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Medical Research

Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 259-1101, Japan
50000 us dollar
March 19, 2018

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Subject: Application for post doctoral researcher.

With due respect and humble submission, I feel greatly honored to get the opportunity to write you this letter concerning as a post doctoral researcher in your laboratory. I am highly interested to join your laboratory. It may be mentioned that I passed B.Sc (Hons) and MSc from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Last eleven years I was actively involved in Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Biology, and Immunology & Endocrine research work in various Laboratories in Bangladesh. For the last seven years, I have been working as “Scientific Officer" in the Department of Biochemistry, the institute of BIRDEM (Bangladesh Institute of Research & Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders). BIRDEM is the WHO Collaborating Centre for Prevention and Control of Diabetes in Bangladesh. BIRDEM is the Pioneer medical research institute in Bangladesh. Now I am studying PhD (4th yrs student) under in the field of leukemia research especially in T-cell leukemia and autophagy study in T cell of my PhD thesis under the Division of Tumor and Cellular Biochemistry, Department of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki, Japan. This year May,2018 will be completed my PhD study and publish my research work in good journal. I shall be highly obliged, if you send me the acceptance letter as a post doctoral researcher from this year under your kind supervision. Looking forward to your kind reply.

"Degradation of p47 by autophagy contributes to CADM1 overexpression in ATLL cells through the activation of NF-κB" Scientific Report Journal (Review process).

Sincerely Yours

BIDHAN CHANDRA SARKAR, PhD student ( 4th yrs),

Division of Tumor and Cellular Biochemistry, Department of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki. JAPAN


Academic Credentials ( At a Glance)


Duration of Studies

Group/ Subject

Board/ University

Year of passing


Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)

10 Years

Life Science

Rajshahi Board, Bangladesh


First Division

Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C)

02 Years

Life Science

Rajshahi Board, Bangladesh




Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) (Honors)

03 Years


University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh




Master of Science (MSc)

01 Year


University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Second Class

Major Subjects(Study in past)

Masters of Science (M Sc.) Biophysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Introductory Biochemistry, Physiology, Mathematics, Botany, Nutrition, Intermediary Metabolism, Bioenergetics, Endocrinology and Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Microbiology, Virology and Cancer Biology.

Bachelors of Science (Honors Graduation): Biophysical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biomolecules, Physiology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Metabolism, and Bioenergetics.

PhD study( 4th yrs): Study of the leukemia research( specially Adult T cell leukemia and Acute lymphoblastic leukemia), Autophagy study in T cell and related signaling pathways.

PhD Supervisor: Professor Dr. Kazuhiro Morishita.MD,PhD

Expectation of PhD degree award: March, 2018

In my PhD study level

Laboratory Techniques

Maintenance and handling of mammalian cells

1.Basic molecular biology techs (e.g., PCR, Sanger sequencing, transformation, stem cell culture, iPS).

2.Detection of the expression of gene and protein (e.g., PCR, Southern blotting, Western blotting, IP, ELISA).

3.Autophagy study [By Westernblot(WB),Immunofluorescence (IF), Flow cytometry technique]

4.Flow cytometry and cell sorting (immunolabeling [FACS and MACS]).

5.NGS (next generation DNA sequencers) sequencing and bioinformatics.

6.Epigenetic study.

7.Antibody production by phage display and development of molecular target therapy

8.Mice Xenografts model;

9.Mass spectrometry analysis.

Before studying PhD my background job in Clinical Biochemistry,Hematology and clinical pathology are listed below.

Job Experiences:

January 2007 to till

Scientific Officer(Researcher), General Laboratory (Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Immunology & Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology and Hematology), BIRDEM (Bangladesh Institute of Research & Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders), 122 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

February 2007 to June 2009 (Additional Job)

Consultant Biochemist, Department of Immunology and Molecular Biology, Medinova Medical Services, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

March 2006 to January 2007


Consultant Biochemist, Department of Laboratory Medicine, United Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

September 2003 to February 2006


Consultant Biochemist, Department of Biochemistry, Medinova Medical Services, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

January 2002 to August 2003


Biochemist, Department of Biochemistry, Delta Medical Center Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

January 2000 to September 2000

Research Expert, Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation Plant, a sister concern of CARE (Cooperation of American Relief everywhere) project, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Personal profile

Name : Bidhan Chandra Sarkar

Fathers Name : Binoy Kumar Sarkar

Mothers Name : Shandha Rani Sarkar

Mailing Address : Bidhan Chandra Sarkar

Permanent Address : S/O Binoy Kumar Sarkar

Vill- Binodpur, P/O- Mirgonj, Post code-6270, P/S-Bagha, District-Rajshahi

Date of birth : 1st August, 1975

Marital Status : Married

Wife’s Name : Hasi Rani Saha ( MEXT Scholar, University of Miyazaki)

Nationality : Bangladeshi (by birth)

Sex : Male

Height : 5 -7

Weight : 69 kg

Blood group :( O+)

Contract number: +810**********

Extra Curriculum :Seminar and Conferences attended

* Novo Nordisk Update and 13th Diabetes & Endocrine Conference, December 13-15, 2007, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

* Novo Nordisk Update and 14th Diabetes & Endocrine Conference, December 21-23, 2008, Dhaka, Bangladesh.





