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Electrical Engineering Control Power

Houston, Texas, United States
February 19, 2018

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Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (May 2017)

University of Houston - Main Campus Cumulative GPA: 3.8

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering & Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Dec 2013)

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Cumulative GPA: 3.2


Used PowerWorld for fault analysis of 9 bus systems.

Created GUI in Matlab for a MRI simulator to show a few trajectories and some artifacts.

A motor controller for a maxon motor via ESCON using Arduino Mega board in Arduino IDE, Matlab and Simulink for testing.

Wind turbine generator modeling and control.

•Led a team of four students, and collaborated with faculty advisor.

•Created a model for the generator and its connection to the grid in Simulink.

•Used Stateflow (Simulink library) for implementing control logic on the model.

•Wrote Matlab scripts to estimate generator parameters using manufacturer's data.

A push-pull sound amplifier prototype.

•Led a team of four students.

•Researched and ordered the parts required while managing the budget.

•Designed and simulated the circuit in Pspice.

•Troubleshoot and improved the prototype to better match the specifications.

•Designed PCB board on Altium Designer.

Programs: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, MS Office, MATLAB, Simulink, PowerWorld, OrCAD (Pspice), NI Multisim, MPLABX, Altium Designer, MS Visio, Visual Studio, Xcode, Arduino IDE.

Programming Languages: C, Assembly, and LabVIEW.

Certification: Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) - Dec 2013; FE Electrical.

Relevant Coursework and Labs:

Power: Industrial Power Sys Analysis; Industrial Power Management; Industrial Power Monitor and Control; Industrial Substation and Switching; Smart Grid.

Control: Linear Multivariable; Digital; State Space and Lab; Linear Controls and Lab

Electronics: Analog Electronics and Labs; Power Electronics; Semiconductor Devices.

Communications: Signals & Systems; Statistical Methods in E.E.; Digital Signal Processing; Transmission Lines, Field & Waves.

Digital Design: Introduction to Computing Systems; Introduction to Digital System Design (Digital Electronics and Lab);

Designed and analyzed various circuits like differential amplifiers and multistage amplifiers, in Multisim and Pspice.

Used Matlab and Simulink for motor controls, nyquist plots, signal processing, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling.

Used LabVIEW to design state machines, temperature monitor, weather station and other applications involving data collection and sub VIs.

Built and tested various types of circuits such as signal amplifiers, feedback amplifiers, logic circuits and signal filters.

Used DC Motor Control Trainer (DCMCT) for modeling, speed control, robustness, position control, and haptic interaction (impedance control and haptic knobs).

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