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AWS DevOps Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
February 22, 2018

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Ravi Manduri

AWS DevOps Engineer


Phone: 401-***-****

Professional Summary

Around 8 years of comprehensive experience in cloud industry which includes cloud management: AWS, Azure and virtual appliance etc., DevOps Engineering, Linux Administration and support.

Experience in designing and implementation of scalable, secure cloud architecture based on AWS cloud and leveraged cloud services such as EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB (Load Balancers), VPC, AMI, SNS, SWF, RDS, IAM, ROUTE 53, Auto Scaling, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OpsWork and Security Groups.

Extensively worked with version control tools like TFS, CVS, SVN, GIT, GITHUB, Perforce and expertise in DevOps using tools like Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Chef, Bamboo, Gradle, Serena Products, Docker, Build Forge, TOMCAT, JBoss and Linux etc.

Experience on administration of various environments in SDLC, CentOS, Ubuntu and SUSE Linux and worked on taking regular backups instances and setting up environments for the applications launching on Red hat Linux like ZABBIX and Nagios.

Experience with automation/configuration management using either Puppet, Ansible, Chef or similar.

Good experience in installing, configuring and maintaining the Continuous Integration (CI) purposes by Jenkins, Nexus and Hudson and for End to End automation for all builds and deployments.

Experience in DevOps environment with expertise in using Configuration management tools like Chef and puppet, CI/CD with Jenkins.

Written Chef Cookbook and recipes for sudo users, Chef Basics, Databags implementation, Testingdocs and managed network configurations using Chef Server.

Experience on creating bootstrap instances using Chef and Puppet modules for bootstrapping new servers with required packages of application dependencies.

Evaluated and designed the software and the infrastructure for the company-wide private container cloud solution based on Kubernetes, Swarm, Docker, and Python.

Linux container orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Etcd and more.

Automation of Kubernetes clusters on VM and Docker container orchestration using Ansible and Fleet.

Full Automation of cloud-based assets using Ansible and Terraform on AWS.

Experience in working on unit test automation, building code, fault tolerant deploying and releasing of code from one environment to another environment.

Created Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for the instances based on the requirements for backup and clone instances.

Experience in configuring AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) by managing the users new accounts, roles and groups.

Planned releases using SDLC methodologies like Agile, Waterfall and other process.

Designed and implemented Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools like a GIT mirror for SVN repository for branching, tagging and maintaining the environments versions.

Experience in building automated CI and Cd pipeline with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy.

Wrote some custom puppet modules for managing the full application stack (Tomcat/httpd/MySQL/Java).

Worked with Make and Ant in Java environment and Maven for authoring pom.xml files for Java projects and managing maven repositories.

Experience on building oriented application using Java and scripting languages like Shell Scripting (Ksh, Bash), Ruby, PHP PERL and Python scripts to totally automate AWS services.

Manage Amazon redshift clusters such as launching the cluster and specifying the node type as well.

Configured an AWS Virtual Private Cloud and Database Subnet for isolation of resources through an Amazon RDS MySQL DB Instance using the Amazon RDS Console.

Experience in managing and deploying applications to J2EE application servers/JBoss, WebSphere.

Experience in Oracle, PL/SQL and MY SQL by using SQL for Data integrity.

Hands on experience with QTP, HP Load Runner and Selenium Testing Tools.

Used bug tracking like REMEDY, BUGZILLA and JIRA for changes in change management and for tracking defects.

Worked on ITIL processes for defining and developing plan for change, problem and incident management process and implemented releases across the project.

Experience on configuring networks for NIS, NIS+, DNS, DHCP, NFS, SAMBA, FTP, Remote Access Protocol, Security management and system troubleshooting skills.

I have good communication skills, problem solving skills, great self-esteem, dedicated and understanding the demands of 24/7 system maintenance and has good customer support experience.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer.


Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, C#, .Net


SQL, PL/QL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2.

Web Technologies


Operating Systems

UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, Red Hat (4.x, 5.x, 6.x), Windows, Windows Server.

