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Engineer Project

Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
April 24, 2018

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Date of Birth ** November 1975

Present Add Apt no- A-502, Jalan Tenaga-21, Kajang, Selangor, 43000, Malaysia

Mob +601********

Personal Profile:-

I have gathered over ten years Civil Engineering experience from different organization and aim to do civil engineering job to strengthen my competence. I am keen, reliable and hardworking individual who is seeking to build a career in my area. Able to work with all levels of people and highly adaptable to changing environment. Possess outstanding administrative skills. Always showing a commitment and enthusiasm, with a professional approach to my work.

Skills Profile:-

I am competent in the use of the following software packages including Ms Office

(word for windows, Excel), HTML, Front pages, C/C ++ programming, Java programming, Visual Basic, web pages, Mike11 (1D Modelling), Mike21 (2D Modelling), Auto-Cad-20014, 3D-StudioMax.

Ability to learn new skills quickly

Work efficiently as part of a team as and sue my own initiatives

Work well under pressure and to tight deadlines

Good interpersonal skills

Employment History:-

1/07/2005 - 29/02/2016

Company: Keystone Designers and Developers Ltd.

A. Project: Keystone Arefeen ( 2012-2015), Keystone Ohid ( 2009-2012), Keystone Shams( 2011-2014), Keystone TITO( 2008-2011), keystone Laila (2005-2008) etc Multistoried Residential Apartment Projects at Dhaka, Bangladesh B. Project: Drinking Water fountain & Women’s Public Toilet at Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka Duration - Jan’2015 to Feb’2016

Client- Mott Mac Donald & Water Aid, UK

Position: Senior Project Engineer

The responsibilities are given below:-

1. Prepared Project Schedule: I checked the duration of the project given in the deed of agreement and prepared a project management plan or schedule by using Microsoft project software to finish the project on time as per contract. If any changes occurred for increased the work volume, design changes etc than reschedule the project plan.

2. Bill of Quantities (BOQ):

a. Prepared the bill of quantities for the different project for getting idea of total cost. BOQ is a schedule which categories, details and quantifies the materials and rate or cost items to be used in construction project. The direct & indirect costs are to be considered for actual cost of the project. It prepared by using Microsoft excel software.

b. Prepared budget proposal for the specific project. 3. Rate analysis of specific work : Finding the rate of specific work by considering the cost of material, labor, transport, vat, tax, overhead etc. if the rate is high than change the material or any item to decrease the rate of work. 4. Labor Record book: Maintain labor record book for the daily mason, labor, carpenter, painter, plumber of different contractors. 5. Contractor's Payment registrar book: Noted down the daily labor statement for weekly payment

6. Checking Concrete Mixing ratio : I inspect the mixing ratio of water, cement, sand & stone (Course aggregate) are perfectly follow the specification given in the drawing before the casting of foundation, beam, slab, lintel, column etc part of structure.

7. Daily measurement book: Every day the brick work, plaster, casting, rod fabrication, shuttering, wood work, earth cutting, filling of sand or earth, etc item wise work recoded in the “daily measurement record book”. 8. Auto Cad drawing prepared :

a. If any change occurred at site of existing Structural or Architectural or Electrical or Plumbing design than as built drawing is prepared for final bill by using Auto Cad’2010.

b. Prepared detail working drawing of structural design of any section for better understanding junior site engineer, mason or contractor. 9. Checking of Rod cutting: I always checked the rod cutting measurement according to the drawing before start the work. I prepared a Re-bar cutting schedule for perfection of cutting, minimize wastage & quickly deliver the work. 10. Rod Binding or fabrication: I checked the rod binding work is perfectly implemented according to the structural drawing. If they don’t understand I showed them where are the main rods to be place & how it can be place. 11. Material Cost Estimate:

a. Estimate monthly wise the quantity & cost of brick, cement, sand & stone

(Course aggregate) & Rod (75-Grade of 8,10,12,16, 20 mm etc.), Mango wood & bamboo for shuttering, hardware, Angle, I –Beam, Flat bar, M.S, box for steel structure etc items of and

b. Prepared the Material Purchase Requisition (MPR) & Material Transfer Order (MTO) for every month or weekly for supply of materials. 12. Shuttering work: Checking the shuttering work is properly done according to Structural drawing such as checked the size of beam, column, lintel or foundation size etc and perfectly fixed or not, perfectly leveled and perfectly given the concrete block or chair at bottom, side, top of the slab, beam, flat slab, column etc places for covering as per drawing specification. 13. Record the faulty work of each contractor: Plaster work is not perfect, rubish not clear, finishing of work is not good, tiles work not properly finished, switch not perfectly fitted etc. list noted at the book.

