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Design Engineer

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
February 13, 2018

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Tiziano Romanelli -Microwave Hardware Designer




Place and date and of birth : Florence(Italy), April 3,1975 Actual Address: 8 Percy Place, Ballsbridge, Dublin Home Address : via Don L. Perosi 26,50127 Florence(Italy) Telephone N : mobile (003**-*********



Circuit and microwave systems designer through the use of circuital and electromagnetic simulators. I have a strong expertise with microwave laboratory instrumentation and a good theoretical background in the active and passive components including the design of antennas and power amplifiers. I have also a good competence in microwave filters design. I have many years of experience in research and development in the field of point-to- point telecommunications systems, focusing in particular on the architecture definition and layout design of transceiver board. I have a good knowledge of regulatory documentation and a considerable competence on the experimental verification of the many features of the board. I draw up the hardware description and qualification test papers. I’m also able to manage design activity, relations with customers and suppliers and I have responsibility on final unit. I attend regularly at conferences and workshops on the latest topics of microwaves in telecommunication area and also aero-naval and biomedical fields of application. Aptitude to communicate with people of other departments, I’m also disposed to trip for working reason. WORK EXPERIENCE

19/09/2016- Nowadays – ResMed Sensor Technologies Ltd (Dublino) RF Senior Design Engineer

Main project: Optimization and design of microwave sensor for sleep breathing activity products. System and elettromagnetical simulation of PCB layout and antenna equipment, related to the apparatus. Regulatory standard verification through anechoic chamber EMC test set. Tools: Vector Signal Analyzer, Signal Analyzer, CST Microwave Studio, AWR Microwave Studio, ADS Design Studio, Matlab.

09/07/2015-16/09/2016 – Compel Electronics Spa. (Cornate D’adda, MB) Project Leader Microwave

Main project: Waveguide Diplexer development in 6-42 Ghz bands for Ericsson point to point microwave links platform. Synthesis and simulation of resonant waveguide cavity filters. Managing of mechanical drawing design and supplier relationship for mechanical housing treatment. Microwave modules design and testing. Simulation and optimization of PCB for Optical application up to 70 GHz. Microwave Photonic modeling and simulation.

Tools: Vector Signal Analyzer, CST Microwave Studio, HFSS, AWR Microwave Studio, Wasp-net, Mician, Fest3D, CoupleFil, Matlab.

22/10/2014- 07/07/2015 – Altran Italia (Milano)

RF Designer for Whirlpool Europe

Main project: Solid State Cooking Oven Development. Electromagnetical simulation on microwave oven in the frequency range of 2,4-2,5 GHz, optimization of the structure. Measures on the oven cavity by the use of S- parameters and warming techniques of test sample. Theoretical understanding and modeling of food cooking with microwave. Support to food modeling group to define a model for the food. Power Amplifier, overview about technology and performance monitoring.

Tools: Vector Signal Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Power Meter, COMSOL MP, and CST Tiziano Romanelli -Microwave Hardware Designer


07/13 – 06/14. Exprivia Telco & Media SpA, Trezzano S/N (MI) Microwave Designer. Consultant at ALCATEL-LUCENT.

Hardware designer in the Microwave Laboratory Group. Activity focused on point-to-point telecommunication equipments development. Company is one of the most important worldwide suppliers. Design of the transceiver unit e verification of the system requirements. Preliminary phase addressed to architecture definition, through circuit and system simulations, and selection of proper devices. Microwave laboratory activities of board testing and tuning. Managing of the supplier relationship and measurements on test samples, in particular ceramic filters and isolators. Full packet microwave radios link testing at 6 and 11 GHz for international standard requirements verification.

Project developed:

RF / IF unit, used in the “Aurelianus” apparatus for transmitting packet data in the frequency 4 GHz. Cooperation within group in Tx, Rx chain architecture design. Measurements on selected part number. System simulation aimed to the architecture definition and schematic entry. Cooperation with support engineering department for layout definition. Electromagnetic simulation of passive devices and power amplifiers matching networks design.

