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Medical Research

Plymouth, Minnesota, United States
February 08, 2018

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Resume of Dr. Kumud Lall

***** **** ** *, ********, MN

Email:, Cell: 781-***-**** & 214-***-****

Summary of Experience

Total of 8 years of experience as Neuroscientist as post doc and Research Scientist in bio-medical research with deep research experience with diverse expertize with animal models and related others.

o5 Years as Sr. Research Fellow at MEEI (Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary), Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA focused on various neuro related Noise resistance in Aging ears, its various degenerative aspects,

measurements and related findings.

o3 Years as Senior Resident at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) focused on pre-natal sound overstimulation and various related aspects.

17 publications/conference presentations in reputed journals with many citations.

Meet deadlines and achieve targets under conflicting demands.

Good Interpersonal skills. Experienced to work with diverse team.

Good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point.

Good Knowledge of GCP/ICH (clinical studies)


Doctor of Medicine (MD) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS), New Delhi, India, (2001 – 2004)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi, India, (1992 – 1998)


Certification of ‘Completion for Responsible conduct of research’ conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, March 9th 2012.

Certificate in Applied Biostatistics course held at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts from September 20, 2013- May 30, 2014.

Work Experience

A.Department of Otology and Laryngology, Harvard Medical School, Eaton Peabody Laboratory, MEEI (Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary), Boston, MA

From June 2010 - March 2015


Inner ear drug delivery in CBA/CaJ mouse- Using systemic Amitriptyline, consequences of noise exposure and study of related consequences.

Pattern of high protein turnover in damaged, repairing and regenerating cochlea using multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS)

Genetics of Noise resistance in Aging ears.

Cell morphology

Histological techniques.

Acquired on Electron microscopy & Confocal microscopy.

Handling and processing of mouse cochlea and brain.

Tissue preparation for electron microscopy, cutting 2 micron thin sections and transferring them on the silicon chips for MIMS.

Cochlear whole mount preparation for various Antibody staining.

Cochlear reconstruction using serial sections by Neurolucida technique.

Brain tissue preparation for Golgi and various other methods.

Electron Microscopy – trimming the mouse Organ of Corti to 2micron for identifying the outer and inner hair cells,

Stereology – Physical dissector method- neurons counting

Neurolucida – cochlear reconstruction using the serial sections and frequency identification.

Image J Programme – Cochlear frequency mapping

Leica microtome, Freezing microtome, paraffin sectioning, Cryostat, MT2B Ultramicrotome

Epon for Plastic sectioning - EM

Amira work station- Ribbon count analysis

Whole mount sectioning

Image Analysis

Confocal Microscopy – SP2 & SP5 -cochlear whole mounts ribbon analysis

B.All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – New Delhi, India

July 2004-July 2007


Effect of sound on superior olivary nucleus (SON)

Brain tissue preparation for Golgi staining, H&E staining.

Frozen sections.

Paraffin sectioning

Image Analysis

Physical dissector method for neuron counting

Confocal Microscopy – SP2 (brain cells)

Electron microscopy for GABA and Glumate receptors in brain auditory areas.

Morphology of different types of brain cells, cells of visual cortex and auditory cortex .

Skills & Abilities

Handling and processing of museum specimens.

Teaching chick embryo and pig embryo slides.

Hands on experience on tissue processing.

Slide making for microanatomy teaching, different staining techniques like H & E, cresyl fast violet.

Physical dissector, fractinator – cell counting methods

Plastination & Embalming procedure.

Physiological assessment of sound exposure using ABR, DPOAE.

Technical expertise

Immunohistochemistry – Antibody staining (GABA, Glutamate for the Cochlear nucleus ), (NA CtBP2My7, Glutamate receptor staining )for the mouse ear whole mounts for counting the synaptic ribbons,Golgi staining -cochlear nucleus.

Camera Lucida – Superior olivary complex neurons

Image Analysis

Confocal Microscopy – SP2 & SP5 -cochlear whole mounts ribbon analysis.

