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Engineer Manager

Ann Arbor, MI
March 10, 2018

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All my life I used to work towards being in the top 5% of my peers until I discovered how self-shortchanged that left me. I now work and plan towards 100%. Striving to meet all the bullet points life objectives including work, family and play. Keeping the end in mind, I plan to look back one day and think, say and be grateful that I not only did it all but did it well.


As an engineer, I have had some breadth of experience in 15 years post first degree. I started with the Consumer and Marketing Knowledge department in Procter and Gamble where I spearheaded different Market Research campaigns in South Africa, Geneva, France, Morocco as well Nigeria. I returned to school for a post graduate degree in engineering. I started a civil engineering company at 20 years old with my Father, who was a geologist, drilling water boreholes across Nigeria and providing core drilling for the Quarry industry. That led me into Schlumberger where I have spent 12 years as a Drilling Engineer, Project Manager and Marketing Manager across many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I managed Drilling campaigns, customer relationships, Key Accounts for Oil Majors like Shell, Chevron and ExxonMobil and I also had engineers, auxiliary and ancillary staff report in my reporting line. I found time to pursue a post graduate MBA Course from The Aberdeen School of Business of Robert Gordon University, Scotland.

Leveraging on these skills, I founded Brava Engineering Limited in Nigeria in to provide outsourced Drilling engineering personnel and services to the Oil industry during the market downturn in 2015-2016 where we performed very commendably and profitably well.

In late 2016, still leveraging on management experience I started working towards a future in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Science.


1.Brava Engineering

Project Manager (January 2016-Date)

After my MBA program from the Aberdeen Business School (Robert Gordon University), I founded Brava Engineering and Market Research company to provide drilling competency and solutions as well as market knowledge and data.

Partnered the company together with Schlumberger with success and delivered over 20 oil-well drilling projects to date. Deploying over 10 years of Drilling Engineering experience to deliver Project Management, Directional Drilling, Reservoir/Formation Evaluation and Data Interpretation and Technical Reporting to close out the business cycle.

Besides knowledge from my MBA classes, I have developed other business analysis skills including a firm grasp of different programming languages including Python, R, Java and C++. I am finishing a Microsoft Professional Certification in Data Science. I have competency working with SQL Server Data Bases and extensive hours working with Microsoft Data Analyses tools like Microsoft BI, Advanced Data Analytics in Excel, SQL, Machine learning for Data Science, Implementing Predictive Solutions with Spark using Azure, Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R Server.

I am currently working on a PhD in Data Science as my interests in the field continue to grow.

2.Schlumberger Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria.

Drilling Consultant (Project Management). (July 2016 – Date)

Consultant Drilling Engineering and Directional Drilling Supervisory services for Schlumberger Oilfield Services in Nigeria and West Africa. (Directional Drilling, Drilling Performance Optimization, Well Engineering, Data Interpretation) for Schlumberger, Sterling E&P, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Total E&P.

Designed, Drilled and Delivered, to date, over 20 wells on the behalf of Schlumberger for clients like Sterling Energy Company and Oriental E&P.

3.Schlumberger Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria.

Project Manager – Drilling Services Manager. (January 2015 – December 2015)

I managed Schlumberger Nigeria drilling services to clients like Exxon Mobil, Total, Chevron and several other clients. I have a good knowledge of the best practices like Exxon Mobil’s Fast drill, Total’s FIT/LOT techniques, Addax Nigeria well placement methods among others.

I initiated the improvement of drilling performance for a particular client with a 15-rig operation where we improved drilling efficiency and reduced flat time after we optimized downlinking (surface communication to downhole tool computers) methods and process. We succeeded in reducing flat time by over 50% across all the client’s rigs. This initiative was further spread across all projects in the portfolio.

I conducted monthly Service Quality reviews at the customer’s offices to provide scorecard of drilling operation in the field and create feedback channel for client to liaise with upper management of Schlumberger.

Introduced the need for Annular pressure measurements in 6 inches’ hole size for Sterling drilling to help with well placement objectives. Together with the resistivity look ahead tools we were able to provide well placement engineers with additional information to find the upper boundary of the oil gas contact zone.

4.Schlumberger International

Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Remote West Africa.

