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Engineer Software

Vista, California, United States
May 23, 2018

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Lee Khadivi

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Vista, Ca *****

Mobile Phone: 949-***-****



B.S. Degree - The University of Texas at San Antonio

Major: Computer Science, Minor: System Design


Extensive experience in Real-Time Embedded System Software and Firmware, leading embedded system and firmware engineering teams, component and board level diagnostics and test development software, Board bring up, Boot code development, serial communications (UART), programmable controllers, Microcontrollers, device drivers and software tools. Experience in writing Software Requirements Specification (SRS), Software Design Document (SDD), Test Plan and Procedure (TPP), software validation and verification (V&V), Unit Testing, System Testing, Preliminary and Critical Design review presentation, Software Life Cycle, Software processes, CMMI level 4, 6-Sigma process improvement (certified), Object Oriented Design methodology (Rumbaugh OMT, UML), Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS: VxWorks, OSE, AMX), Board Support Package (BSP), board level debugging and problem solving using Emulators, Scope and Logic Analyzers, Software Configuration Management, Change Management and Defect Tracking (Rational Clearcase, Clearquest, PVCS, Source Safe, Star Team, DDTS, SVN,), Network Switches and Routers (10/100, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet), SONET and Optical Networks. Good knowledge of ARM7/ARM9 assembly and processors architecture. Extensive experience with MS Outlook, MS Visio, MS Visual Studio, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, and acrobat tools, CMMI level 4 software practices, DO-178B, 1553-B and various ARINC standards. Some limited experience on Android OS.


SUN SPARCs, Motorola (PPC750, PPC8245, PPC8260, 68000/68302, 68030, 68HC11), Intel

(8051 Micro controller, 8086, 80X86), Windows (NT, 2000), VAX-VMS, Embedded Processor, Interrupt Controller, Peripheral Controllers, PCI bus, I2C bus, Flash Devices, Marvell Ethernet Cross bar and System controller chipset, Memory Devices, UART devices, MAC/PHY devices, Power Sensor devices, Multiplexers, Microprocessor Architecture, Display/Keyboard devices, DLC (Digital Loop Carrier), Digital Switch, Network Switch/Router, A/D and D/A converters, UART, Intel peripheral controllers, digital circuit design, signal processing, TAS (Telephone Network Emulator), ICE (In-Circuit Emulator: Vision Probe, Vision Click ), SCOPE, JTAG debugger, Logic Analyzer.

C/C++, ADA, Visual Studio, Assembly Languages (Motorola PowerPC (750, 8245, 8260 ARM, 68xxx, Intel 8051, 8086/8088 80X86, Zilog Z8000 and DEC-VAX), TK/TCL, Python, Fortran, UNIX (SUN Solaris), Green Hills Multi, DIAB, Tornado, Vector Cast, Frame Maker, MS-DOS, MS-WINDOWS (NT, 2000), OSE RTOS, VxWorks RTOS, AMX-RTOS, Embedded Linux RTOS, VAX-VMS,, OOP, OMT, Frame Maker, Rational Clearcase/Clearquest, Rational Rose, Lotus Notes, DDTS, STP, PVCS, MS-PWB, MS-Code View, MS WORD, MS-Project, MS-Visual Source Safe, Lotus Notes, Visio, Exceed, CodeWrite, CADRE/TeamWork, SELECT YOURDON, SELECT OMT case tools, Interleaf, WARD/MELLOR, RUMBAUGH OMT, Structured Analysis and Bellcore TL1



General Monitors-A MSA Safety Company-Lake Forest, Ca

Principal Embedded Firmware Engineer-Consultant

Senior member of firmware technical staff, primarily responsible for embedded system firmware design, development, integration and unit testing of firmware for safety critical SIL-3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) fire and gas detection product lines. Individually Unit tested the entire firmware for code (50k LOC) coverage, analysis and expected results using Vectorcast tool set for agency firmware certification. Expert knowledge of Vectorcast tool set for safety critical software. Target CPU TI TMS320 family DSP with Code Composer Studio 7.2 IDE and TI RTOS. Development language 'C'. Other development tools include Atlassian BitBucket, Jira, Bamboo, SonarQube, Git, SVN and IBM Notes.


General Atomics Aeronautical- Poway, Ca

Embedded Firmware Engineer- Consultant

Member of Advanced Cockpit team for Unman Aircraft (UAV) Cockpit system.

