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Developer Android

Toronto, ON, Canada
March 20, 2018

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Dan Ilhyung Kim ** Harrison Garden Blvd, #***, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2N 7J6

Home & Mobile: 647-***-****


LinkedIn: Dan's LinkedIn Profile


** ***** ** ** *xperience as Android Developer, Flash Developer and Web developer

Experiences & Specialties:

Web, mobile applications, and game industry experiences

5-year working experience of Java for Android

6-year working experience of AS3, also Known as ActionScript for Flash based game platforms in mobile(1yr)/web(5yrs)

10+ year experience of data traffic between server and client side via network (Http, Restful, RPC, AMF)

5-year experience of Android SDK in Android studio and ADT (Eclipse)

6-year experience of Flash Builder with Android Air SDK for mobile(Android & ios)

6-year experience of Flash game development

10+ year experience of source code control repositories, GitHub, Bit Bucket, Tortoise SVN

1 year experience of Web development using Flash, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

6-year experience of JIRA(bug tracking software)

Working knowledge of other OOP languages (C/C++, PHP)

Solid knowledge and working experience in DB (MYSQL within WAMP, JDBC with tomcat, SQLite for Android)

Familiar with SCRUMP

Bilingual in English & Korean

Result-oriented, short ramp-up (quick learner), contributing and supporting team

Professional Experience

C- factor Inc.(, Toronto, ON

Products: Android Mobile Applications & Design Employees: 10+

Target Industries: Teens, Global

Senior Android Developer August, 2017 – January, 2018

App: Qriket

Qriket is an app where an user watch the live game show or view short ads to earn spins that can be turned in for chances to win when a live wheel is spun that gives you real PayPal money

At (

Tools: Android SDK within Android Studio

Programming languages: Java, JSON

oWorked as a key player in charge of development in android platform

oIntegrate to play twitch stream module, by webView, for replacing with YouTube stream for live show

oIntegrate new type of no-elimination tournament with scoring feature with new server APIs

oImplement new signup process and its UI for increasing the ratio of installers/registrations

oIntegrate facebook login process using facebook-android-sdk

oImplement Run-time Permissions(Location, Camera and Record) for API level 23 and above

oImplement video recording feature using Camera API

oImplement new virtual spin wheel with emojis and multi prizes using Canvas, associated with prize pool from server

oImplement with BroadCastReceiver to monitor network connection

oReplace all deprecated server call(HttpDefaultClient) with Volley

oReplace all Activities with AppCompatActivity for handy development

oReplace all ActionBar with Toolbar(v7)

oIntegrate Appmediation's interstitial ads and video ads

oIntegrate pushNotification with OneSignal SDK

Eigenuity Inc. (, Toronto, ON

Products: Android Mobile Applications & Design Employees: 10+

Target Industries: Teens, Global

Senior Android Developer, Contract January, 2016 – May, 2017

Madlipz is a free app for making your voice over own video parodies with 2.3M Downloads and 4.6 Review Rate since first release in June, 2016

At Google Play Store (

Tools: Android SDK within Android Studio

Programming languages: Java, JSON

oWorked as a key player to ensure the app should be completed from scratch

oImplement merging media contents (video file:mp4, audio files:mp3, user's voice:m4a) using ffmpeg4android library

oImplement with ITEC Player, a lightweight player that is Media Player replacement for Android’s default components, for enhancing it with exact frame seek, playback speed adjustment

oCreate app pages within various page layouts and components (RecyclerView, CollapsingToolbarLayout, ViewPager, TabLayout, VideoView,GridView,CardView and WebView)

oExtensive development of multi-threaded classes (AsyncTask, Volley, and worker threads, ExcutorServices, and IntentService)

oUse SQLite DB to retain user’s dubbed and favorite videos in devices

oUse SharePreference to retain user’s language settings and build custom multi-language support

oIntegrated with SNS apps (Facebook messenger, Instagram, Telegram, etc.) for sharing dubbed videos

oIntegrate by Volley to handle app data from server and integrate by Picasso to load and display image contents

oIntegrate with Admob, that is Google's advertising platform and Integrate Push notification using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging)

oBuild tutorial module for first-time users

oUse MediaMetadataRetriever to create a series of thumbnails from video key frames

oIntegrate with AWS (Amazon Web services) for tracking user's activities and uploading user's videos to backend

oIntegrate with Crashlytics for tracking app exceptions

Own Projects(PopoFuyu)

Products: Android Mobile Applications & Design

Target Industries: Global

Owner & Senior Android Developer March, 2014 – December, 2015

Sample Projects:

NFC Paran Plain Note App: a free memo app for to-do lists, meeting notes, vacation plans, etc.

