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Electrical Engineering Professional Experience

Houston, TX
March 06, 2018

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A recent graduate with 1-3 years’ experience in developing projects involving Embedded C, C++, Linux and assembly languages to create embedded code for the hardware designs.

2-yr working knowledge in developing projects on different MCU’s STM32, Raspberry Pi, MSP430, ARM etc

2-yr experience in communication protocols like RS232, UART, GPS, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, SPI, I2C.

Experience using networking protocols TCP/IP, 802.11, UDP, ICMP, HTTP.

2-yr experience in testing and debugging the Embedded C code using the debuggers JTAG, ICE.

Experience using the Analyzing tools like logic analyzer, Tracelyzer and Oscilloscope.

Experience with all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) and version control tools SVN and GIT.


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Houston, TX, US GPA – 3.4 Dec’17

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Osmania University (OU), India GPA – 3.7 May’16

Professional Experience:

Audio Visual Technician – Student Center, University of Houston Jan’17 – Dec’17

Administered the setup, regulated sound inputs and coordinated audio feeds for live streaming using (PRO-I) audio visual mixing boards and also used signal processors, microphones and (Doremi) projectors.

Worked with DSP processor based design products like Video, Audio Encoders (Roland VC-30HD), Decoders and also with (Crestron) wireless controllers (Polycom) audio devices and also (Ion) lighting boards.

Intern – Embedded Systems Nov’15 – May’16

Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Hyderabad, India

Worked on all areas of product development such as algorithmic review, programming tasks, documentation, testing, and validation. Also inspected the department’s software process for all the development activities.

Worked on Texas Instruments MSP430 and STM32F using Code Composer Studio and Keil IDE’s. Interfacing and debugging various peripherals such as UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, timers using Embedded C programming.

Hands on experience with FreeRTOS Real time operating system on Arduino, STM32F and ARM Cortex M based Microcontrollers and debugging using Percepio Tracealyzer.

Intern – Digital System Design Mar’15 – Jul’15

National Small Industries Corporation, Hyderabad, India

Internship covering Verilog / VHDL concepts including Gate-Level, Dataflow, Behavioral and Switch-Level Modeling, Timing & Delays, User-defined Primitives and FPGA Implementation.

Explored the developing architecture, module interfaces, design approaches used in creating logic designs, and simulating functional units and subsystems included in the development of complex multidimensional designs.

Projects / Research:

RTOS based Vehicle Tracking System using Keil and Embedded C

Developed a Vehicle tracking, monitoring system which used GPS & GSM modem to track the vehicle’s exact location remotely through a mobile.

The system is built on ARM7 processor and RTOS is ported to ARM hardware, this collects and sends the information to monitoring system using GSM modem.

Performance Evaluation of Cache Hierarchies using the SPEC 2000 Benchmark suite

Evaluated and compared various parameters of different cache configurations with the default configuration using the Simple scalar toolset. Floating-point and integer performances are measured by CPU2000 benchmarks

Digital Image Watermarking in Transform and Image Domain using fast Hadamard transform in MATLAB.

Developed a model for Digital watermarking system where a watermark is embedded into a multimedia object to help protect the owner’s right to that object.

The project is implemented using MATLAB 2010.

Technical Skills:

Programming Language: C/C++, Verilog, Java, Python, MATLAB, Assembly, Embedded C

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, RTOS

Controllers: ARM Cortex M3/M4, MSP 430, AVR AT mega, PIC 16F877, AT89S52, STM 32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

IDE’s: TI CCStudio, Atmel Studio, Visual Studio, Keil µ5, Eclipse, Wireshark, LabVIEW, ModelSim, Simulink, MultiSim

Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, DHCP, 802.11, Ping, VoIP, OSI, Bluetooth, ARP, RS-232, RS-485, SPI, USB, I2C

Hardware: UART, GPIO, ADC, PWM, Timers, Interrupts, JTAG

Analyzing Tools: Logic Analyzer, Tracealyzer, Oscilloscope, Function generator

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