Designed, developed, and coded Real Time Embedded multi-threaded systems software under VxWorks RTOS and Linux Centos OS and ‘C’ language. Embedded software includes real time monitoring of Linux Threads running on Linux systems. Also designed Simulator multi-threaded test software running under Linux systems to test the real time VxWorks software using UDP connectivity. Performed static analysis using Coverity tool, DOORS for requirement, GNU tool chain and windows. Other tools included SVN, MISRA-C standard under DO-178 Safety Critical.


Parker Hannifin Aerospace – Irvine, Ca

Embedded Firmware Engineer – Consultant

Firmware engineer consultant, performing Requirement analysis, requirement management

And Firmware validation for embedded firmware Flight Control Systems for a commercial aircraft in a Safety Critical DO-178B Level A systems on an Analog Device DSP 21369 SHARK processor, cross compiler and various tools. Requirement analysis and management tool used is DOORS. Language is ‘C’ using MISRA-C standards. Performed extensive requirement verification and validation (1000s), Firmware verification test procedures, coding and code review and scripts. Software configuration management tool is MKS integrity. Tools include DOORS 9.6, Ultra Edit, Analog Device Visual DSP++, Understand C, Rational Rhapsody, Vector Cast, office 11,

12/2012- 7/2015

Western Digital Corporation – Irvine, Ca

Principal Embedded Systems Firmware Engineer

Member of Enterprise product Advanced Firmware team for enterprise HDD hard drives. Primary responsibilities include firmware feature enhancement, failure analysis, bug fixes of main controller and IAP (Interface Assist Processor) processors firmware for SCSI SAS and SATA enterprise drives. The firmware is designed under C/C++, uCOS RTOS and multi core SOC ARM Cortex R3, R4 and M series processors. Tools include GNU tool chain, Arium JTAG emulator/debugger with Source point interface, Lauterbach emulator with Trace32, Trace Decoder for captured trace analysis, Python for script and automation and Disk Warrior for complex advanced analysis of unexpected failures, Tortoise SVN configuration management, bus analyzer with xGig trace analysis, xGig Expert, Slick Edit, Notepad++ and numerous other proprietary in house tools. Good knowledge of SAS SCSI and SATA command set.

Excellent knowledge of boot code setup and operation. Also performed complex HDD firmware build and release.


Intel Corporation – Folsom, Ca

Graphics CPU Software Engineer - Consultant

Member of graphics CPU (GPU) software development team. Developed and debugged large scale GPU simulation software that simulates all GPU functional and performance capabilities.

Primarily developed and enhanced simulation software for current and next generations of the GPU for new features, instructions and capabilities. Development involves extensive use of GPU hardware specification for incorporating new hardware features into simulation software. Development and debugging under Visual Studio 2010 using C/C++ and assembler languages. Other tools utilized include TortoiseGit, TortoiseSVN. Performed regression testing on graphics test cases for different GPU generations. Operating systems include Windows, Linux, and UNIX.


Esterline Technologies Corporation – Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca

Embedded Software Engineer- Consultant

Senior staff member of embedded software/firmware team for CDCS (Compact Digital Communication Systems) product. CDCS is a new product line consists of DCU (Digital Crew Unit) and DSU (Digital Switching Unit) for aircraft audio communication systems. DCU and DSU systems are based on Power PC MPC8349EC and real time embedded RTOS VxWorks DO-178B Certified version 6.6.2 with Workbench IDE 3.2 Responsible for DCU Discrete I/O for both Input and Output real time tasks. DCU consist of Audio and Processor board in a Compact PCI chassis. Developed and created design document for discrete I/O, wrote the requirements document, participated in requirement review, code review and performed unit and integration testing, Development language is ‘C’ under MISRA-C 2004 guidelines along with LDRA tool suite (TestBed, TBvision, TBrun). Developed boot loader (Uboot) for processor startup. Also utilized IRQA 4 requirement management tool, Doxygen code documentation tool, Windriver JTAG debugger and ICE and Perforce CM tool. Work extensively with hardware engineers, board designers, FPGA engineers and various hardware and software tools. Also interfaced extensively with systems and quality engineering team. Discovered and resolved many hardware and software problems.


Consultant, Orbital Sciences Corporation – Sterling, VA

Embedded Software Engineer

Member of the software development team, developed and wrote software design document (SDD) for Flight Computer (FC), Avionics Processor (AP) and Critical Function Controller (CFC) for a satellite spacecraft system. Ported, developed and debugged Flight Computer software, VxWorks RTOS Board Support Package (BSP) and device drivers. Target system RAD750 (Power PC compatible radiation hardened CPU) with PPCI Bridge in a cPCI chassis as well as AP and CFC FPGA based microcontrollers in an RIU hardware connected over SUMMIT chip MIL-STD-1553 bus . Debugged SuROM and board bring up. Utilized Wind River VxWorks 6.7, Work bench 3.1, Embedded Linux, Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, JTAG debugger and DIAB and GNU tool chains. Languages used ‘C’ and Power PC assembly.