Epoxy Resin for brain cells

H&E stain, Golgi staining, fuschin red staining, cresyl violet staining

Microtomes- freezing sectioning, paraffin sectioning, cryosections, ultrathin sections – 2 microns thick for electron microscopy

Frozen sections for cochlea (10 – 40 microns thick )

Awards & Recognition

IBRO APRC Fellowship 2002, 3rd FAONS Congress, Seoul, Korea, September 29t h- October 1st, 2002.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India, Travel Award to attend 3rd FAONS Congress, Seoul, Korea, September 29th – October 1st, 2002


Katharine A Fernandez, Penelope WC Jeffers, Kumud Lall, M Charles Liberman and Sharon G Kujawa . Aging after noise exposure: acceleration of cochlear synaptopathy in‘recovered’ ears. The Journal of Neuroscience, May 13th 2015. 35(19): 7509-7520.

Yevgeniya Sergeyenko, Kumud Lall, MCharles Liberman, Sharon G Kujawa, Age-Related Cochlear Synaptopathy: An Early-Onset Contributor to Auditory Functional Decline. The Journal of Neuroscience, August 21st 2013. 33(34): 136**-*****.

SharonG Kujawa, Kate Belzner, Kumud Lall, M.Charles Liberman, Yevgeniya Sergeyenko[2013]:Cochlear Synaptic Aging:An Early contributor to functional declines ?13th Meeting of International Otopathology Society, June 9th -11th 2013, Boston, Massachusetts.

Sharon G Kujawa, Kumud Lall, M Charles Liberman, Yevgeniya Sergeyenko [2013]: Synaptic Aging in the Mouse Cochlea: New Views and Functional Clues.36th ARO, Baltimore, USA.Feb16th -21st 2013.[Abstract No. 637]

Kumud Lall, Kate Belzner, Mingjie Tong, Albert Edge, Sharon G Kujawa[2013]: Neurotrphins –like rescue of spiral ganglion neurons after noise .36th ARO, Baltimore, USA, Feb 16th- 21st 2013.[Abstract No. 1020]

S. Wadhwa, K Lall, R. Aggarwal, S. Chaudhary, S Basu Ray, U. Sharma[2009]:Modulatory effects of prenatal sound enrichment Chicago, USA, Oct 17th -21st 2009. [Abstract No. 697.10]

Dhar P and Lall K [2008]:An atypical anatomical variation of the palmar vascular pattern – A case report. SMJ .Vol 49, issue 09.

Kumud lall and Pushpa Dhar[2008]:Main and accessory Renal arteries – A morphological study. FASEB . J.22:983.4

Kumud Lall and Pushpa Dhar [2007]: Ipsilateral incomplete (rare type) superficial palmar arch. FASEB.J. 21:776.9

Kumud Lall and Pushpa Dhar [2007] : A case of Unilateral High Division of Sciatic Nerve and Bipartite Piriformis Muscle. International Medical Journal, Vol 14, No.1, 55-58.

Kumud Lall and Pushpa Dhar [2006]:Unilateral high division of sciatic nerve and bipartite piriformis muscle- a case report.. 54th NATCON [Abstract]

Kumud Lall and Pushpa Dhar [ 2006] :Main and Accessory renal arteries A morphological study .53rd NATCON,Nagpur, Maharastra.[Abstract No.92]

Pushpa Dhar and Kumud Lal (2005). Main and accessory renal arteries – A morphological study.[paper] It J Anat Embryol. Vol.110, No.2, 101-110.

Shashi Wadhwa and Kumud Lall (2003): Prenatal sound overstimulation modulates inhibitory circuitry of the chick auditory nuclei (paper). International symposium, NBRC, Manesar, Haryana.