Scripting Languages


Version Control Tools



Oracle Web logic Server 10g, BEA WebLogic 8.1/9.2, WebSphere, JBoss, TOMCAT, IIS.

Build and Release Engineering/DevOps

MAKE, Jenkins, Cruise Control, Remedy, Puppet, Fish eye, AWS, Nagios, Rally, Chef, Ant, Maven, Gradle, HUDSON, MS Build, Docker, ANTHILLPRO, and BAMBOO.


DevOps Engineer

Motorola Solutions – Chicago, IL

May 2017 – present

Experience in configuring Kubernetes cluster and administrated the kubernetes cluster running on the top of the CoreOS.

Experience in automating deployment, scaling, and operating the dockerized microservices running in the fleet and Kubernetes using ansible on VMWare ESXi.

Managed bugfixes and maintained the distribute containerized services using fleet and later adopted Kubernetes for open source container orchestration and automating infrastructure at massive scale.

Used Concourse CI and pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes.

Written Docker files, RPM and DEB packaging for software deployables and cluster setup.

Experience in running our own internal kubernetes cluster for devops tools such as Jenkins, Concourse-ci, and service like Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, fluentd and some other internally developed services that are highly available.

Using either Bash, Ansible, Helm, set up environments on Kubernetes cluster either for continuous testing and deployment.

Experience in supporting the development of services and associated Helm Charts for deployments on Kubernetes.

Created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes. applications, managed Kubernetes manifest files and Managed releases of Helm packages.

Developing Docker images to support development and testing and pipelines and Elasticsearch, Kibana and Grafana.

Written Ansible playbooks for Configuration management and automation across different services and provided reproducible system setup fixing numerous systems issues and speeding implementation time.

Maintained git repositories in the Bitbucket for the services we developed for the company project and set up automated testing and deployment using either Concourse-CI or Jenkins.

Used Elastic search as an open source search engine with a REST API and Kibana has been used for Web UI Queries.

Experienced with the Kibana logs, solved problems related logs events stored in the Elasticsearch.

Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using monitoring tools like Grafana and Kibana.

Strong emphasis on Virtualization technologies. Prior to docker, over 90% environment was virtualized via VMWARE ESX.

Created a service called Xunit Test Report Viewer which integrates bitbucket, Concourse CI and Jenkins to provide the clear GUI of the Xunit reports in the XML format.

Helped in architectural design of a internal service called CertManager which actually manages secrets and install the certificates and shall be available via Kubernetes secrets.

Installed and configured some of the lower platform services like ETCD, PORTWORX and other internally developed services and upper platform services like Elasticsearch, Fluentd-Aggregator, Fluent-forwarder, Kibana, Elasticsearch-Curator, Prometheus, Grafana, Alert manager, Statsdashboard-configurator using Helm on Kubernetes cluster.

Experience in configuring the Alertmanager with endpoints url to send HTTP post requests in the json format to the configured endpoints.

Used Rest APIs for http and https and WS of WSS for WebSocket APIs.

Written scripts in Python to automate log rotation of multiple logs from web servers.

Developed a python library which continuously integrate, test and deploy clusters through our fully-automated concourse pipelines.

Using python and bash scripting and bitbucket API created a service called Resource scrapper that will capture all the resource request and limits usage for all the containers.

Hands on experience in Installing and dealing with troubleshooting Ansible on central nodes and managed hosts.

Used Ansible to run ad-hoc commands and playbooks to automate tasks and written playbooks.

Worked on adjusting the resources to match specific deployment, the resources need to be adjusted manually (using either vSphere Client or vSphere web client).

Experienced in deploying the monitoring subsystem using the tools to the 15 node VM cluster so that I can monitor a production quality system.

Experience in monitoring and coordinating of automated patches and configured management of production servers.

Responsible for status updates and communication on SWARM Goals.

