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Customer Service Web Developer

Hollister, California, 95023, United States
March 07, 2018

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Romona Czichos

Cell: 831-***-**** - BAY AREA


Web Developer with over 14 years’ experience in design and development projects for industries including defense, engineering, education, financial, publishing and internet. I am analytical and detail-oriented, with the ability to quickly learn new technologies in order to successfully complete projects on schedule.

Technical Skills:

PhotoShop, JavaScript, JQuery, Illustrator, WindowsOS, Adobe Soundbooth & Audition, PageMaker, XHTML, HTML 4 & 5, PPC MacOS X, Flash, DreamWeaver, Fireworks, QuarkXpress, MS Office, ActionScript, CSS 2 & 3, Acrobat, Premiere, ACCESS, FTP, XML, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Captivate, Visual Studio, WebStorm, ADA, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Angular



A.A. Multi-Media Communications and Design, Masters Institute (vocational school), San Jose, CA.

Coders Camp for certificate in Full Stack Development (June 2018) Jan. 2017 to Present

I have taken time off to update my skills to the current technologies.

B.S. Candidate Computer Science Regis University (Graduate Dec. 2020)

certification and training:

Coders Camp for certificate in Full Stack Development (June 2018)

Gavilan College 2009 (PHP and MYSQL)

CSU Monterey Bay, Ca 2008 (ActionScript object-oriented programming CS3)

Detailed Career History

Web Developer/Designer/UI, Freelance Feb. 2018 to Present

While looking for a job, I have submitted bids for freelance projects I am waiting to hear back on. Any freelance project I commit to will not interfere with any 40 hour a week project.

Web Developer

22nd Century/Defense Language Institute Monterey, Ca May 2013 – Nov. 2016

Creating UI/UX Design, wireframes, full web pages and application that are compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE and mobile devices. Using responsive design techniques that include media queries for screen size and bootstraps grid system to modify how the page layout looks for multiple screen sizes and devices both large and small. Using HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript framework JQuery, and JavaScript to build components and create interactivity. Using TFS as a CMS Currently working with Bootstrap for mobile devices. Worked with AngularJS2 to pre-populate forms fields that used information of the person who is logged-in. Visual Studio experience. Limited SharePoint and LESS experience

Web Developer

TCS/Vanguard Malvern, Pa. October 2012 – May 2013

Converting interactive and data driven Flash components into HTML using HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript framework JQuery and JavaScript to mirror, replace the animation of the Flash components and to create interactive features and data driven calculations. JQuery-UI/UX Design, YUI were used for the touch and slide features of mobile devices. Use Contribute as a CMS. HTML 5 canvas was used to make graphs. CSS 3 was used to make gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners and recreate the layout of the Flash pieces. Using XML for data. Making the components compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE 9. Developing internal webpages using responsive design techniques that include media queries for screen size in order to modify how the page layout looks for multiple screen sizes and devices both large and small. Worked with Agile methodologies.

TCS/Santander Consumer USA Dallas, TX. June 2011 – October 2012

Developing wireframes, internal website/applications and UI/UX Design components using Visual Studio, JQuery, XHTML, CSS and DOM, JavaScript. Use Contribute as a CMS. Limited SharePoint experience uploading files to share with team members and form creation. Created forms, validations, accordions and tab navigation using JQuery. Working with content management systems. Creating graphics for UI in PhotoShop and Illustrator. Interactive show/hide elements. Produced wireframes, customer service, which includes interacting with the customer. Worked with Agile methodologies and using responsive design techniques that include media queries for screen size in order to modify how the page layout looks for multiple screen sizes and devices both large and small.

Web Developer/Designer/UI, Freelance

Hollister, CA Jan 2010 – June 2011

UI/UX Design for the State of California Social Interest Solutions, Working with Radiant Creative in Houston, TX. in creating for the University of Texas SME experience with Flex. Life lessons for 8 graders. Developing and creating Lessons using Flash, ActionScript, Magpie and Illustrator. Creating and designing new sites using UI, UX, XML, XAMPP, PHP & MYSQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, 508 ADA compliant, Flash, and ActionScript. Creating graphics in PhotoShop and Illustrator. Working with content management systems. Editing Audio, Syncing audio to animations. Creating animations and graphics. Wireframes and customer Service, which includes interacting with the customer.

Web/Flash Developer/UI, L-3 Global Security and Engineering Solutions (L-3 GS&ES)

Monterey, CA Sept 2006 – Oct 2008

Web/Flash developer for the Curriculum Development Division, E-Learning developer. Created, updated and edited web pages using DreamWeaver, some Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, XML and HTML, XHTML, UI, UX for all of FAM and Cip. Modified and tested content to work on an iPod. Managed web content and web services. Customer Service, which includes interacting with the customer to make sure specifications were as customer requested. Used an open source CMS. Also, created Object Oriented Flash Applications, and Flash Movies using Flash 8, CS2, CS3 and Flash-lite for e-learning purposes. Created graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator to incorporate into Flash FAM documents. Color corrected and sized images. Wrote, modified and updated ActionScript and XML to work with Flash animation and interactive pages.

Web Editor/UI, Kelly IT/ Intel

Santa Clara, CA Mar 2006 – Sept 2006

Developed, maintained and updated Intel’s legal and Ilt internal websites. Created UI/UX Design and Power Point Presentation using customers Word content. Use Contribute as a CMS. Recorded and editing audio to incorporate into the PowerPoint presentation. Customer Service. Worked with content management systems. Created graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. (DreamWeaver, CSS, HTML and JavaScript)

Web Developer/UI, South Valley Internet

San Martin, CA Feb 2005 – Mar 2006

Build web pages from the Graphic Artist renderings and clients requests. Using DreamWeaver CSS, HTML, wrote JavaScript, manipulate photos, created images in Photoshop and Illustrator. Created UI/UX Design and forms in PHP that collected user information and emailed that information to the web site owners. Lead web developer, IT support, troubleshooting customer’s internet and email issues, customer service. Content production, search engine optimization (SEO) and web authoring For South Valley Internet’s clients.

Production Artist, The Pinnacle News Paper

Hollister, CA Oct 2003 – Feb 2005

Designed and built ads and layout of the real estate section of the paper as well as the monthly real estate magazine. Created PDF’s and uploaded the PDF’s to the printer’s server. Customer service. (Acrobat, PhotoShop, Illustrator and PageMaker)

Flash/Web Developer, Quantum Services (contract at education department Nasa/Ames)

Moffett Field, CA 2002 –2003

Produced web pages writing XHTML, JavaScript and CSS. Created graphics for E-learning development in Photoshop and Illustrator for AstroVenture web site, in addition to writing ActionScript for two major Flash animations. 508 ADA requirements. Created animations and synced audio to animation. Edited MPEG video.

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