06/05 - 09/2012 NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS – Cassina De’ Pecchi (MI). The company is the result of a joint venture between Nokia and Siemens TLC, took place in 2007. Microwave Engineer. Designer of the hardware cards, inside R & D Microwave, used in Radio Links Telecommunications equipments by major infrastructure such as telephone companies, of which the company is one of the leading suppliers in the world. Corresponding role as the previous one, focused on the design of the in radio frequency circuitry of the unit. The initial phase supported by electromagnetic CAD and other software tools, regarding the definition of the architecture of the card, sizing of the components and layout definition. The next one, carried out through laboratory activities, of key performance verification and compliance with the design specifications of the apparatus complete, of which the card is the active part. This phase is particularly devoted to the identification of defects in design not recognized in the preliminary stage. I also supported testing activities of the radio link such as BER threshold measurements. Responsibility on the final, that is, on the apparatus complete, including mechanical parts needed to assemble the base station. Main projects

RF / IF unit, used in the “Phoenix” apparatus for transmitting packet data in ranges 3.5, 11 and 13 GHz. Implementation of new solutions for the achievement of the design specifications.

RF / IF unit, used in the “E-Band” apparatus for transmitting packet data in ranges 60/70 GHz. Contribution in feasibility study of the board architecture.

RF / IF unit used in SDH(Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) transmission system in the frequency 28 GHz. The high frequency has been a challenge for the search of suitable components in contrast to the design requirements to contain the cost of construction of the apparatus. It is in fact required a technology cheaper than the mainstream, but not yet fully reliable.

RF / IF unit used in synchronous transmission SDH in the frequencies 11 and 13 GHz. Calibration of the power amplifier and design of microwave filters used in the board.

RF / IF unit,used for the 802.16 standard, known as WiMAX, in the ranges 2,4 and 3,5 GHz. I have developed some parts of the WiMax card which in 2005 was a new design even within the department. Result: Complete apparatus obtained for both frequencies of operation with a particular characteristic from me managed regarding the possible time division operation, alternative to the usual frequency division. I have also attended to several conferences, such as the European Microwave Week (editions 2009, 2010.2012), which allowed me to deal with topics of interest such as design filters and other passive microwave components, developments on MMIC technology, advanced simulation techniques, even addressed to other issues.

2011 Theoretical and technical training of RF Team Group at NSN R&D in Shangai.

2011 Phoenix 11 Ghz project, verification and integration activity at SRI factory in Durach.

2009 Phoenix 26/38 Ghz from external supplier MTI, testing management and debugging activity. OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Tiziano Romanelli -Microwave Hardware Designer


01/05 - 03/2005 GSE Srl. - Prato Company of electrical supplies, sales and service of UPS Technical and Sales. My role spaced from contact with customers to repairs and shipping management. KEY SKILLS

Technical tools: I have developed a good knowledge of the following software simulation and calculation: Wasp-Net, Mician, CoupleFil, ADS Agilent Technology, Microwave Office and VSS of AWR, COMSOL MP, HFSS of Ansys and Microwave Studio of CST.

Electromagnetic simulators (CST and HFSS) represent to me the most valuable and daily working tools, because they allow the electromagnetic analysis of a wide range of geometries: from passive devices easier to complete layout of the card, both in frequency and in time domain. In addition they are also able to perform thermal and mechanical analysis, signal and power integrity and low frequency simulations. I’m able to manage laboratory instrumentation with LabView and also I’ve a good knowledge of modeling and programming with Matlab and and I’m also a basic user of Simulink.

Technical and laboratory field: performance testing of the designed radio cards, required for the necessary certification of equipment, has allowed me to develop a good manual dexterity with tools such as network analyzers, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscopes and meters of NF. General scope: Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, MathType, Microsoft Visio, Project). EDUCATION

License to practice as an engineer in the academic year 2003/04.

Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering to address "Applied Electromagnetic" final mark 97/110, awarded by the University of Florence in the academic year 2002/2003 with a thesis entitled "Design of Microwave Applicators for Interstitial Hyperthermia." The study, of great interest to me, touches on the design of microwave sensors for hyperthermia can be used as an aid in the treatment of certain medical conditions

(including cancer and coronary angioplasty).

High School Certificate, grade 50/60 achieved at the ITI "Leonardo da Vinci" in Florence in the school year 1993/94. Main Subject: Electronics.


Microwave Photonics Receiver Analysis Techniques using CST- European User Conference 2017, Darmstadt


Courses and Seminars

European Microwave Week 2015: “Recent Advanced in the Synthesis of Microwave Filters and Multiplexers”

CST Studio suite 2015 – “Multiphysics Training”

Semiconductor Devices Characterization Seminars 2015 from Keysight

European Microwave Week 2014: “Recent Advancements in GaN Power Amplifiers”- Wireless Communications and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

European Microwave Week 2012: "Fundamentals of Microwave Power Amplifiers" and "Biomedical applications of microwave".

Nokia Siemens Networks Corporate Training: Courses "Access and digital transmission of radio link" and

"SDH systems."


Military service: acquitted

English: well consolidated written and spoken level French: good written and spoken

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