Environment: Kubernetes, Fleet, CoreOs, VMWare(ESXi), Vsphere, Helm, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, Fluentd, docker, Alert manager, Etcd, Portworx, Jenkins, Ansible, Python, Rest API, Concourse, Git, Bitbucket, Jiira, Confluence, BASH scripting, pytest, Json, YAML, Swagger, Postman, Groovy Scripting, Test rail

AWS DevOps Engineer

CNA Financial – Chicago, IL

July 2016 – March 2017


Build and configured a virtual data center in the AWS cloud to support Enterprise Data Warehouse(EDW) hosting including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Public and Private Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancer(ELB).

Hands on experience in using AWS Cloud in various AWS services such as Redshift Cluster, Route 53somain configuration.

Used AWS cloud services such as EC2, auto-scaling and VPC to provision secure build, highly scalable and flexible systems that handled expected and unexpected load bursts.

Using Clover ETL migrated data to AWS Redshift.

Managed Amazon redshift clusters such as launching the cluster with specifying the nodes and performing the data analysis queries.

Designed AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.

Used AWS Beanstalk for fast deploying, scaling and load balancing of web applications and services developed with Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache, and IIS.

Implemented automated local user provisioning instances created in AWS cloud.

Setup and build AWS infrastructure various resources, VPC EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling, and RDS in Cloud Formation JSON templates.

Maintained the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53, VPC, RDB, Dynamo DB, SES, SQS and SNS services in AWS cloud.

Constructed a RESTful API to manage infrastructure services using Python.

Extracted the data from MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server using Sqoop and loaded data into Cassandra.

Provide highly durable and available data by using S3 data store, versioning, lifecycle policies, and create AMIs for mission critical production servers for backup.

Defined branching, labeling, and merge strategies for all applications in GIT.

Built Continuous Integration environment Jenkins and Continuous delivery environment.

Utilized configuration management tool Chef & created Chef Cookbooks using recipes to automate system operations.

Building servers using AWS, importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private connection.

Deployed applications on AWS by using Elastic Beanstalk.

Used Ansible server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.

Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of AWS Nodes and Test Playbooks on AWS instances using Python.

Created Ansible playbooks which is the entry point for Ansible provisioning, where the automation is defined through tasks using YAML format. Run Ansible Scripts to provision Dev servers.

I used various services of AWS for this infrastructure. I used EC2 as virtual servers to host Git, Jenkins and configuration management tool like Ansible. Converted slow and manual procedures to dynamic API generated procedures.

Used ANT and MAVEN as a build tools on java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code.

Manage AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments as well as infrastructure servers for GIT and Chef.

Administered and Engineered Jenkins for managing weekly Build, Test and Deploy chain, SVN/GIT with Dev/ Test/Prod Branching Model for weekly releases.

Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch.

Created Python scripts to totally automate AWS services which includes web servers, ELB, Cloud Front distribution, database, EC2 and database security groups, S3 bucket and application configuration, this script creates stacks, single servers, or joins web servers to stacks.

Planned release schedules with agile methodology & coordinated releases with engineering & SQA for timely delivery.

Troubleshoot the automation of Installing and configuring applications in the test environments.

Environment: AWS (EC2, VPC, ELB, S3, RDS, Cloud Trail and Route 53), Amazon Redshift, VDI, Linux, Ansible, Git version Control, VPC, AWS EC2, S3, Route53, EBS, IAM, ELB, Cloud watch, Cloud Formation, AWS CLI, AWS Auto Scaling, Maven, Nagios, Subversion, Jenkins, Unix/Linux, Shell scripting.

AWS DevOps Engineer

Zions Bancorporation – Salt Lake City, UT

Aug 2015 – June 2016


Performed AWS Cloud administration managing EC2 instances, S3, SES and SNS services.

Managed network security using Load balancer, Auto-scaling, security groups and NACL’s.

Created Buckets in AWS and stored files. Enabled Versioning and security for files stored.

Implemented and maintained monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/costs using Cloud Watch.

