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Director and General Manager of multi-plants international.

El Paso, Texas, United States
February 15, 2018

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Marcel Eugene Alvarez

Born: December 13, 1965; Married with 3 Children;

**** *** *** ***

El Paso TX, 79911-3003

Telephone (Home) +1-915-***-****

Cell Phone +1-262-***-****


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To be called a good and honest man by the people who I get the privilege of meeting. Once I achieve this goal, I will pass the knowledge to my children.


To lead a company with multiple international locations and become one of the leaders of our industry. Teach a group of young executives my experience on international trade and best practices that I’ve learned through my career working between the United States and México.


February 2017 – September 2017

CENTURY MOLD MÉXICO. (Plastic Injection Molder).

General Manager México. Managed 2 plants

- Queretaro with 240 employees and 21 Molding Machines, tonnages between 200 and 2200 Ton. Automotive Industry; Customers: BOSCH, BorgWarner, HANNON, NAL.

- Chihuahua with 360 employees and 60 Molding Machines, tonnages between 200 and 1600 Ton. Automotive Industry; Customers: Delphi, Jabil, MAHLE, AutoKabel Reported to: Humberto Trevino (Director of Mexican Operations). After more than 20 years as Director of Operations México, Humberto Trevino was looking for a replacement, even though I received invitations to join CMM since 2012, I was not sure that I could develop a relationship with the Engineering office in Michigan. However, on February 2017 after an excellent package of salary and benefits, along with the commitment from the Vice-president of CMC, I decided to join. First task was to review the operation in Queretaro México, opened in 2012, and I documented (written and video) the adjustments that I made, to name a few: Transition from ISO/TS16949 to IATF/16949, establish a full APQP process for new programs with customers like BOSCH, BorgWarner, HANON, MAHLE. Also, established GEMBA walks to improve plant 5’s program. I establish the 3 second system which consist in by looking at a Molding Machine, all departments must have the updated information located on site with the task of identifying tasks in no more than 3 seconds

(ex. Maintenance should have all maintenance scheduled at plain site, Toolroom how many shots on each tool, and when is the next preventive maintenance, Process controls, Quality Documents, and Manufacturing instructions all next to the operator and updated all in 3 seconds per machine. January 2008 – February 2017

MGS Mfg. Group / MGS Plastics Chihuahua, S.A. de C.V. (Plastic Injection Molder). Director of Sales and Business Development México. Legal representative of the company in México.

One Injection molding operation in México

- Chihuahua, Chih. with 430 employees and 62 Molding machines (Horizontal, Vertical, TwoShot Molding, Blow Molding and Secondary Operations); Customers: Delphi, Honeywell, Emerson, GE, AutoKabel, Lear, ConMed, 3M; CooperStandard.

Reported to: Ken Eberle (Executive Vice President). After 2 years of being a consultant for the plastic industry MGS Mfg. Group asked me to become their legal representative in México, and to find and acquire an operation in the state of Chihuahua. The task was to make the new operation grow as much as possible, no limits and to use my knowledge in the region to make it happen. The company that I found and acquired was selling close to 6 Million dollars per year at the time of the transaction. At the end of my time with MGS, fiscal year 2016, MGS Plastics Chihuahua sold over 32 million Dollars.

- New industries that I introduced to the company in México was Automotive, which represents 45% of total sales for MGS México. I also introduced medical companies in the same location. The expanded portfolio of customers that I developed added over six million dollars to their original business. After 11 years with this company (2 as a consultant and 9 as an employee) I left the company for a better opportunity. Marcel Eugene Alvarez

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From March 2006 to January 2008.

General Manufacture

Consultant for the Plastic Injection Industry and Foam Fabrication Industry.

- Represented MGS in all customer related issues in México, as well as advising the company with manufacturing opportunities and found and lead their first plant acquisition (due diligence) in Chihuahua, México.

- Established and Managed a Shelter operation for Hi-Tech Foam in Ciudad Juárez, Chih. México as an IMMEX entity.

Reported to: I was the Owner.

- After selling Technimark’s operation in Chihuahua, I noted that many companies were interested in doing business in México. I returned to El Paso with the intention to open a consultant office for these companies. My first customer (future employer) was The MGS Mfg. Group headquarters located in Germantown, WI for the Plastic industry (Medical, Consumer Products, Electric/Electronic), with customers in the El Paso/Juarez region, they wanted to provide cost savings and a strategic location for their customers. I presented them many options and companies for sale; I introduced them to the company that they eventually acquire. As a consultant, I was contracted to make sure that all permits and company setup was properly established.

- Another customer of my company was Hi-Tech Foam Products with headquarters located in Indianapolis, IN

(Automotive industry), this company belongs to Hickory Springs, a billion dollar in sales company located in North Carolina. I opened Hi-Tech Foam Products México and managed it, as part of my shelter operation, making sure that all legal permits and documents existed for day to day import/export operations. Main products were gaskets for the automotive industry, and sofa mechanisms for the Furniture Industry. From May 2000 to March 2006.

Technimark, Inc. (Plastic Injection Molder).

General Manager for Technimark Chihuahua / Sales Manager for Technimark Mexicali. Managed 2 Plants.

- Technimark de Chihuahua with 270 employees and 22 Molding Machines, tonnages between 50 and 700 Ton. Consumer products, Electric/Electronic and Automotive Industries. Customers: John Deere, Buehler, SIMENS, GE, Honeywell.

- Technimark de Mexicali with 400 employees and 53 Molding Machines, tonnages between 50 and 650 Ton. Consumer products and Electric/Electronic Industries. Customers: Black&Decker, Tyco, Rubbermaid. Reported to: Chris Clark (Executive Vice-president) P&L Responsible. At my arrival at the company, Technimark de Chihuahua had only one customer, John Deere, during my administration we developed business with other companies (SIEMENS, GE, HONEYWELL, BUEHLER, SYSTEM SENSORS,).

- Certifications during my administration were:

QS9000, ISO9002, ISO16949 (second company in the state of Chihuahua to achieve this certification).

- During my administration, the only customer that we had moved its operations to China, therefore I concentrated my efforts in getting new business for my plant in Chihuahua. Unfortunately, I was not able to get business fast enough, and on May of 2005 I was asked to sell it by the president of the company, Mr. Don Wellington. I found the buyer and consolidated the transaction in Oct. 2005.

- Finding new opportunities for Chihuahua showed my employer that I was capable of locating more business in México, and in 2003 I was asked to take over the Business development for México, in addition to my regular responsibilities of managing the operation in Chihuahua. This added task was performed from 2003 till 2005 (end of my employment). Technimark offered me to keep my job with them as the Business development executive in Mexicali Baja California Norte, but I declined the opportunity and decided to open my own company. From May 1997 to May 2000.

Advance Dial Company. (Plastic Injection Molder)

(two sites: Chihuahua and Guadalajara, México)

- ADCO Chihuahua as Operations Manager with 130 employees, 16 Molding Machines, Tonnages between 50 and 500 ton. I oversaw Manufacturing, Engineering, Production Control and Customer Service. Customers: MOTOROLA, John Deere, Zenith.

- ADCO Guadalajara Office as Business Development Manager. Customers: ERICKSON, JABIL Reported to: Nick Hrnyak (Director of Sales)


ITESM (México State)

University of Texas at El Paso (1 year of Mechanical/Industrial Engineering). Bilingual English and Spanish

REFERENCES: Can be provided upon request

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