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Oracle Data

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 28, 2018

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Oracle DBA/Developer/Data Architect/Performance Tuning; Oracle/Pl/SQL Unix/ksh/Perl/C/C++; WebLogic; JEE


More than 25 years of experience as Soft. Eng/Oracle DBA Specialized in Performance Tuning and Internals;



Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Oracle Data Base 10&11g Administrator

Oracle RAC 11g and Grid Infrastructure Administrator Certified Expert (OCE)

Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert (OCE)

Oracle 11g Data Warehousing Certified Implementation Specialist



Rogers, Brampton ON, Sr. Oracle/Exadata DBA

As Sr. Oracle DBA & Performance Specialist participated in Oracle Data Bases Consolidation/Migration into Exadata environment. Provided DBA support to Development. Provide performance tuning recommendations of all components in Exadata Machine. Led all tuning effort by using a wide range of technologies (ADDM, AWR, ASH, OEM Performance Mngr, SQL Plan Baseline, “Session snapper”. Designed Reporting system for People Soft, configured all Infrastructure (ADG; RAC 12c Multitenant; OGG-Golden Gate) & provided Data Model for Reporting System.

•Participated in consolidation project, upgraded and migrated huge number of DBs into Exadata environment including GRID Control (OEM 12c)

Installed/Configured Performance environments & tuning applications. Improved offloading/smart scan by eliminating unnecessary indexing; setting properly table storage parameters; setting properly parameters for parallel processing & PX Adaptive offloading; force direct path read & Bloom Filter; checking and finding the reason for “quarantines for sql”;

•Wrote scripts for “Object Statistics” including Partitioned tables & resolved problem with Dynamic Sampling & prevent Out-of range condition

•Configure “Smart Flash Cache” accordingly, as well as tuning Exadata Smart Flash Log & setting appropriate “redo log block size”.

•As Exadata Infrastructure DBA responsible for configuration, patching and analyzed “Exadata Health Check” and Resolving a huge number of performance issue on Productions DBs using “Wait Event” approach

In reporting system configured ADG-Active Data Guard for Production DB (People Soft). Installed Target Environment for Reporting System (RAC 12c multitenant option; GRID & ASM, OBIEE). Configured replication using OGG between ADG and Reporting DB (Staging Area). Created all mapping including “Soft Delete in DW”. Provided Logical and Physical data model for Staging Area (Reference Partitioning) and Dimensional Model for Reporting DB (star schema; Zone Maps; Vector Transformation; Bitmap & Bitmap Join Indexes). Wrote PL/SQL code that refresh Fact Tables from Staging Area using PL/SQL Collection, Bulk & Array processing. Supported & maintained Reporting Infrastructure (ADG; Oracle RAC 12c; OBIEE; OGG) ensuring their optimum Performance, high availability & security.

Tools: Linux/Oracle 11g&12c&Exadata X5-2; ODA X7-2 ; RAC 12c; OEM 12c; Erwin



Oracle Corp, Dallas TX, client CoreLogic, Sr. Oracle DBA/Performance Expert & OGG- Oracle Golden Gate consultant

Participated in Migration project from DB2 to Oracle RAC 11g.

•Tuning/Setting Oracle RAC 11g/12c configuration & replication based on OGG & Streams & successfully solving all contentions and “Database Hang Issue”.

•Enounced Physical Data Model and resolved Indexes and Tables contention. Tuning, re-writing (writing templates) for critical parts of PL/SQL code. (OEM; AWR; PLSQL Profiler).

• Tuned Oracle Golden Gate configuration. Created scripts for “replication monitoring” and scripts that could be used to generate & re-run problematic portion of trail file. (Ksh; GG/LogDump)

Tools: Oracle RAC 11g/12c, Golden Gate/LogDump; Linux/ksh; Oracle/PlSQL

02/2017 to


Interac, Toronto Sr. Oracle DBA/Architect

Working as Sr. DBA with production & QA DBs supporting various High Available solutions for "E Payments DBs" running Oracle11g RAC, Data Guard, and Golden Gate, RMAN, ensuring their optimum Performance & high availability & security.

•Wrote Scripts for "Statistics Gathering" and “change control process" from modification to production.

•Provided fine tuning of Oracle Server and OS System (Production Oracle 11g RAC 4 nodes; Linux OS). Improved I/O on SSD for LGWR by adjusting Oracle parameters for SSD, and LGWR (LGWR priority; LGWR post-wait mechanism & SSD's Block Size for Redo Log) and successfully reduced "Log File Sync" and "Direct Path Read" Wait Events on busy "E-Payment DBs". Changed many parameters that improving performance. Stabilized execution plan by applying SQL Plan Baseline.