Utilizing Cloud Watch and LogicMonitor to monitor resources such as EC2, EBS, ELB, RDS, and S3 etc.,

Designing and implementing CI (Continuous Integration) system: configuring Jenkins servers, Jenkins nodes, creating required scripts (Perl & Python), and creating/configuring VMs (Windows/Linux).

Provisioning Jenkins environment for continuous integration by easing build and testing tasks for developers.

Configured security and system in Jenkins. Added multiple nodes to Jenkins and configured SSH for continuous deployments.

Using Jenkins AWS CodeDeploy plugin to deploy to AWS.

Configured SSH, SMTP, Build Tools, and Source Control repositories in Jenkins. Installed multiple plugins to Jenkins. Configured Proxy to get auto updates.

Server configure management via Chef and System orchestration via Ansible.

Designing and implementing for fully automated server build management, monitoring and deployment using Chef.

Maintain Chef and Puppet servers and management application that can use Service Now (CI) data to bring computers into a desired state by managing files, services, or packages installed on physical or virtual machines.

Create Chef Automation tools and builds, and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.

Worked with Puppet and Chef which is used to manage Linux but later versions support Microsoft Windows.

Deployed various Unix Servers which includes Red Hat, Open SUSE and Solaris distribution and provided administration and support.

Good Working knowledge of creating Virtual machines for Red hat Linux and Solaris on VMware ESX(Hypervisor) and administering them with Virtual Infrastructure client.

Configured an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Database Subnet Group for isolation of resources within the Amazon RDS MySQL DB cluster.

Installed, managed Verities Volume Manager 3.5 (VxVM) on Solaris 9.

Scripting in multiple languages on UNIX, LINUX - Bash, Shell script etc.

Ported Linux BASH scripts to work with Solaris 9 ultimately contributing ideas and code to make Remoto-It automation tool work more reliably with Solaris environments.

Troubleshoot the build issue during the Jenkins build process and resolved system issues and inconsistencies in coordination with quality assurance and engineering teams.

Environment: AWS, EC2, SNS, SES, Web Servers, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, VMware, Solaris 9/10/11, Red hat Linux, Java, Maven, Apache Kubernetes.

DevOps Engineer

MiddleOak Insurance, Connecticut

August 2014 - June 2015


Designing and implementing for fully automated server build management, monitoring and deployment by Using DevOps Technologies like Puppet.

Responsible for design and maintenance of the Subversion/GIT, Stash Repositories, views, and the access control strategies.

Performed weekly and on call deployments of application codes to production environments.

Worked with Nexus for maven repository.

Involved in leading Automation Deployment Team by working with Puppet.

Created puppet manifests, profiles and roles module to automate system operations.

Performed and deployed Builds for various Environments like QA, Integration, UAT and Productions Environments.

Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into Tortoise SVN and Implemented the setup for Master slave architecture to improve the Performance Automated SQL Scripts, Batch Scripts Deployment to staging and production Databases with TFS.

Deployment and management of web services with Tomcat and JBOSS provided end-user straining for all Tortoise SVN, JIRA users to effectively use the tool.

Build scripts using ANT and MAVEN build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.

Used Jenkins as a continuous integration tool for automation of daily process.

Deployed J2EE applications to Application servers in an agile continuous integration environment and automated the whole process.

Developed Perl and shell scripts for automation of the build and release process.

Involved in editing the existing ANT/MAVEN files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.

Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between Projects.

Environment: J2EE, Linux, Maven/ANT, Nexus, Puppet, Jenkins, Tomcat, JIRA, GIT, Python, Ruby, Shell Scripts, Unix/ Linux.

Build and Release Engineer

Inventory Locator Service – Memphis, TN

August 2013 – June 2014


Provided Configuration Management and Build support for more than 5 different applications, built and deployed to the production and lower environment.

Defined and Implemented Configuration Management and Release Management Processes, Policies and Procedures.

Administrated, maintained documentation and provided training to the users through SCM based tools like JIRA, Nexus, Jenkins, and GIT-Stash.

Monitored daily support tasks related to version control and new pipelines setup for multiple applications.