Kumud Lall and Shashi Wadhwa (2003]. Effect of prenatal sound overstimulation on the superior olivary nucleus of chick. 51st NATCON,Ahmedabad, Gujarat .Abstract no. 176

K Lall, S Wadhwa (2002) : Effect of prenatal species specific sounds stimulation the superior olivary nucleus. Experimental Neurobiology. Volume 11(2), Suppl. 118.

Effect of Prenatal sound overstimulation on superior olivary nucleus (SON) and its GABAegic innervation of Nucleus Magnocellularis (NM) and Nucleus Laminaris (NL) in chick brain (Thesis).


Thirteenth Triennial Meeting of The International Otopathology Society, Meltzer Auditorium, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, Massachusetts, June 9th-11th,2013.

36th Annual MidWinter Research Meeting of the Association For Research in Otolaryngology, Baltimore, Maryland February 16-21, 2013.

34th Annual MidWinter Research Meeting of the Association For Research in Otolaryngology, Baltimore, Maryland February 19-23, 2011.

CME cum Workshop IUGR : Mat-Fetal Management and Therapy held at AIIMS, New Delhi, 8th April 2007.

National Hematology Update – VI held at Jawaharlal Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi, 1-2 March 2007.

National Symposium on NANO Technology in Medicine held at AIIMS, New Delhi, 13th January 2007.

54th National Conference of Anatomical Society of India, held at Amrita school of Medicine, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, AIMS, Kochi, Kerala, 28th-30th December 2006.

International update on basic and clinical neuroscience advances and XXIV Annual conference of Indian academy of Neurosciences held at ITRC, Lucknow 17th -20th December 2006.

Third NBRC International Conference held at National Agricultural Science Centre, 13th-15th December 2006.

National academy of Neuropsychology, 26th annual conference, held at San Antonio Mariott Rivercentre, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 25th- 28th October 2006.

36th Annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience conference, held at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA, USA, 14th -18th October 2006.

AIIMS Golden Jubilee International Symposium on “Recent Advances in Reproductive Biology” conducted by the Department of Reproductive Biology, held at AIIMS, New Delhi, 21st February 2006.

Wet workshop on“ Recent Advances in Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders” conducted by Department of Anatomy and Department of Biotechnology, held at AIIMS, New Delhi, 20th February – 6th March 2006.

Workshop on “How to write a paper ”conducted by KL Wig Centre for Medical Education and technology held at AIIMS, New Delhi, 13-15 February 2006.

Workshop on Psychological Approaches to Pain Management” held at AIIMS, 21st January 2006.

HIV/AIDS and TB: 2006” Conference held in AIIMS, New Delhi, 13th- 15th January 2006.

53rd National Conference of Anatomical Society of India, held in Nagpur, 7th – 9th January, 2006.

Enrich your presentation” conducted by KL Wig Centre for Medical Education and Technology held in AIIMS, New Delhi, 18th May, 2005.


CME and 2nd Annual Meeting of North India Anatomists Federation held in Rohtak, 2nd October, 2004.

International Symposium, held in Manesar, Haryana, 15th-17th December, 2003.

Symposium cum CME and 1st annual meeting of North India Anatomists Federation held in Chandigarh, 4th-5th October, 2003.

Symposium on “Reticular activating system and disorders of consciousness” held in Delhi, 20th September, 2003.

3rd FAONS Congress of the Federation of Asian Oceanian neuroscience Societies, Seoul, Korea, September 28th-1st October, 2002.

Indo US symposium on “Brain research” held at INSA, Delhi in January 10th-12th, 2002


Pan African Medical Journal

International Journal of General Medicine

Journal of Experimental Pharmacology

Internal Medical Journal for Natural Therapy

Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology


American Association of Anatomists (AAA)

Anatomical Society of India, Life member (ASI)

Association of Research in Otolaryngology (ARO)

Canadian Association of Neuroscience (CAN)

Indian Academy of Neurosciences, Life Member (IAN)

International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS)

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)

International Society of Neurochemistry ( ISN)

Society for Neuroscience (SFN)

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)

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