•Configured new platform for Performance environment, installed RAC 12c & & ASM & GRID Infrastructure and GRID Control (OEM 12c). Tuned RAC components and application.

•Performed reverse engineering & suggested changes to Physical data model (Tables & Partitioning; Index & Partitioning) for "E Pay Application".

•Provided Logical and Physical Data Model for “"Scoring Engine & Fraud"

•Participated in Big Data implementation (Hadoop) ETL process.

Tools: RDBMS Oracle RAC 11g/12c, Linux/ksh, OEM 12c, RMAN, Golden Gate, Erwin;

10/2014 to


Fannie Mae, Washington DC, Sr. Oracle DBA /Architect

Participated in (LAI) Loan Accounting Initiative implementation. LAI is OLTP implanted as HA Solutions (Oracle RAC 12c 4 nodes, Data Guard) & WebLogic. As Sr. Oracle DBA acted as “Advisor” for database Configuration, Upgrade and Performance Tuning, and Logical & Physical Data Modeling. Participated in Code Review, wrote standards & templates for PL/SQL & Java code. Enhanced Physical Data Model & ETL for Investor Reporting Sys (DW) & participated in Big Data implementation (Hadoop). Created script for upgrade, migration & code versioning.

•Led all tuning effort that result in significant improvement in all DBs including Production DBs by using wait-based analysis approach (RAT, Oracle Wait Event Interface, SQL Plan Management, AWR, ASH, PL/SQL Profiler and custom scripts).

•Wrote all critical parts of the code (PL/SQL) & templates for Java code. Owned and designed Physical Data Model for LAI project (Partitioning, Indexing and setting Storage Oracle parameters) and creating QA/Test environments to resolve bugs and performance issues using RMAN, DB Capture & Replay Workloads. Tuning OS (Linux and SunOS) and File system, added ODM on Veritas FS.

•Wrote procedures & scripts that can be used to install, updated, monitor & manage RAC & GRID infrastructure & ASM instances, Exadata, Data Guard, Delphix, VMware, and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Scripts used by Oracle infrastructure DBAs. Changed backup strategy for all Prod DBs and Configured Database Backup to Amazon S3 (RMAN). Created scripts for disaster recovery (RMAN; ksh)

•As infrastructure DBA participated in Migration Prod DBs to new Storage, Patching & Upgrading Prod DBs from 11g to 12c (RAC & ASM & GRID Infrastructure, OEM 12c, Data Guard, and Middleware Infrastructure).

•Participated (technical lead) in Prod DBs consolidation into Exadata.

•Maintaining, responding to alerts, monitoring all DBs including Real Time Replication environments that is using replication technology including Golden Gate and Active Data Guard (Oracle; MySQL; DB2; SQL Server).

Tools: Solaris, Linux, Perl, Oracle 11g / RAC / 12c / Exadata, Data Guard, GRID/OEM 12c, Golden Gate; RMAN, PL/SQL

02/2013 to


Dell Inc, Austin TX, Sr. Oracle DBA/Architect

Participated in MDM- Master Data Management implementation (VLDB)

•Participated in Pilot database (RAC 4 node) & Production database (RAC 8 node) configuration including Grid & Middleware Infrastructure. Wrote documents for Oracle Database Best Practices (Installation, Statistics, Monitoring & Maintaining, and Disaster recovery)

•Provided Logical and Physical Data Model for Search Engine in MDM (Indexing, Functional, Indexes, IOT, Reference Partitioning, Advanced Compression, Physical Storage options and successfully created High Performance Solution for MDM.

•Provide performance analysis & tuning of Physical DM, Load Balancing, SQL, fine-tuning of DB Servers to achieve over 300 TPS on VLDB using Oracle Wait Event Interface, ADDM, AWR, ASH, custom scripts, SQL Plan Management, and trace event 10046 & 10132.

•Configured replication using Golden Gate. Participated in ETL D&D. Wrote conversion & validation scripts that loads & validates data from many different DBs (Oracle, SQL Server; DB2) into new target DB (Oracle) using PL/SQL, Korn Shell, Perl. Provided system support for Informatica team.