Drilling Engineer/Directional Drilling Supervisor (2010-2015)

Planning and designing engineering projects like Deepwater oil explorations in depths exceeding 3,000 meters of seawater (Ultra-Deepwater Drilling). Planning personnel and equipment logistics on behalf of the company to mitigate lost time and reduce the cost of Project AFE (Authorization for Expenditure). Operating in different countries and learning to overcome discriminating Federal laws for customs and shipping, labor laws for personnel recruitment and infusing talent, training local engineers and bringing them up to required competency levels were all part of my daily task. I worked on projects from all over the West and North African coastline including Aberdeen and the Middle East.

Executed the first Vortex service in West Africa. Vortex is a Mud Motor and Rotary Steerable BHA that improves rate of penetration drilling a 24’’ hole in top holes and with a 36’’ hole opener (or 36’’ stabilizer) appropriately placed behind the bit in the BHA (the hole opener or stabilizer then opens 80-85 meters for conductor pipe. This BHA was used instead of CADA/DAT (Case Ahead & Drill Ahead tool) conductor pipe jetting assembly. This saved the project over 48 hours of rig time (Rig costs for Deepwater rigs – Drill Ship exceeded 1 million Dollars a Day [2009 – 2014])

Performed over 100 jetting runs (Inserting 36’’ OD Conductor pipes into the seabed at depths exceeding 3,000 meters (5,000 feet). Improved jetting assembly run times from previous 10 hours to less than 4 hours in Ghana.

Well planning and client scoping for exploration and development well campaigns in West and North Africa (Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria) for different wells including bit selection, BHA design, mud program, drilling time estimation, AFE estimation, casing depths & cement program. Well rugose computation from LWD data for cement volume estimation.

5.Schlumberger Nigeria

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Measurement/Logging (MWD/LWD) Engineer (2006 - 2008)

GFE Project: Reducing the Cost of Service Delivery in Ghana. I was able to provide the location with a minimum and maximum value of expendable parts to hold in its inventory that depended on rig count and well type.

I was the Deepwater Competency Assessor for West and Central Africa.

Cell Manager for all Deep Exploration projects I worked on from 2008.

Expert competency level on all M/LWD Tools in the Schlumberger fleet including, Nuclear Logging tools, Acoustic Logging tools like Sonic and Seismic While Drilling, Resistivity Logging tools like Annular Resistivity Compensated Tool, Geo Vision Resistivity and Resistivity at the Bit Logging Tool, All Borehole Survey methods including MWD, Gyro While Drilling and Drop in Gyro methods.

Achieved an average of 95% competency assessment in 5 MWD/LWD logging trainings in Abu Dhabi, United States, France and Russia learning centers.

6.Ecobank Transnational Incorp.

Kaduna, Nigeria

Banking Officer 1 (2004 - 2006)

Advising corporate clients about mergers, acquisitions, capital markets etc.

preparing lending agreements, promoting the bank's services, planning and problem solving, writing reports, managing projects, training and supervising junior banking staff.

Sourcing for external funds into the bank books to boost liquidity while ensuring customers receive loans and short term over drafts that meet their business requirement to sustain healthy bank customer relationships.


7.Procter and Gamble

Lagos, Nigeria

Market research Assistant for West Africa (2003-2004)

Being in charge of West and East Africa Consumer and Market Research Department of P&G I was responsible for selecting the appropriate research methodology and supporting techniques to meet a defined business objective defined by the Brand Building Team, at every meeting I was responsible for being the voice of the Consumer at the table.

Depending upon the selected methods, I would develop or assist in the development of the research instrument together with the market research vendors employed like AC Nielson and Research and Market System. Working closely with vendors or Market Research Project Directors ensuring the successful execution of the fieldwork. Upon completion, review the collected data, produce reports and proffers business-oriented recommendations to the brand team.

I also led the company’s strategy to push nursing mother’s from using cloth napkins to using Pampers Diapers leveraging consumer and market knowledge and research analysis. Today, market penetration is over 90% from below 20% in 2003.

Career Projects/Management Initiatives Taken

1.Reducing drilling flat time in the Okwuibome field for Sterling E&P, by analyzing Rig drilling practices over 7 rigs including pump turn on time, MLWD and Directional Tool operation, ancillary service personnel practices and seeking methods to optimize personnel performance on individual rigs. August 2015.