At Google Play Store:


Tools: Android SDK within Android Studio, Photoshop

oSQLite DB associated with ContentProvider to CRUD a note

oNFC Adapter to allow note to be sent out to another mobile device

oImplicit intent to open e-mail application, if available, to send out note

oAlarmManager to be able to set alarm on note for reminding users

oBroadcastReceiver and Service, with permission of RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED, to maintain alarming service on note even after device reboot

oMultiple non-English languages support (Korean and Japanese)

oDifferent layouts to support different screen sizes (i.e. phone and tablet), using resources alias strategy

oColored theme on the app by material design && 3rd party FAB (Floating button)

Indeed Charts App: a free app to create charts (Pie, Line, Bar, Stacked Bar, Dial and Scatter chart)

At Google Play Store:


Tools: Android SDK within Android Studio, Photoshop

oSQLite DB to CRUD charts that were created by users

oAChartEngine and Gson libraries to be able to create charts

oambilwarna ColorPicker library to implement feature of color change on charts

Super Snakes N Ladders Android Mobile Game App: Contemporary snakes and ladders game, with unique features (i.e. Bombs and Magical shields)

At Google Play Store:


Tools: FlashBuilder 4.5 with Air, Adobe Flash CS5, TexturePacker, and Photoshop

Programming languages: AS3, XML

oUsed Starling 2D framework

oUsed SpriteSheet for all animation assets

oUsed TweenLight GreenSock library for animation

Ganz Studio, Toronto, ON

Products: Educational game in web platform and Facebook Employees: 550+

Target Industries: Children, Global

Senior AS3 Flash Developer, IT Specialist September, 2008 – March, 2014

Webkinz AS3 W-shop: Revision of existing AS3 dock UI and functionalities in Webkinz W-shop for both web and mobile platforms at URL:

Programming languages: AS3(ActionScript)

Tools: Flash builder with Air package, Flash, and Charles Proxy

oChanged entire dock UI to new UI, along with implantation of new features

oChanged from RPC API calls to AMF(Action Message Format) API calls for loading dock items which are in-purchase game items for mobile

oWorked on improving application performance and bug fixes

Mobile Webkinz Pet Care App: Mobile versions (Android & iOS) of Webkinz pet care

At Google Play store:

At Apple App Store:

Programming languages: AS3(ActionScript)

Tools: Flash CS5.5, Flash builder with Air, and Charles proxy

oConverted web version of two Webkinz games to mobile platform

oModified system message UI and its server calls from RPC to AMF

oIntegrated login system, with new server login API, for mobile app

oImplemented tutorial page functionality, with new server tutorial state API, for mobile app

oIntegrated some components (i.e. buttons, labels, screenlayout, etc.) with MadComponent library

oImplemented App ratings with the RateBox native extension library (3rd party library)

oImplemented Google Analytics by ANE-Google Analytics library

oWorked on improving application performance and bug fixes

Tail Town Friends: The Flash based game integrated in Facebook site at

Programming languages: AS3, JavaScript with some Facebook APIs

Tools: Flash, Flex builder, Content Management System(CMS)

oImplemented buying/selling user’s game items via server API

oImplemented loading items for dock and its functionality (i.e. Loading profile of Facebook friends, Drag/drop dock items, updating dock items quantities, etc.) with server API

oImplemented purchasing Figurines and its functionalities as well as UI

oIntegrated game assets (implementation of arts, sounds, loading JSON data and uploading game swf files to CMS)

oUsed Facebook API Call to obtain and display user's friend information

oWorked on improving application performance and bug fix

Webkinz.Jr: Flash game activities at Webkinz Jr. that is virtual world site for kids between 3 and 6 years old at

Programming language: AS3

Tools: Flash, Flex builder with ant debugger and Content Management System(CMS)

oDeveloped new mini games in Webkinz.Jr site and integrated them in the site’s framework from scratch to the end by myself

oImplemented server RPC calls on client side in the games

oWorked on improving application performance and bug fixes

D-Pider Total Web Solution, Ottawa, ON

Products: Web Development Employees: 30+

Target Industries: General

Web/Flash Developer January, 2006 – May, 2008

Sample Project: GamesBox (

Programming languages: Html, JavaScript, Actionscript1.0&2.0, CSS, phpMyAdmin/MySQL

oCreated flash banners for games in GamesBox

oDesigned and developed client’s web site

oTrouble shooting for client’s web development

CTI Technology, Ottawa, ON

Products: Web Development Employees: 50+

Target Industries: General

Junior Developer, Co-op May, 2001 – August, 2001

Project: Server/Client System; allows integration of telephone systems and computerized networks

Programming Language: Visual C++, phpMyAdmin/MYSQL

oIntegrated message dialog boxes to be displayed output information about incoming call with TAPI (Telephony API)

oCreated database table and inserted testing data in WAMP server


2014- 2015, on-line course, Certified

Android SDK Essential Training & Android SDK Local Data Storage

Building a Note-Taking App & Building Adaptive Android Apps with Fragments

Connecting Android Apps to RESTful Web Services

Distributing Android Apps

Java Advanced Training & Java Database Integration with JDBC

2000- 2003 Computer Science, Computer Technology (3-year Diploma)

Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario

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