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Electrical Engineering Project

Bellevue, WA
March 15, 2018

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Fatima Zolfaghar

Electrical Engineering Design PCB Design Spice Simulation and Testing 3D Design ARM Python Verilog Arduino Java 425-***-**** F 98052

● Cutting-edge Engineering Projects: Secured place among the top 3 presentations at the UW symposium for in-depth analysis on cochlear implants. Identified the best pitch frequency for implant users by testing the patient with a Matlab based program.

● System Performance Improvement: Increased the accuracy of the tracking system by 4 0% by researching and testing different tracking and BLE based communication devices at AVA Retail.

● Design Verification: Performed design verification, circuit testing, and signal analysis for the Audio Mixer Project by operating standard lab equipment including L CR meter, Oscilloscope, Power supply, Function generator, Signal generator, Signal analyzer.

● Software & Tools: LTSpice, Logism, Multisim, Waveforms, Eagle, Easyeda, wireShark, FPGA, MATLAB, Java, Python, Verilog, Arduino, Unity, ARM / Assembly, Fusion 360, AutoCAD. Experience

Electrical Engineer Intern, AVA Retail AmreliTech, 2017

● Aided in creating a speed-bump-free store experience for both customers and the retailer by using IOT to transform the checkout system. Sorted and analyzed SQL data in the database system.

● Increased weight measurement accuracy by 20% by designing PCBs and creating prototypes for BLE based scales and other customer tracking products.

● Tracked product weight by programming PCBs using C/Arduino and reported changes to the database.

● Improved data quality by testing various sensors and customer tracking devices. Enhanced the model view by working with C# and WPF files. Created new models by using TensorFlow and Python. Installed and tested final product in various offices. Engineering Projects

Smart Object Project, Project Leader 2017 -2018

● Tested the impact of technology based and standard stroke rehabilitation on patient’s outcomes compared to the impact of the standard stroke rehabilitation only.

● Created Arduino based system using the microcontroller, integrated feedback and tracking sensors such as IR, OLED, and RFID, and 3D designed and printed the robot chase in fusion 360 for size compatibility with physical therapeutic practices.

● Simulated rehab practices for physically impaired patients by designing behaviors and pathways.

● Designed the game environment for AR part of the project using unity. Helped create a game board compatible with the AR game and that entertained patients who did not use AR.

● Increased robot’s responsiveness to user interactions by researching and testing multiple components. Performed circuit analysis, simulation, and validation testing.

Cochlear Implants Project 2017

● Tested and compared normal hearing and cochlear implant users with different pitch patterns. Analyzed and graphed the project data using MATLAB.

● Identified the best pitch frequency for cochlear implant users and incorporated project results in the current cochlear implant database for future studies.

LED Cube Display Project 2017

● Created a LED cube to display different patterns and information incorporated in the microprocessor.

● Designed and built the LED cube and coding sketches for Arduino. Prepared and updated circuit and functionality documentation for the final report.

● Tested LEDs and soldered them in accurate order. Designed the 3D model of the cube in fusion 360. Audio Mixer Project 2016

● Designed a three channel mixing console to modify audio signals using different diodes. Built and implemented multiple filters to combine up to three different sound signals.


B.S Electrical Engineering, University of Washington Bothell 2018 Memberships: IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Society of Physics Students & American Physical Society

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