Consultant, Northrop Grumman, Space Technology – Redondo Beach, Ca

Embedded Software Engineer

Member of the software development team designed and developed real-time embedded firmware and software system for flight computer hardware and software system testing platform under VxWorks 6.5 RTOS and Wind River Workbench 2.6 IDE using ‘C’ and DIAB/GNU tool chain. Also worked on porting the software to Embedded Linux environment. Designed and developed all FPGA Interface and Discrete firmware and software functions for the systems. Hardware consist of compact PCI chassis with Pentium based SBC card, 1553 bus card, Digital I/O card with 4 Xilinx FPGA and PCI PMC carrier card. Utilized Clear Case tool for configuration management, version control and JTAG debugger. Developed requirements traceability matrix and contributed to SRS development.


Consultant, Triconex – Irvine, Ca

Firmware Engineer

Member of Research and Development team. Responsible for firmware development and enhancement for a safety critical Triconex Trident Pulse Input module. Trident is a Chassis of various hardware modules with TMR (Triple Module Redundant Main Processors). Majority of firmware development involved diagnostics, acceleration and jerk computation on Pulse Input signal. Entire firmware running under real time task based state machine with no traditional operating systems. Development system is PC workstation, using ADA 95 language with Rational PowerPC cross compiler and tool chain, Synergy CM and Synergy Change configuration management and defect tracking; other tools include DOORS for requirement management, MS project, Vectorcast and others. Software running under Safety Critical in a real time environment. CMMI level 4 software practices and DO-178B safety standards.

01/2007 -11/2007

Consultant, Curtiss Wright Embedded Controls – Santa Clarita, Ca

Member of technical staff. Developed software under Wind River Workbench development systems 3.4 IDE and VxWorks 6.2 for Industrial systems, ‘C’ and assembly languages. Processor module TQM-8560 Power Quick II Power PC processor. Developed software drivers for National Semiconductor A/D, D/A and DIO boards NI-DAQ 6230 and NI DIO 6219. Developed boot loader for processor startup code. Developed Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) software for board bring up and check out. ATP included CAN bus, SPI bus, A/D, D/A, DIO, GPIO, etc. Worked on Servo Motor Controller project for Army Advanced Tank (Future Combat Systems). Worked closely with hardware engineers to debug boards. Development environment under real-time safety critical standards. Also used Embedded. Linux RTOS for a similar project using the same hardware and application. Utilized JTAG debugger for debugging.


Consultant, Boeing IDS - Long Beach, Ca

Member of C-130 aircraft Advanced Modernization Program team. Responsible for Integrated Caution and Warning Advisory of Avionics software. Developed software and analyzed requirements using DOORS, wrote test scripts using Automated Test Control (ATC), performed testing and verification of requirements on laboratory test nodes, performed code analysis and change in ADA and ‘C’, conducted peer reviews, analyze and solve problems in defect reports (PCR, ADR) and develop, analyze and change SSDD (System Software Description Document). Development tools include Clearcase and Clearquest for configuration management, GNU tool set for ADA and DOORS for requirements. Software running under Safety Critical VxWorks RTOS in a real time environment. CMMI level 4 software practices, DO-178B, 1553-B and various ARINC standards.


Principal Engineer, Raytheon Company – San Diego, Ca

Member of a large software development team developing embedded application software for Command and Control System. Utilized Rational Rose and UML, C/C++, Java, TCL/TK, Visio and Green Hills Multi cross compiler. Development system Sun SPARCs running UNIX and windows 2000. Target systems embedded PowerPC 750 running VxWorks. Extensive use of configuration management and defect tracking tools (Clearcase and Clearquest). Other tools included Exceed, Visual Studio VC++ and Lotus Notes. Completed six sigma specialists training (certified). Software development under CMMI level 4 processes. Extensive adherence to software processes and continuous process improvement.


Consultant, Boeing Satellite Systems – El Segundo, Ca

Design, Development, coding, unit testing, writing Software Design Document (SDD),

Software Requirements Specification (SRS), Test Plan Procedure (TPP) and conducting various reviews for Control Computer Operating System (CCOS). CCOS is a Power PC 750 based embedded systems running Operating System for a Satellite communications Systems. Programming languages used ADA, 'C'/C++, PowerPC assembly. Tools used in development include Continuus CM, VectorCast for Unit Testing, Frame Maker, and Green Hills development tool set including ADA Multi and Multi C and VxWorks RTOS. Development systems Windows 2000, Exceed and UNIX.