Tools: Linux/Bush Shell, Oracle 11g/PL/SQL; OEM, Erwin, RMAN, WebLogic

11/2011 to


Teradata, Software Applications Engineer

Enhancing & tuning Physical Data Model, and SQL of DCM (Demand Chain Management). DCM is an analytical solution typically associated with Decision Support System. Worked with Teradata Core Team to compare Performance of DCM on “Teradata vs Oracle Exadata”. Created Test Case to test parallelism, test case “to force Hot AMPs on Teradata”, test case “to minimize impact of SmartScan on Exadata”

•Tuned SQL on Teradata platform: Fixed Hot AMP & BLOB redistribution & skewing of DCM System. (Teradata platform, Client eBay with over 900 AMPs)

•Enhancing Data Base Installer (Perl) & created UDF UniTest framework (Teradata/UDF/C)

Tools: Linux/Bash/Perl; Teradata/UDF/C/SQL/BTEQ; Oracle11g/Exadata, Jira, SVN

01/2009 to


Angoss IS Toronto, Sr. Oracle DBA

Worked as Sr. DBA with production & QA databases & Middleware Infrastructure, installed, designed and implemented various HA-high available solutions for a Angoss’s clients running Oracle10g/11g using Data Guard-Standby, ASM, ACFS, RAC, RMAN, Flashback, LogMiner, SSO, LDAP&OID, Oracle AS & WebLogic, ODI and Grid Control & ensuring their optimum Performance, high availability & security (24/7). Established standards for Oracle environments based on Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture.

•Upgrade all DBs to 11.1.07 & 11.2, and OEM Grid Control to 11g Migrate Middleware &DBs &OID to new servers & Data Sun Storage 7310. Patched & maintained all Oracle Software

•Created plan & scripts for backups (Oracle DBs & Oracle Fusion Middleware), disaster recovery, switchover & failover and tested all scenarios ensuring availability of critical components

•Created scripts for monitoring, source code control system, DB migration & deployment. Assisted with UNIX administration (Linux, SunOS), and configured Nagios monitoring system.

•Successfully maintained peak performance by providing advanced tuning methods including AWR, Workload Management (Services, Load Balancing), OEM Performance Manager, enhanced Physical Data Models (Partitioning & Partition-Wise Joins, Indexing, Compression).

•Participated in “data transformation and integration” development using (OWB; PL/SQL)

•Supported client's Portal. Migrated client's Portal based on Oracle AS 10g to Oracle WebLogic Portal & to new servers. Migrated SSO & OID to new servers

•Participated on DW & BI & Reporting System implementation using WebLogic & WLST, BI Publisher, RCU and ODI. Using ODI & Golden Gate setup data integration and replication in Heterogeneous Environment (Oracle & MySQL & SQL Server & DB2&Teradata). Provided data model & designed Star Schema used to support the Angoss’s clients Enterprise BI System (Erwin). Developed new code & tuning existing for Reporting Sys. (PL/SQL)

•Supporting development of “Decision Tree” on Oracle; SQL Server; Teradata

Tools: Solaris, Linux, Perl, Oracle 10/11g/PLSQL, OAS, GoldenGate, Data Guard, OWB, OEM, MySQL, WebLogic/WLST, Erwin

11/2007 to


Virgin Mobile, Toronto Senior Oracle DBA/Data Architect

Provide performance analysis and tuning. Performed Physical Data Model, Application, SQL and fine-tuning of DB Server to match specific application requirement using AWR, Wait Event Interface, SQL trace (event 10046, 10104), CBO analysis (event 10053), OEM & custom scripts.

•Configured Prod and Test environment (RAC 11g, 2 nodes) used for Retail Portal

•Designed & developed Event Engine and Statements including Logical & Physical Data Model within Retail Commissioning Portal, system enables the automated calculation of pre & post-paid commission & claim process activity. (PL/SQL; Erwin; WebLogic (Prod); Apache Tomcat (Test); JEE)

•Created an automated monitoring & recovery infrastructure including scripts that automatically Roll Forward a Physical standby database using Incremental Backup (RMAN, UNIX/ksh, SQL)

•Provided DBA support by maintaining change control process from modification to production database

•Participated in ETL & provided data models for data mart. (Erwin; PLSQL)

Tools: AIX, Linux, Unix, Korn Shell (ksh), Oracle10g/11g (RAC), OWB, WebLogic, OEM, RMAN, Erwin, Veritas


York University, Toronto Sr. Oracle DBA (Technical lead)

Involved in Donation System implementation & Architecture Definition. Wrote design document for Migration & Conversion. The system maps & loads data from existing DBs into the target new database for “Advance System”

•Perform Oracle installation, tuning & capacity planning and supporting the development team during implementation of Donation System (SunGard/Ellucian).

