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Project Supply Chain

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 04, 2018

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Toronto, ON, M4X 1G6

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To be a SAP- Technical Consultant in industry that will utilize my education & experience and contribute as a team player in the overall success of the company.


Having 6 years experience as a SAP ABAP Consultant in One Support Projects and Seven Implementation Projects with skills ranging in RICEF Objects currently seeking a position in a dynamic organization with greater responsibilities to put forth my past experience for the growth of technological ladder of the organization.

Fair Knowledge in Understanding the R/3 System and Considerable experience in ABAP/4 Programming techniques, using quality driven Methodologies.

Further SAP Exposure includes Data Dictionary, Reports and having experience in Enhancements (i.e. BADI, Implicit Enhancement and User Exit), Batch data Communication, BAPI and Smart Forms RF development using module pool and EHS Module also having knowledge on IMWM, MM and SD area.

Has the knowledge about HANA Modeling, SQL script & AMDP view & CDS view.

Has worked on Advanced OPEN SQL in current project CHK_EDGE

Working on some Interface issues in Support Projects.

Conceptual knowledge in SAP SCRIPT, LSMW and OOPS.

Working on oops alv and adobe forms.

Capable of doing Design according to given FDS.

Capable of adapting and working on new systems & environments easily.

Good communication and interpersonal skills. A flexible team player with the ability to adapt an evolving product development environment. Strong analytical, presentation and organizational skills. Ambitious, energetic, self-motivator and a quick learner with good leadership quality.


H.S (10+2) with 61.30 % under W.B.C.H.S.E.

MADHYAMIK (10) with 74.25 % under W.B.B.S.E.








7.89 DGPA(1ST DIV)


Saroj Mohan Institute Of Technology

West Bengal University Of Technology

Digital Image Processing

H.S (Physics,Chem,Maths)

61.30%(1ST DIV)






74.25%(1ST DIV)






Operating System : DOS, Windows.

Language : C, Java, ABAP / 4

Scripting Language : HTML / DHTML

Database : MS Access, MY- SQL

Web Server : Net Beans

Project 01:

Project : Capgemini My Connect HR ABAP

Employer : Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : HR -

Duration : February, 2016 to January 2018.

Object handled

As its Capgemini HR project, worked on so many interfaces like corp directory, Arval Interface, worked on some security program to unlock & lock user id, assign user roles and structures, deleting their roles for inactive employees, creating new template in PM module (VP Leadership Template, PIP, assignment appraisal), worked on smartforms for some template related PDF issues, worked on data migration activity for Canada Capgemini, worked on ADP Payroll email notification for wrong SSN number for Capgemini US and also developed an email notification objects for changing of business area, ownership of Capgemini canada DM activity phase 1 in 2017-2018, worked on SAP UI upgrade issues, also worked in little bit in process and forms, also mentored the juniors and giving the solution to the functional for correct approach.

Project 02:

Project : Chesapeake Energy

Employer : Capgemini India Pvt Ltd

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : HR ABAP, PtP, RTR

Duration : January 2015 to January 2016

Object Handled

As the project is an implementation project, created Technical design as per the functional requirement, also did the technical unit testing after the development has been done. As a developer worked on inbound Idoc, Enhancements, REPORTS using OPEN SQL, LSMW etc) also having knowledge in HANA (using open sql statement in abap code as the project using the HANA database).

Project 03:

Project : EAMSM

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : MM, PP

Duration : November 2014 to till December 2014

Object Handled

This project is now in Blue print stage. So working with the functional for feasibility study on different requirements such as

1.Added new tab on ME21N Transaction for purchasing data search help criteria using Append Search Help

2.Automatic replacement of planning plant with the logistic plant on the component tab of the work order for stock material (reservation) and non-stock material (PR)

in IW21 Transaction using exit IWO10009.

3.Enabling multiple PR document types to be generated through work order (based on the work order types) using exit COZF0002.

4.Modification of standard print form for Physical Inventory in T-code MI21 by coping the standard script V_159N into custom Script

Project 04:

Project : Friesland Campina

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : SD

Duration : July 2014 to October2014

Object Handled

There is a business requirement to pass on batch search characteristics to Decentralized WM system. These batch search characteristics and their relevant values will also be passed using this interface. As the IDOC type ‘SHP_OBDLV_SAVE_REPLICA05’ will not to be extended, we have implemented a BADI named ‘SMOD_V50B0001’ to use segment E1BPEXT instead of extending IDOC type.

Created a report to display the delivered Pool Pallets (CHEP) in a certain period from a certain plant / shipping plant using oops. From that report create a text file and save it in local system.

Created a adobe forms coping standard form ‘J_3RV_DELIV_PDF’ and added new columns there for VL02N transaction.

Project 05:

Project : Waste Water (United Utility)

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : PP

Duration : March 2014 to June 2014

Responsible for SAP ABAP/4 activities like:

Maintaining the coding standard while developing object and Providing Go live support and other Go live activities.

Object Handled

Developed an inbound idoc which will be created after receiving the data from proxy server.

Project 06:

Project : BACK TO BASICS (Johnson & Johnson)

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3


Duration : June 2013 to February 2014

About the client : The Supply Chain and Global Finance organizations at Johnson & Johnson are undergoing significant change, to enable growth and value for Johnson & Johnson through a Global Integrated Supply Chain organization that optimizes services, reduces costs and enables quality and compliance, as well as the roll-out of the Global Finance shared service organization that drives significant efficiencies and improved controls. An important element in delivering the Global Supply Chain enterprise strategy is the establishment of the Back to Basics (BtB) Program.

