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Computer Science Software Engineer

Gainesville, Florida, United States
February 03, 2018

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Gainesville, Florida,



Amit Agarwal


Phone: 352-***-****

Master of Science: Computer Science Graduation - May 2018 University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida, USA

Bachelor of Engineering: Computer Science and Engineering Graduation - May 2014 Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Distinction holder- Bangalore, India Skillset & Interests

Language competencies: C#, Java, C++, Python, SQL, JavaScript, PHP Web technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, Git, Wireshark, Entity Framework 6, ASP.NET(C#) Frameworks & Tools: .NET 4.0, MS Visual Studio, SharePoint, MATLAB, SQL server, Eclipse, NumPy, Pandas, Anaconda, Amazon Web Services

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern ZED Digital Columbus, OH

Full Stack Development May 2017 - July 2017

• Developed view models and controller action methods to fetch data from back end and send it as XML objects to caller

• Instituted and deployed web API for web scrapping and crawling

• Strengthened bus tracking for Central Ohio Transit Authority by building a web API that uses GTFS data and updates user about bus routes

• Enhanced the user and coach interaction by constructing web-based messenger for healthcare portal SYNC

• Planned and programmed a mockup website for JTA (Jacksonville Transportation Authority) procurement bagging 2nd place

Software Developer ABB R&D Bangalore, India

Product Automation Aug 2014 - Jul 2016

• Developed and maintained Application in an Agile Environment within multiple teams

• Collaborated with team of four to develop a WPF application using SOLID Principles and MVVM design patterns

• Achieved 83% coverage with Test Driven Development using Nunit for Unit and Integrated tests

• Extensively used Repository pattern for accessing data storage and command pattern for undo/redo user actions

• Implemented SFC (IEC 61131) editor for cause and effect logic configuration

• Formulated data mapping model using hash algorithm and achieved 100% cross reference in application

• Spearheaded a team of 2 and traced different datasets by developing version control using GIT API

• Decreased the count of L4 cases to 10% for the SADARA project and received the award of excellence Individual and Academic Projects

• Predicted the future crime in the city of Chicago and attained an accuracy of 70%. Prediction was done using Naïve Bayes, KNN classification and Regression model Dec 2017

• Implemented a Compiler for a small programming language with custom grammar. JAVA bytecode is generated which enables the programming language to run on any platform with a JRE Dec 2017

• Created a P2P file sharing application with functions like peer discovery, choking / unchoking of peers as per downloading rate, parallel download of file pieces from multiple peers Dec 2017

• Conveys Abnormal Heart condition and notifies to the emergency contact in advance (HackNYU) Feb 2017

• Developed Huffman Encoder and Decoder for Data Compression and achieved a compression of 65%, Priority Queue Structure was used for generating Huffman Tree (JAVA, Git) Apr 2017

• Designed and implemented 5-Stage Advance Pipeline using Tomsula algorithm with out of order execution and in order commit. Branch Predictor is used along with the Branch Target Buffer for a processor to execute MIPS32 instruction set Dec 2016

• Achieved 89.7% accuracy in protein structure prediction employing feed-forward neural network Dec 2016

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