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Professional Experience Python

Dallas, Texas, United States
May 23, 2018

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* ***** ** ************ ********** in web application development with Python/Django.

Worked on market research simulator web applications for Walmart, Nestle, and Rogers and various colleges

Worked on user-facing apps for Larue Tactical, EpiduoForte (php), and various other clients

Extended internal web application for UT Southwestern

Experience in Python/Django, PostgreSQL, and javascript/jquery or Vue (new to Vue, though)

Experience with Heroku, AWS EC2 and S3 and RDS, as well as digitalocean

Use Git for revision control.


Software Consultant April 2018 to Present

San Diego, CA (Remote)

Project Inertia (Inertia Systems)

Create admin-facing UI for construction projects.

Communicate with Autodesk API to upload, convert (to binary files readable by project viewer), and download construction project files to server.

Tech used: Node.js, Vanilla JS

Software Consultant July 2017 to October 2017

Dallas, TX

Insite Interactive

Clients: UT Southwestern, Epiduoforte, Landfirstny, CollegeAuditionCoach

Extended internal web application for UT Southwestern with Python/Django (created new database with new schema and new relations/tables/fields using their existing data, modified existing front ends/admin front ends for other clients using CMSs.

Tech Used: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript/Jquery, PHP, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Vagrant/VirtualBox, TDD, Drupal, Wagtail, Wordpress,

Software Consultant December 2016 to January 2017

Scotland, UK (Remote)


Built an automated social media presence amplifier.

Features include automated following, liking, and commenting on users’ Instagram posts using a user-friendly user interface and secure login system, complete with real-time notifications and clearly defined UI controls.

Tech Used: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript/Jquery, AWS (EC2, S3, RDS), Instagram API, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Git, custom built REST API

Software Consultant August 2016 to October 2016

Santa Cruz, CA (Remote)


Clients: Food Feedback for iPhone and Android

Debugged and fixed important web (python/django) API functions that client app FoodFeedback needed to function properly

Tech Used: Python/Django

Software Consultant March 2016 to August 2016

Austin, TX (Remote)

Commerce Gardens

Clients: Larue Tactical

Rewrote reviews and voting systems (front end and backend) and worked on automatic and scheduled transactional emailing of customers for client Larue Tactical.

Tech Used: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript/Jquery, Celery, memcached, Vagrant

Software Consultant May 2015 to October 2015

Dallas, TX


Built a full-service automated subleasing brokerage system as a web application (similar to Airbnb, geared towards subleasing for college students), complete with automated payments, messaging and notifications, email signaling, map visualizations, an admin interface, social authentication, and more.

Technologies Used: Python/Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript/jQuery, Google Maps API, Mapbox/Leaflet, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Heroku, AWS (S3), custom built REST API

Software Consultant March 2015 to May 2015

New York, NY


Built property listing system, complete with a content management system for managers with CRM capabilities, with the guidance of expert real estate agents in NYC.

Tech Used: Python, Django, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git

Software Consultant March 2014 to January 2015

Portland, OR (Remote)

American Choice Modeling

Clients: Nestle, Coke, Walmart, and various colleges

Led a team of remote developers to build market research simulators.

Simulator features included data visualizations of predicted market outcomes, custom UI controls in each simulator (for users (clients) to modify hypothetical conditions of the market), admin content management system for each simulator, customizable data exports to excel spreadsheets.

Tech Used: Python, Django, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Highcharts, d3, jquery. data tables, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Excel


High School Diploma, 2012, Arlington High School

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