2.Meritorious service delivery award in the execution of several projects for West African clients like Cairn Energy in First Oil discoveries on the successful SNE-1 and FAN-1 oil finds in 2014.

3.Schlumberger Presidents Award for Excellence recipient for relief well drilled for Agip’s blow out well in THE Aboh North Field in 2010.

4.Schlumberger General Field Engineer Project: Reducing the Cost of Service Delivery in Ghana May 2011. Reducing the shelf life of serviceable parts and freeing up AFE towards more sustainable endeavors by understanding the parts with high service requirement and their frequency of failure. Working together with the Inventory, Procurement and Store Managers developed a Min Max Worksheet for all service tool parts and made purchases reflective to this order sheet saving the location over USD 300K in the half year with higher tool rotation and run time hours. Full implementation followed in the second half year with full year savings of over USD 500K recorded.

5.Lead engineer Sao Tome and Principe Exploration in the Joint Development Zone between Nigeria and the Principe Governments. Zero Non-Productive Time recorded in the project and received a letter of commendation for the efforts of the team including cash prize to Schlumberger.

6.Borehole drilling and Well Completion; Kaduna Polytechnic Library

7.Spillway Redesign of Ungwar Pama Dam; Kaduna Polytechnic Library


1.Data Analysis proficiency; Quanvert, SPSS, SQL, Java, Python and R Programming, Excel for Data Science and Data Analysis.

2.Excellent soft skills and numbers proficiency (very good in Mathematics)

3.Self-starter; able to figure out skills required for a new task, gain those skills while carrying out task simultaneously and delivering within promised time frame.

4.Suite of Drilling Engineering skills including Well control certification

5.Casing Design and Cementing, BHA design and Analysis, Drilling Well Anti-Collision proficiency at Advanced Level.

6.Huge reservoir of oilfield experience spanning over 10 years plus large geographical spread across West, Central and North Africa. (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Senegal, Mauritania, Cameroun, Congo).


1.PhD Data Science (2018)

On Going

2.Post Graduate Course: MBA

Robert Gordon University Scotland

Aberdeen Business School

3.Post Graduate Diploma in Civil Engineering (March 2006)

Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria

Faculty of Engineering

4.HND Soil and Water Resources Engineering 2002

Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria

Faculty Of Engineering


Management and Business Courses

1.ISACA IT Auditor Certification On:

Detroit Michigan, 2018

2.Microsoft Certification in Data Science:

Detroit Michigan 2017

3.Project Management Certification

Detroit Michigan – On Going.

4.Schlumberger International Management Training: OFS 4

Ownership of the Management Reporting Systems

Accra Ghana 2011

5.Schlumberger International Management Training: OFS 3

People Management and Leadership Skills

Accra Ghana 2014

6.Schlumberger International Management Training: OFS 2

Project Management Course

Abu Dhabi UAE 2012

7.Schlumberger International Management Training: OFS 1

Managing Your Engineering Career

Cape Town South Africa 2007

Drilling Engineering Courses

1.Stuck Pipe Prevention 1 & 2:

Middle East Learning Centre, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2014

2.Extended Reach Directional Drilling Techniques

Sugarland Learning Centre, Houston Texas 2014

3.Well Control Seminar

Sugarland Learning Centre, Houston Texas 2013

4.Drilling Optimization & well planning 1 & 2: BHA design, Drilling Engineering and Directional Drilling courses

Schlumberger Learning Centers Houston, Texas 2012 and Abu Dhabi 2013

5.Bits Technology and Design

MI Swaco Houston Texas 2012

6.Advanced Well Logging and Surveying Methods and Technology; Well bore Pressure and Pore pressure measurement Technology

Sugarland Houston Texas 2009

7.Resistivity, Nuclear Logging and Well Surveying Methods

Middle East Learning Centre Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2007


1.English: Fluent (speaking & writing).

2.French (Working knowledge).


1.Akin Okuseinde, Senior Drilling Engineer, Schlumberger International, Accra Ghana

2.Pius Okafor Senior Drilling Engineer, Schlumberger International, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

3.Osaretin Ojeiduma, HR Manager, Drilling & Measurement, Schlumberger North America, Houston Texas

4.Igbunuroghene Onosode, Business Process Manager – Transformation, Schlumberger, Sugarland Houston Texas.

5.Robert Onyejekwe, President, Bits and Tools, Schlumberger, Houston Texas

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