14. Estimate for contractor's bill : Civil, Grill, Tiles, Electric, Painting, Aluminum, Carpenter, Sanitary & Plumbing works etc bill has to prepared for running & final bill.

15. Bill check : The Contractor’s bill correctly checked before submit to office final or running bill payment.

16. Contractor's quotation : I kept all quotations in one file & checked the rates is correct or not and took quotations of different contractor’s of different work & analysis the rate of work is perfect or not.

17. Quality of Contractor: Checked the quality of work of the finished project before handover the work order.

18. Running bill File: I always prepared the running bill file of each contractor before submitted to office for part payment or final payment. 19. Payment statement: prepared the final payment statement such as first bill, 2nd bill, total bill, due bill, 10% retention for 6 months etc and attached it as top sheet 20. Health & Safety :

a. I always checked the heath & safety dress are put on if not than not given any permission to work.

b. Checked the sign of work, safety sign etc given properly in a proper place of the project area.

21. Daily work list:

a. Every day noted down the list of works and previous work which is not completed yet

b. When Managing Director or director visit the site and if any advice given which always note down for quick implementation.

22. Communication :

a. Always communicate with supplier when the materials are coming to site or give them pressure for quick supply etc.

b. Always communicate with junior engineer, contractor and management team of head office about requisition of material, project cost or progress and project’s problem etc.

c. If client come to see the project than showing them the progress of work, quality of work and safety of work etc.

23. Weekly & monthly report & meeting:

a. Taking all the information & prepared report of project progress of each item of work such as casting work, shuttering, tiles work, plumbing work, electrical cabling, aluminum work etc.

b. If any contractor faced any problem like material inadequacy, payment or labor supply problems etc which have given a better solution to them. c. I gave encourage to junior site engineer, contractor, labors for finish the project one time.

15TH Aug’2004 - 20th Feb’2005

Junior Survey Engineer at simplex Foundation, Major Farms road, Slough, UK. The Responsibility was to:-

Assist and support surveyors in field surveys.

Assist surveyors in drafting survey notes and detailed drawings.

Conduct on-field survey and record measurements.

Analyze calculation in accordance to the plot features.

Coordinate with other surveyors on field survey activities.

Perform basic engineering calculations relating to survey activities.

Maintain logs, reports and records in relevant databases.

Ensure compliance of established procedures and guidelines in survey activity Thesis or project works in Bachelor degree:-

Project planning and management of a Multi-storied residential building by using

“Microsoft Project Management software”

Design of Deck Girder Bridge by using C/C++ programming for find out live load, dead load and variable etc.


May’05 Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in North London College of Business Studies. London, UK

2000 B.Sc in Civil Engg, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

(, Bangladesh 1st Class (CGPA-3.3)

1993 Diploma in Civil Engineering, Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Bangladesh First Division (67% Marks)

1991 Secondary School Certificate in Science Gulshan Model High School Equivalent to “O” Level


Nov’06 3 D Studio Max software (3D View of Building) July’06 E-TABS (Structural & Earthquake Engineering Software) 14THJuly’003 “Foundation Certificate in Health & Safety in the workplace” from Chartered Institute of Environmental Health,London,UK Sep’ 02 OCR level certificate for IT (new CLAIT) from Boundary Community School, E27EYE, London

Feb 22nd -26th’2009

“Build Home Your Self “ training course at House Building Research Institute, Darus Salam,Mirpur,Dhaka-1216 .Bangladesh 1999 Basic training course on “Hydraulic Mathematical Modelling” in Institute of Flood Control and drainage research, BUET, Bangladesh March’05 “Level 2 English” in Tower Hamlet College, UK July’03 Certificate in “Book Keeping” workshop from ethnic minority project,

(EMEP), London

July’03 Certificate in “Quick books” workshop from ethnic minority project,

(EMEP), London

July’03 Certificate in Get going Workshop (Business Start-up) Training from (EMEP), London

Hobbies and interest:-

Reading newspapers and learning new skills


I hereby declare that all the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge

Signature of Applicant

(Muhammad Mohiul Islam)

Date-21th May’2016, Place: Malaysia

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