21-26 April 2007

Use and maintenance of common Medical Instruments

NITUB (Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User Scientists of Bangladesh)

Research division, BIRDEM, Dhaka-Bangladesh.

20-21st Feb 2007

Quality Assurance & Laboratory Management

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson Limited,

Square Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Research Experiences

Major research fields

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology & Endocrine Research

Previous research Experiences

Purification of protein degradation enzymes (gel filtration, DEAE-cellulose & other chromatography, electrophoresis).

Biochemical studies of Nutrient value from different varieties of fruits (Palm, Mango etc.).

Clinical and Molecular research on diabetes and diabetes related complications, apart from diabetes in rural & urban area in Bangladeshi population.

Extraction, purification & characterization of Cereals (wheat, bean, rice, barley, etc) storage protein & storage starch degradation enzymes.

List of Research Papers and Publications:

International Publications

(1) Saha H R, Khan H, Sarkar B C, Khan S A, Sana N K, Sugawara A, Choudhury S. A Comparative Study of Thyroid Hormone and Lipid Status of Patient with and without Diabetes in Adults. Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases. PP. 113-119, Pub. Date: May 23, 2013

( 2) Sana N K, Sarkar B C, Sarker G K, Huque M E, Kumar S R. Purification -Amylase from Germinating Wheat (band Characterization of Triticum Aestivum L.) Seed. BCAIJ 2010; 4(1): online available

( 3) Sarkar B C, Sana N K, Karim M R, Sarker G K, Shaha R K.Serum Lipid profile of Type-2 Diabetic patients in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. *Research & Reviews in Biosciences 2009; 3(1): online available

( 4)Sana N K, Karim M R, Sarkar B C, Sarkar G K, Saha R K. Nutritional

analysis and enzyme activities from the different stages of papaya flesh

(Carica papaya L.) BCAIJ 2009; 3(2): online available

(5 ) Pervin S, Sana N K, Jahan M G S, Khan M M Hasan, Karim M R, Sarkar B Cand Shaha R K. Partial Purification And Characterization Of Urease From Germinating Chickpea (Cicer Aretinum L.) Seed.Research & Reviews in Biosciences2009; 3(1): online available

(6) Sana N K, Rahman M S, Hasan M M,Sarkar B C, Huque M E, Saha R K.Purification and Characterization of alpha-amylase from germinating

chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seed. BCAIJ 2008; 2(2-3): online available

National Publications

(1) Sarkar B C, Saha H R, Azad A K, Sana N K, Choudhury S. Serum Lipid Profile status of Type 2 Diabetic Patients in the cross section population in Dhaka City of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science. Vol 11, No 2 (2012)

(2) Sarkar B C, Saha H R, Sarker P K, Sana N Kr, Sayeed M.A, Choudhury S.Liver enzymes markedly elevated in Diabetic than Non Diabetic Subjects with suspected hepatitis. .Ibrahim Med. Coll. J.2011;5(2):46-50

( 3) Sarker P K, Sarkar B C, Das K C, Sana N K. Prevalence of antibody

response to Helicobacter pylori with age and gender in Bangladesh. BJMS2010;


( 4)Das K C,Sarkar B C, Sarker P K, Sana N K, Sayeed M A, Islam M S,

Choudhury S. Thyroid Dysfunction in a Cross Section of Population in Dhaka City. BJMS2010; 16(1): 19-23

( 5) Sana N. K., Sarkar B. C., Azad M. A. K., Huque M. E. and Shaha R.

K..Studies on enzyme activities and mobilization of nutrients in Brassica (

Brassica napus L.) and Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) seeds during

Germination. J. Bio-sci. 2009; 17*:101-106

(6 ) Rahman M M, Sana N K, Khan M M H, Sarkar B C, Huque E M and Shaha R K.Partial purification of deamidase from germinating wheat (Triticum aestivum l.) seeds and its application for the improvement of functional properties of wheat gluten. 2007; 15: 89-98


(1)Professor Dr. Kazuhiro Morishita,MD,PhD

Director, HTLV-1/ATL Research, Education and Medical Facility. Professor, Division of Tumor and Cellular Biochemistry, Department of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki

5200 Kihara, Kiyotake, Miyazaki, Miyazaki, JAPAN 889-1692



(2)Dr. Yusuke Saito,PhD. Assistant Professor, Dept. of pediatrics, Faculty of medicine.University of Miyazaki, Japan. Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki

5200 Kihara, Kiyotake, Miyazaki, Miyazaki, JAPAN 889-1692


(3) Professor Dr. Niranjan Kumar Sana, PhD

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Therefore, I declare that according to my knowledge above information is true and accurate and my candidature will automatically be withdrawn for any unintentional mismatch.


BIDHAN CHANDRA SARKAR, PhD student ( 4th yrs),

Division of Tumor and Cellular Biochemistry, Department of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki. JAPAN


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