•Created scripts to automatize creation of QA environment for Prod DB's backup (RMAN)

•Setup fine-grained audit facilities & Advanced Security, developed scripts for Oracle user activity auditing (Unix/ksh sql scripts)

•Performed Physical Data Model, application, SQL, instance tuning using Statspack & wait events interface and Profiler & custom scripts for PL/SQL that resulted in significant improvement in response time for application and data migration modules.

•Implemented high available solution for DW/Reporting System using Logical Standby DB.

•Provided Physical Data Model for Reporting System (Erwin)

•Developed Migration & Conversion packages. (Oracle & SQL Server)

•D & D generic utility based on metadata to load files and map predefined values (PL/SQL)

Tools: Oracle10g/PLSQL; Windows/Sql Server; Unix/ksh/Perl; Erwin; RMAN


RAD International, Senior Software Engineer

Involved in Banking System Software, Teller System development. Enhanced Distributed Message System. Improve performance by eliminating memory leaks & resolving synchronization issues. (C++)

•Developed interface between Oracle DBs and MySQL DBs.

Tools: AIX/TCP/IP/C++/pthreads lib; Purify, Insure++; Oracle10g/C++/MySQL


Mackenzie Financial, Sr. DBA / Software Developer

Working on Reports projects aimed to create online reporting facility for Advisors & Dealers (PL/SQL)

•Enhancing & tuning Physical Data Model and SQL of Rates of Returns subsystem (Mutual Funds). Developed generic Splitter using table functions & bulk & array processing (PL/SQL) to meet the demand, business-level performance requirements

Tools: UNIX/Ksh/Perl; RDBMS Oracle10g/PL/SQL


IBM, Software Architect (Technical lead – performance tuning)

Worked on RETEK’s modules RMS & DW-Retail Management System & Data Warehouse

•Enhanced Data Warehouse system using Oracle9i/PL/SQL New Features &Tools in DW;

•Designed Data Warehouse Interface. Created Logical and Physical Data Model (ERwin).

•Provided performance analysis/tuning of DW Interface (PL/SQL, C/C and Reports

Tools: AIX/Oracle9i/PL/SQL/Pro*C/C++; Oracle Application Server; OWB; Erwin


Teradata Software Engineer

Participated in Demand Chain Management (DCM) development. DCM is an analytical solution that helps companies increase sales and decrease inventory, designed for data intensive operations on VLDB, historic sales typically associated with Decision Support Sys, and Data Warehouses.

•Provided DBA support for all internal & client based Teradata implementations of DCM. Developed new components for contribution, forecasting, replenishment modules to generate accurate orders & automatically replenish some, or all, of store’s entire inventory (Teradata)

Tools: Unix/ ksh/C/C++/Message Queue; Tertadata/Fast Load; Multi Load; C/C++/BTEQ;


Indigo-Chapters Senior Oracle DBA (Team Leader)

Participated in RETEK Application development and modification.

•Provided Oracle and UNIX expertise in application development, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and database architecture including configuration, installation, migration, and upgrades Participated in physical and logical schema design and tuning for Data Warehouse DB.

•Maintained Physical Data Model Monitor database, performance issue, security threads, contention issues and successfully maintained peak performance

•Designed, developed system modifications & new system components for RMS& DW

•Designed, developed Cross Dock Solution, PO Acknowledgment, Advance Shipment Notice as new modules in RETEK to support EDI processing (Erwin; PLSQL; Pro*C/C++; J2EE

•Assisted in CRM, Gift Card, Customer Loyalty System D & D (Oracle 9i new features)

•Enhanced DW & DW Interfaces. Tuning Marketing Datamart reporting sys. (SQL Server)

•D&D Enterprise App Scheduler, Monitor & Err Handling System. ProC/C++, AQ, Java, XML).

Tools: UNIX/ORACLE/ProC/C++/PLSQL/OWB; Perl; DB2; SQL Server/T-SQL; J2EE


HBC, Toronto Application DBA/Developer

As Sr. Oracle DBA participated in RETEK Application’s installations, development & modification.

•Worked on conversion, interfaces & developed generic utility for ETL for DW project using PL/SQL / Pro*C / C++

•Developed modules for RETEK’s packages and batch processes (PL/SQL; Pro*C)

•Provided performance analysis and tuning of Oracle and RETEK (RMS and DW) system and successfully maintained performance of all primary databases

•Perform Oracle installation, tuning & capacity planning. Established standards for all Oracle DB environments based on Oracle's Optimal Flexible Architecture.

