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Embedded Engineer Software

Ashland, MA
March 29, 2018

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Bellingham, Massachusetts Phone (Cell): 774-***-****

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I am a Senior Embedded Software Engineer. I began my career in the field of telecommunication products (modems, terminal servers, T1/LAN Bridges, Multiplexers), many involving Real Time considerations, all consistently at the “bare-metal” level. In recent years I have worked primarily in the software customization of State-of-the-Art INTEL customer reference boards used by companies in the development of their embedded products. This also included BIOS development, detailed comprehension of the functionality of the code and hardware, customization of this code following, and adhering to, the open UEFI 2.3.1 standard.

Software: C, Intel ASL, Motorola and Intel Assembly, HTML, JavaScript,

Skills SNMP, Vrtx, (RTOS-type real-time package). familiar with Python.

Microproc.: Intel 80x86, Pentium I3, I5, I7 series (Nehalem, Sandy\Ivy Bridge, SkyLake,

Kaby Lake, etc. ), Motorola 68XXX.

& Microcont. MSP430, TMS320, Intel 8051, Motorola 68HC08, 68HC16

Tools: American Arium Emulators(JTAG), Intel ITP Hardare Debugger, Logic Analyzers,

Utilized Ethernet Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Phoenix Core Architect, Code Composer

Dediprog, Clearcase, SVN, Perforce, Code Collaborator

Protocols: I2C, SPI, RS232, PCI, PCIe, Ethernet 802.3, T1 (USA & European).

Research: As a graduate student while at the University of Rhode Island, while pursuing my M.S.E.E., I suggested, designed, and implemented a computerized method to evaluate cardiac function. This work was completed at R.I. Hospital, Dept. of Cardiology.

Education: Boston University Boston, Massachusetts

M.S. Computer Engineering \ Software Engineering Concentration

University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island

M.S. Electrical Engineering \ Biomedical Engineering Concentration

University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana

B.S. Biology

Professional Jan 3, 2017 – October 1, 2017

Experience American Megatrends Incorporated (AMI), Norcross, Georgia

Senior Bios Engineer

As a member of a group of software engineers contracted by AMI to the Intel Corporation, in Hillsboro, Oregon, I participated in the debugging of the Bios capabilities of the latest Skylake and Kabylake microprocessors in a UEFI environment prior to the release of the latest generation of these CPU’s.

Of the various areas of work with which we were involved, reported Bios operational failures were fixed and verified. These failures included modification of current setup options as well as introduction of new options, the entrance and exit to the various sleep states, overclocking, CD\DVD operation, irq and memory resource allocation (i.e. “yellow bang elimination”), operation of various multi-vendor peripheral cards, verification of slot operation, proper camera orientation and operation, elimination of various "hangs" during POST, as well as other aspects of Bios development.

This differed from my previous UEFI Bios work in that this was my introduction to working with an unreleased CPU, necessitating the use of new debugging tools and techniques which limited the manner in which the operation of the code could be viewed and evaluated.

August, 2015 – Feb. 2016

Electro Standards Laboratories Cranston, R.I.

Senior Embedded Engineer

Responsibilities included embedded programming, real-time coding, graphical user interface coding, support of electronic designs, and documentation, across a variety of Electro Standard Lab switch design. This included the development of new designs and continued support of older ones.

July, 2014 – October 2014

Mercury Systems Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Senior Embedded\BIOS OEM Engineer

On a short-term contract assignment, worked on InSyde & AMI UEFI Bios’, assisting in fixing outstanding bugs and implementing features in Mercury’s Windows based current products which included sensor boards for their DoD contracts.

2006-2013 Calsoft Labs Maynard, Massachusetts

Senior Embedded\BIOS OEM Engineer

Customized Phoenix Bios functionality to suit the needs and desired customization by individual customers for their Windows based embedded platforms. (Spent 4 years on-site as Bios consultant to EMC Corp in Hopkinton, and Southborough, Ma..) These platforms were based upon INTEL Customer Reference Boards (CRB), or of their own custom design using the latest INTEL microprocessors, chipsets, as well as various peripheral chips, and ACPI. INTEL assembly language was used initially (First 3 years) of my employment to implement Legacy Bios functionality, later to be replaced with C Language upon transitioning to a new code base based upon the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) 2.3.1 specification comprised entirely of software drivers.

2002-2006 Home Care Bellingham, Massachusetts

While unemployed (laid off by 3Com, parent developed serious illness. Postponed job search to deal with this issue.

1998-2002 3Com Corporation Marlborough, Massachusetts

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Participated in the design and implementation of a web based, GUI configuration system used in 3Com’s family of DSL Voice/Data routers, and Office Connect ISDN and 56K LAN modems. This included all aspects of front-end web page design, input verification, as well as supporting back-end software (C based) interfacing the configurations set by the user to an SNMP based Network Management database.

Utilized HTML, JavaScript, and SNMP methodologies in an Allegro Software RomPager

embedded system environment.

Added and/or modified CLI commands to accommodate new functionality.

1995-1998 SystemSoft\Insyde Software Corp. Natick, Ma.

Senior Embedded\BIOS OEM Engineer

Implemented various Legacy BIOS functionality (boot loading, peripheral audio and SIO device support, keyboard scanning, booting from CD-ROM, platform crisis recovery, SPDI, ACPI, etc.) in multiple embedded environments utilizing various INTEL and AMD chipsets. Duties ranged from participating in complete custom Bios development for new customer platform to individual problem resolution. Also involved significant customer interaction and support.

ACPI Module Developer. Implemented Microsoft ASL language modules for SystemSoft

ACPI Builder for use in Windows 98 environments.

1994-1995 GTECH Corporation, West Warwick, R. I.

Software Engineer

WAN\LAN software telecommunications engineer.

Support of GTECH WAN/Point-of-Sale Terminal Communication device. Designed and implemented debugger co-resident in the GTECH WAN communication device linking controller mainframe to point-of-sale terminals.

1991-1993 Boston University Boston Massachusetts

Full Time Graduate Student

Entered College of Engineering to pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering,

Software Concentration.

1986-1991 Codex Motorola Corporation Canton, Ma.

Software Engineer - WAN\LAN software telecommunications engineer.

Participated in architecture, design, coding, and testing of Motorola 68020 based T1\802.3\V.35 Network Managed Ethernet Bridge. Specific responsibilities involved the Wan driver software, the Codex Network Management Agent Interface using the IFX software package in a VRTX\OS embedded system environment. Use of structured design techniques (OOO), and CASE tools (CADRE system) in a UNIX station development environment were widely used throughout the project.

Coding and system testing of Codex LAN Terminal Server, interfacing multiple RS-232

ports to an Ethernet 802.3 LAN Network using various Motorola microcontrollers

(68HC08, 68HC11, etc.) Testing involved debugging of 802.3 Local Area Networks.

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