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Python Developer and HIL Test

Columbia, Missouri, United States
May 19, 2018

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I have experience in developing unit tests in c sharp for all the methods in a class in visual studio 2012, also used mock classes to mockout Stream Reader, Stream Writer, Serializer, DeSerialize and many etc.Good in Debugging both c sharp and python scripts and Developed an automation tool for HIL Testing using object oriented programming in python like inheritance etc, also flashed the software in Electronic control unit, developed a test plan to test the software in Electronic control unit, also used Control desk, Dspace. I am used to Agile Methodologies like daily standup meetings, backlog grooming and Sprint planning.

Also used Version Controls like git bash and tortoise git and created pull requests in git hub, very familiar in usage of commit, checkout, push, pull, merge, status, add commands in git bash.

Tools and Technologies

MATLAB/Simulink, QT-QML, Git Bash, Tortoise Git, WPF(XAML), TCP/UDP, JSON Parser, WX Widgets, Wireshark, Socket Programming, putty, Routing, Control Desk, Cat ET, Vector Canalyzer

Programming languages

C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J Query, C#

Other Languages

VHDL, PSpice, Proteus

Other Skills

Test Plan development, DSPACE, ECU, J1939, HIL Testing, Multimeters, Digital Oscilloscopes, Function Generators

MS Office Tools

MS Excel, MS Access

Work Experience

Client: Caterpillar and John Deere

Employer: Automotive Robotics Inc.

Location: Peoria

Designation: System Engineer

Duration: Feb 2017 to April 2018

Project name: System Diagnostic Automation

Description: Developed a Test Automation Tool in python and integrated backend python script to XAML(WPF) Frontend for different user interfaces like Development of Test Plan and used modules like win32com, python net, os also developed another UI called Test Runner which has interfacing Electronic Control Units to DSPACE with GSI2 using modules like Cometutils, Ds PACE_ utils, win32com and another UI for Publishing Test Results to Server using modules like open pyxl, xlrd, xlsx writer and a common UI of Test Plan generator, Test Runner and Test Result publisher using submodules and Jenkins Continuous Integration server. Also used TCP/IP socket and JSON reader for the integration


Developed automation tools using beautifulsoup, lxml parser, xlrd, xlwt, and CSV modules for Generation of Test Plan, Test Runner on DSPACE, publish results to the Server, and the integrator of all three modules onto one UI with Python as Back-end and using WPF for Front-End.

Implemented Strategic Design Pattern for the python scripting of Cassini and Zepplin instead of maintaining two different branches in the git repository.

Experience in Debugging Python Scripting and used a Debugger called Pydevd. Set trace in Py Charm IDE very efficiently and could debug the python script if there are any issues.

Integrated all three modules onto one user interface with three different buttons where each button is calling three different user interfaces.

Used Multithreaded Programming called Background Worker to make the UI more Responsive. Also used object oriented programming so that it will be easier to use Strategic Design Pattern.

Created a .exe for all the modules using py2exe and making the source code hidden from the user and created an installer.

Used a Virtual PC without any installation of modules and tested that the .exe is working properly.

Also has Experience in Html, CSS, JavaScript, which I used in creating different speedometers.

Expert in Tortoise Git and Git Bash in very detail where I was giving some presentations to the new ones about how to use git.

Developed Front-End XAML (Windows Presentation Format) user interface using Blend for Visual Studios using Storyboards, objects and timeline

Used Microsoft .Net Framework as an API for the Python Scripting

Participate in weekly Standups to update on the work progress

Used Target Process for putting updates on all the work in process

Client: Caterpillar

Employer: Automotive Robotics Inc

Location: Peoria

Designation: DSPACE – Embedded Test Engineer

Duration: Aug 2016 to Feb2017

Project Name: System Diagnostic HIL Testing

Description: The project involves developing and testing Algorithms for Input / Output processing and common diagnostics for future Machine Programs. This includes testing the Electronic Control Module connected with Hardware in loop systems and validating the algorithms using the model in loop approach to ensure all the input and outputs are thoroughly tested for all the ECM platforms before implementing on the actual Machines.


Tested System Diagnostic software for machine applications using DSPACE bench for Backhoe Loader and Hydraulic Excavator

Reviewed system/software requirements and developed and updated test plans

Executed manual testing using Control Desk and Python based automated testing

Documented test results

Analyze and reported issues using issues list

Participate in daily standups to update on the assigned stories

Familiar with using CATET and DSPACE GSI


Degree Type

School/ University


Masters of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics & Communication

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology


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