Automating the test cases to run on scheduled basis by integrating the job on Jenkins pipeline.

Researched and implemented code coverage and unit test plug-ins with Maven/Jenkins.

Worked on migrating applications from subversion to GIT-Stash.

Used Jenkins as tool for continuous integration tool, created new jobs, managed required plugins, configured the jobs selecting required source code management tool, build trigger, build system and post build actions, scheduled automatic builds, notified the build reports, etc.

Involved in editing the existing MAVEN files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.

Worked towards documenting the svn to GIT stash migration process.

Integrated SCM based Subversion into AnthillPro/Jenkins to automate the code checkout process.

Installed and configured Nexus Repository Manager to share the artifacts between the teams within the company.

Provided support for issues related to Udeploy.

Working closely with Web Administrators to understand, participate, and experience the technical architect for web sites such as Apache, Jboss, Web Logic.

Work with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems.

Worked on the Oracle databases in the backend to execute the DMLs and DDLs.

Own full lifecycle of build system - from analysis, development, implementation and support of builds, unit testing and deployments.

Debugged build failures and worked with Agile developers and QA people to resolve the related issues.

Maintained build related scripts developed in Maven, ANT, Python and shell. Modified build configuration files including Ant's (build.xml) and Maven’s (pom.xml).

Environment: Maven, Ant, GIT, Java/J2EE, Nexus, Jenkins, Linux, Udeploy, Solaris, Python, WebSphere, Shell scripting, Apache Tomcat, Web sphere.

Linux Administrator

Four-Soft Ltd – Hyderabad, India

May 2011 – July 2013


Managed and administrated of all UNIX servers, includes Linux operating systems by applying relative patches and packages at regular maintenance periods using Red Hat Satellite server, YUM, RPM tools.

Planned and performed the upgrades to Linux (RHEL 5x, 6x, SUSE 10, 11, CENTOS 5, 6, operating systems and hardware maintenance like changing memory modules, replacing disk drives.

Handling NFS, Auto Mount, DNS, LDAP related issues.

Monitoring CPU, memory, physical disk, Hardware and Software RAID, multipath, file systems, network using the tools NAGIOS 4.0 monitoring.

User management with LDAP and setting up Kerberos authentication for cluster and creation of volumes for users and allocating quotas; established NFS gateways on data nodes/NFS mount on edge nodes.

Deployment and Configuration of application server Tomcat deploying Java and Web Application.

Writing Shell scripts for automation of daily tasks, documenting the changes that happen in the environment and in each server, analyzing the error logs, analyzing the User logs, analyzing the /var/log/messages.

Planned, scheduled and Implemented OS patches on Linux boxes as a part of proactive maintenance.

Used Chef for managing server application server such as Apache, MySQL and Tomcat.

Installation, configuration, and customization of services Send mail, Apache, FTP servers to meet the user needs and requirements.

Performing kernel and database configuration optimization such that it limits I/O resource utilization on disks.

Environment: Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x, Autosys, CentOS, VMware vSphere 4.0, VMware ESX 3.5.0, GIT, Shell Scripting, MySQL, Tomcat, Nagios.

Jr. Systems Administrator

AUROBINDO Pharma Ltd -Hyderabad, Ind

July 2009 – March 2011


Created, mounted and maintained file systems to ensure access to system, application and user data.

Scheduled the daily/weekly/monthly backups.

Knowledge in the management of Windows and Linux.

Patching up the system to the latest version as per the recommendations.

Monitored the health of the servers, Operating system, database and the network.

Maintenance of Hard disks (Formatting and Setup, Repair from crashes).

Installed & administered NFS services using automounter.

Created users, assigned groups and home directories, setting quota and permissions; administered file systems and recognized file access problems.

Maintained appropriate file and system security monitored and controlled system access, to increase the system efficiency, scheduled system related Cron jobs.

Setup network, troubleshoot network problems and configured routers/access points.

Environment: Linux, Windows, NFS, Cron jobs, Networking, Automounter.


Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU, Hyd, IND.

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