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Electrical Engineering Social Media

Los Angeles, California, United States
February 10, 2018

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**** *** ******, *** *******, California 90007, United States


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA May 2019 Viterbi School of Engineering

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University June 2017

BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics & Communication Classification: First Class with Distinction


MS: MOS VLSI Circuit and System Design (EE477,EE577A), Computer System Organization(EE457), Integrated Memory Devices and Emerging Technologies(EE 576), Renewable energy in Power Systems(EE 526) Bachelors: Embedded Systems Programming and Design, Operating Systems, Hardware Description Language, Microelectronic Circuits


TITLE: 32/16 DIVIDER November 2017

A 32/16 divider was designed on Cadence. The divider employed Sklansky tree adder with one of its input complemented to perform repetitive subtraction. The gates of the critical path of the adder were optimized to minimize the delay. TITLE: INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM April 2017 Intelligent Traffic Control System was built using a Raspberry Pi. The system was capable of reading real time traffic by constantly learning the volume of traffic on each lane and providing necessary green times for all lanes thereby reducing traffic congestion. The program was coded in Python.

• Used IR sensors to calculate traffic density of each lane.

• Received the best project award


The Home Automation project involved working with AtMega32 microcontrollers. The system was completely touch free and the lights and bulbs were hand motion activated.

• Developed an automated lighting system

• Adopted proximity sensors to control bulbs and fans TITLE: WALL FOLLOWING ROBOT & OBSTACLE AVOIDING ROBOT May 2011 The wall following Robot was built using an Arduino. Sensors were used to recognize the walls. Whenever the walls weren’t sensed, the algorithm sent a logic high signal to the motor connected to the wheels to make a turn either to the left or right. The obstacle avoiding robot was built similarly with just a small change in the logic of the wall following robot. WORK EXPERIENCE:

Intern at Elint Labz, Bangalore, India June 2016

Engineered a smart security door system capable of detecting security breach. The system was coded on the Arduino platform. Magnetic sensors were employed to check if the doors were locked or unlocked. Internshala student partner at Internshala (Online Internship) September 2015

• Marketed brand Internshala as the Student Ambassador to college

• Directed students to find internships at different companies

• Administered social media pages to promote Internshala. TECHNICAL SKILLS:

• Programming languages : Arduino, Python(Python Scripting), C, C++, VHDL, Verilog, Assembly: (8051, 8086, MSP430)

• Packages : MS Office

• Design tools : Arduino IDE, Cadence, Keil, MATLAB, MASM, Visual Studio, Xilinx ISE, HSpice, AVR studio


• Recipient of NTSE scholarship (2010-13).

• Organized tech talks for engineering college fests.

• Member of IEEE-BNMIT.

• Obtained certificates in various extra-curricular activities.

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