Internal Medicine Service.

- Unitary Dosage in Surgery Service

- Unitary Dosage in Hematology and Oncology Service

- Unitary Dosage in Traumatology Service

Assistant in the Oncology Unit preparing mixtures (UMO) for cancer treatment

Assistant at the Department of Artificial Nutrition Support Unit (USNA) preparing nutritional bags specified by doctor.

- Detect drug interactions in prescriptions

- Perform research in a lab setting on new medication formulas or solutions

- Research the effects of different medications on patients and present findings to health professionals

- Look into other options of medication to make comparisons

- Visited and spoke with patients using the medication in question to determine its positive and negative effects

- Performed research on the dosage of medication in relation to patients condition weight and other medication (drug interactions)

- Drafted reports on research findings and presented to medical staff

- Assisted investigation for drugs and provided specialized pharmacy services for same.

- Maintained knowledge on process of drug absorption and its elimination from body.

- Provided drug dispensing services

- Coordinated with various departments and provided support to various dispensing activities.

- Assisted healthcare providers and staff in various educational services. Quality Control Intern



Arequipa, Peru

Assessment of physicochemical characteristics to ensure the quality of soaps EDUCATION

Ms. of Science in Pharmaceutics


MCPHS University

Boston, MA

Thesis: “Inhibitory effects on cancer cell growth by piperlongumine and buthionine sulfoximine combination through liposomal co-delivery” The objective of this research was to increase the solubility of piperlongumine by encapsulation and also to enhance the cytotoxic effect of the liposomal formulation. Pharmaceutical Chemist (equal to PharmD)


Catholic University of Saint Mary

Arequipa, Perú

Thesis: “Determination of antioxidant activity and its relationship with phenolic compounds in olive oil mill waste water”

Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry


Catholic University of Saint Mary

Arequipa, Peru

Participated in multiple research projects as an assistant

- “Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis of purple corn flour and the use of mixtures of malts: purple corn/barley, on the physical and chemical characteristics, antioxidant capacity of syrups and drinks made from purple corn”

- “Development of a functional energy drink for athletes based on purple corn malt/barley and determination of antioxidant capacity”

- “Determination of the antioxidant capacity of functional beverages made from purple corn (Zea mayz L.), cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa DC) and stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)”

- “Evaluation of the stability of antioxidant capacity, total phenolics, betalaines in tuna juice (Opuntia ficus-indica) pasteurized”

- “Determination of the antioxidant capacity of a beer made from purple corn (Zea mays L.) using CUPRAC, ABTS / TEAC and FOLIN methods”

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