The overall purpose for the creation of the BtB team is to translate corporate strategy into a clear picture of J&J's Enterprise Supply Chain and Global Finance business models by defining key strategic capabilities, standard processes, quality and compliance standards & supporting infrastructure. BtB is a process-based business transformation Program to deliver the Supply Chain strategic enterprise capabilities and enable Supply Chain and Finance efficiencies.

Responsible for SAP ABAP/4 activities like

Interact with the Functional consultants to understand the requirements and writing Technical specifications.

Discuss the criticality of objects with Functional consultants and suggested the delivery date of the objects.

Review of other team member’s objects to ensure all standards are followed and all documents are maintained.

Worked on SD, MM module

Object Handled

Developed a “Form” for printing the Goods Receipt Slip which is generated via a custom output Type. This Form can be used globally all across MD&D, Pharma, and Consumer sectors of J&J.

Created a RF transaction for Manufacturing Operators and or Material Handlers reporting their Component Consumption for a single process or production order. It’s a complex development. It will be an efficient way to consume components materials. It verifies materials, batches, and quantities before the Goods Issue against the Process/Production Order is posted. It also handles overages and shortages for continuous processes.

Created a custom application CMT(Central Monitor Tool) which includes

oAutomate the execution of standard SAP transactions

oLink together the processing of standard SAP transactions based on the business requirements

oAbility to create different scenarios for different processes

oMonitoring display screen which will show the status of the transaction processing. This includes the typical red, yellow, green processing status lights

oCustom transactions to manually add deliveries (inbound and outbound) to the CMT monitoring tool

oCustom transactions to correct failed CMT data

Created CMT application for intercompany drop ship of cold chain product is as follows:

oAutomate the sales order creation for the ZOR order for shipping from the manufacturing plant

oAutomate the sales order creation for the intercompany sale between the manufacturing plant and the distribution center

oProvide a reporting view (CMT) which would show the linkage between the original sales order, the sales order against the manufacturing plant, the intercompany sales order and all related billing documents.

Created CMT application to process of automatically posting a 107 movement for material receipts shipped from vendors where title transfer occurs from vendor to J&J prior to physical goods receipts for this development also use the copy control routine and other exits to fulfill the requirement while creating sales order with reference to a billing document.

Project 07:

Project : BIZ (Johnson & Johnson, Europe)

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : FICO

Duration : January 2013 to May 2013

Roles and responsibilities:

As a technical consultant analysis the Functional Spec and implementing the code according the functional Spec with technical unit testing.

Objects handled:

Add Segments in existing Assessment Cycles Massively using BDC (For transaction KEU2).

G/L Balance Download for Flux Analysis.

Enhancement for cost center master data Business Area Field using customer exit - EXIT_SAPLKMA1_003.

Created a report to provide GL account posting totals by period for a period range selected, and this in a structure that is determined by the selection of a financial statement version.

Created a report is to provide information about FI posting totals amounts by company code, account number and business area for a number of time windows selected.

Conversion of allocation cycles using BDC Session method (For transaction KEU8).

Project 08:

Project : E2-EMEA (Johnson & Johnson, Europe)

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : Base business Support

Duration : July 2012 to December 2012

Roles and responsibilities:

Analysis the issues and Fixed the issues within estimated hours. Also completed new development within the fixed schedule and doing the unit testing in JNJ E2 Galaxy Support project.

Objects handled:

Created a new BADI implementation in MB_MIGO_BADI to show the Vendor Batch for a particular Purchase order type when creating GR for inbound delivery and purchase order.

Fixed some issues in Inbound Idoc for WMMBXY message type using implicit enhancement.

Fixed the issues regarding different tickets based on priority.

Created a new BADI implementation “WORKORDER_UPDATE” for COR1 and COR2


Working on a module pool program which comprises the management of master data required for cleaning, the logic to select the correct production version for cleaning, the creation of the cleaning order, and a set of reports.

Working on application server download report for EHS Module.

Project 09:

Employer : IBM India Pvt Ltd

Project : Crossroads (Johnson & Johnson)

Role : Team Member

Technology : ABAP- ABAP R/3

Area : IM/WM

Duration : May, 2011 to July 2012.

About the client: Johnson and Johnson is one the leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Research and Medical Devices Company. It is headquartered in New Jersey, in the United States of America with multiple locations in the USA and around the globe. Crossroads will standardize processes, data, and systems globally on a single, integrated instance of SAP, making the MD&D supply chain simpler, faster and more efficient. The main aspect of this project, it will be designed, developed and implemented in a Multi-Vendor-Environment.

Crossroads will:

Design and implement global, standardized manufacturing and quality processes

Identify impacts on organization design

Conduct all configuration, development and user support of the common MD&D Supply Chain Solution

Build repeatable, J&J-owned process & organization for implementing solution

Provide a foundation for delivering other strategic capabilities.

Roles and responsibilities:

Develop few RF related enhancements and an interface with Legacy System.

Objects handled:

Created one enhancement which is applicable to IM transactions, which are used to move material between plants and storage locations for tracking time out of temperature and location verification.

Created one enhancement which is applicable to WM transactions, which are used to ensure the confirmation transactions.

Created one interface to pass the IM/WM related information between SAP to Legacy system.

Created one enhancement which will initiate the confirmation communication between SAP to Legacy for successful completion of Bin to Bin to stock movement.

Created a SAP enhancement for MIGO_GR transaction to allow creating GR for the goods against schedule lines of future delivery date.

Created a report to provide the ability to get quantity emissions data generated from the roll coating process

Developed smart forms from which prints sales order details. Also uploaded the company logo as per the customer requirement and also convert it in PDF format.

Creating a dialogue program for location to location goods movement.

I do hereby declare that all information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge & belief.

Signature: Anindita SenGupta Date: 09-03-2018

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