•Provide mentoring and knowledge transfer to operational DBA team.



Ministry of Health, Toronto Oracle DBA (Technical lead)

Participated in implementation of Conversion-Validation System. The system maps, loads data from more than 40 existing DBs into the target new CCAC (oracle based).

•Perform many of DBA duties, installations, capacity planning, data migration, database replication, monitoring and performance tuning.

Tools: UNIX/Shell/C/C++; ORACLE/PL/SQL; MS Access; VB; SQL Server/T-SQL


SHL Systemhouse client OMERS Senior Software Developer/Architect

•Developed Validation functions, procedures, triggers for Membership Serv. Sys.(PL/SQL)

Designed Report Handling System for Membership Service System: Report Request Handler Process implemented as UNIX Daemon (multithreaded) which wait on the database alert/database pipe (from Oracle Server) and when signaled submits jobs to Report Job Scheduler (Pro*C/C

•Developed Command Server which executed Shell using Oracle DBMS Pipe(C++)

•Log & Error Handling System (UNIX/C/C

Tools: ORACLE/Pro*C/PL/SQL; Unix/C/C++ (IPC);


Bell, Toronto Senior Software Engineer

Participated in "ADCAMS" (Ama Data Collection and Mediation System) development

•Developed Switch Data Validator & Switch Data Collector as a UNIX daemon processes. The Switch Data Validator validates the data CDR (Call Detail Record) from the telephone Switches that are polled by Switch Data Collector (Unix/C

•Load CDR (developed Rating engine) into Billing Sys. The GUI is used to specify the rules for data validation/load, & the services that SDV&SDC is listen for, and what to do when a Service Request arrives? (Oracle/Pro*C; Unix/C++)

•Developed Software Infrastructure for IPC- Inter Process Communication for different UNIX platform and the X.25 module (C

Tools: AIX/C (AIXLink/X25), HP-UX/C (NetIPC/C++, Socket Interface), SunOS/C/C++, Solaris (libthread lib).; Oracle/Pro*C/C++/PL SQL, Report Writer 2.5; NT/Visual C++

04/94- 06/96

Honeywell, Toronto Canada, Software Engineer (Architect-Team Leader)

Participated in Distributed Control System (TPS-50) development:

•Worked on Data Server (multithreaded process) development, the interface through which Clients exchange, consume process data, using C++. Designed, and implemented Presentation Layer for TPS-50. The Presentation Layer as part of Data Server is responsible for performing the data representation, translation expected on the network layer Participated in development of Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), using C++. DCE is a set of facilities for supporting distributed computing in heterogeneous environment? The Booch method, the Rational Rose software and OOP/OOA/OOD methodologies are used.

Tools: Solaris/C++, AIX / XL C++, NT/Visual C++, OS9/C++; Corba; Socket interface, Winsock, RPC


Cobra System, Belgrade Unix System Administrator/Oracle DBA

•System support in financial application development in UNIX/Oracle 6 Participated in “Paging System” development. Developed Event-Driven Server

Using Pro*C, C, Shell.

•Provided installation & performance analysis of various UNIX/Oracle system’s



Institute for Org. & Info. Sys., Unix System Administrator /Oracle DBA

•Performed installation, tuning, trouble-shooting for Oracle & over 200 NCR UNIX V, SCO UNIX installations.

•Worked on building custom configuration UNIX kernel.

•Designed, implemented DBMS of Technology Database for standardization and classification of manufacturing Process elements (UNIX/C/C Worked on design and implementation of Corporate Production Management IS, modeling system with ER model (ORACLE). Developed IPC between Technology DB & Oracle RDBS (Oracle 5/Pro*C).

•Worked as Oracle DBA on Logical & Physical design and tuning


Institute for Computer Iris-Energoinvest Sarajevo Software Engineer,

Member of “Laboratory Control IS” Project Team.

Worked on Process DBMS development - (Real-Time Software Tools development).

Participated in the following modules:

•DBCS, data base control system development

•DMR, data manipulation routine for UWA (User Worked Area) & communication routines

•Participated in DML data manipulation language development. Worked on preprocessor for Pascal (Omsi Pascal)

•Developed Parser for Schema Generator (Logical & Physical Schema) & Mapper

Platform: VMS; RSX11/assembly (MACRO-11)/Omsi Pascal; UNIX/C


Diploma and title of Graduate Software Engineer

Faculty of Electrical Engineer, Department of Software Engineer Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Former Yugoslavia)

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