Lead Firmware Engineer, Foundry Networks – San Jose, Ca

As part of hardware development group, worked closely with board and ASIC designers. Designed, Developed, coded, documented and maintained diagnostics software for embedded board bring up and testing. Boards based on Foundry JetCore AISCs include 10/100/1000 and 10 Gig Ethernet chassis based switch routers. Also included boards based on Marvell chipset ASICs using 10/100 Switches (x510), Gig switches (x520), Crossbar (x304) and system controller. The diagnostics software performed variety of functions including SDRAM memory test, ASIC test, Flash test, I2C device test, Auto discovery on power up and many menu driven commands. High value slave boards and management boards are based on PPC 750, PPC 8245 and PPC8260 processors. Devices include I2C bus, PCI bus, UART, Memory Controller, Flash, Various ASICs, FPGA, MAC/PHY and SODIMM. I2C devices include Serial EEPROM, LM77 power sense and Multiplexer. Utilized ‘C’, PowerPC assembly, DIAB compiler, VxWorks RTOS, Vision Probe/Vision Click emulator, software/hardware tools and Motorola DINK software. Intimate knowledge of Marvell 10/100/1000 switch controllers, Crossbar and system controller chipsets. Developed and modified BSP for VxWorks.


Lead Diagnostics Software, Jasmine Networks – San Jose, Ca

Joined the company in early stages. One of key members of embedded real-time firmware design team for a Power PC 750 based OC192/OC48 Optical Multiplexer from inception to completion. Designed, documented and coded system startup/boot process, Power on Self Test (POST) and run time diagnostics for controller and MUX module hardware components. Worked closely with hardware board design team to define diagnostics requirements. Wrote requirements and design documents for diagnostics software. Modified and worked with board support package (BSP). Provided technical leadership to junior and senior engineers. Utilized OSE RTOS, Green Hills compiler, StarTeam source control, Vision Click vision probe emulator, Scope, logic Analyzer and other tools. Development language 'C' and assembly. Excellent knowledge of Artesyn Processor Module Power PC 750(PMPPC), TL1, hardware and system test. Knowledge of SONET. Developed and modified BSP for OSE RTOS. Contributed to CTO office.


Software Specialist, Verifone Inc. (A Hewlett-Packard Company) – Dallas, Texas

Entirely responsible for one of VeriFone Transaction Terminals (Omni 490) which is a Real-time Multitasking Embedded System based on Motorola 68302 Processor and AMX RTOS. The system contains Internal Modem, LAN port, RS-232 port, PinPad port, and Printer port. Developed firmware for SSI Modem chip, Serial Communications Controller, Keyboard and Display and various other device drivers such as communication protocols. Development language is 'C' and MC68000 assembly using Microtech 'C' cross compiler, assembler, X-Ray Monitor, TAS and In-Circuit Emulator. Also responsible for developing functional specification and design documents, release document, history document and performing ECO release procedures. Development tools used include Lotus Notes for defect tracking and reporting, MS Visual Source Safe for version control, MS Project for project tracking and scheduling and various software tools.


Senior Software Engineer, Reliance Comm Tech – Bedford, Texas

Member of Bellcore TR-303 DLC (Digital Loop Carrier) software project team. Wrote requirements document for DISC*S DLC TL1 based on Bellcore TRs (199, 831, 833, 811, and 253). The TL1 requirements covered both metallic and SONET DLC. Designed and developed embedded software for TL1 Parser as part of TL1 agent target CPU multitasking environment using C/C++. Interfaced with CMISE managed objects. The TR-303 is a C/C++ object oriented environment. Development system PC workstation, target system Intel i960 under PSOS. Utilized Rumbaugh OMT methodology, Flex lexical scanner, Anagram, Select OMT, Select Yourdon Case Tools and various software tools. Also designed software for Real-time embedded Microprocessor system in local area network (LAN) environment. Development system PC Workstation computer running MS-Windows, Exceed X-Windows emulator, 'C' cross compiler and TCP/IP. Host computer SUN SPARCs running UNIX, CADRE/TeamWork and Interleaf software. Target system Motorola 68HC11 Micro controller. Utilized communication protocols, RS-422, RS-485 twisted pair and In-Circuit emulator. Utilized Structured Analysis and WARD/MELLOR methodology. Wrote software design documentation and software test procedure.





MC68301/302 Processor

CADRE/TeamWork Case Tool





CMMI Level 4



Citizenship: U.S.

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