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Manager Project (Software Development Manager)

Bhopal, MP, India
April 13, 2018

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Sudhir Kumar Srivastava

Objective: Seeking challenging position on assignments in the areas of Software Design, Development & Database Management with a frontline organization.


Result driven professional around 17 years of experience in Software Design, Development & Maintenance of Products with effective communication & interpersonal skills.

Worked with Xeeva India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon as a Development Manager.

Conduct requirements gathering, systems analysis & design for applications using Microsoft Technologies.

Extensive knowledge of software development models/standards CMMI.

Ability to achieve project goals within project constraints such as scope, timing & budget while maintaining quality.

Conduct regular meetings & coordinate with client & our technical team. Very keen to take initiative.

Having analytical bent of mind with willingness & ability to quickly learn new technologies.

Having good experience in C#, .Net Framework 4.5.2, MVC5, WCF, ASP .Net 4.0, AngularJS, VS2015, ADO .Net 4.0, Oracle 11g, XML, JavaScript, Agile development techniques, SOLID principles, Design Patterns, Win Forms, VB .Net, SQL 2008 R2, ‘C’ language.

Also, having exposure in UNIX Shell programming & worked on UNIX environment, especially on the IRIX6.4 operating system.

Worked with Applabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CMMI Level 5), Hyderabad.

Onsite experience while visiting at client site DUBLIN, IRELAND to handle client’s project.

Worked with Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Work Experience: (17 years in Software Design, Development & Maintenance)

Xeeva India Private Limited

Gurgaon, Haryana

1st Apr 2016 – 9th Feb 2018

Development Manager

Responsibilities -

Responsible for Web-based Application Development (coding) with Project Management exposure.

Managed & lead a team of software engineers to design & develop new features by using OOPS & SOLID principles. Experienced with Agile development techniques.

Worked closely with product management & responsible for overall planning, execution, & success of a complex cross-functional team.

Responsible for identifying the true requirements underlying feature requests, recommend alternative technical & business approaches, & lead the efforts to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions.

Responsible for coordinating iteration planning, daily stand-up meetings, organizing & monitoring the project in order to deliver the high-quality product.

Defining the scope of the project, managing goals, risks, issues & resources throughout the project lifecycle.

Responsible for providing time estimation for coding tasks and ensuring proper test coverage.

Very good understanding of JIRA tool for the product tracking activities.

Mentoring & managing team members, by giving constant on the job feedback, & by providing guidance.

Reporting the status of all key metrics (e.g. - risk, scope, schedule, quality, customer satisfaction) from inception through closure.

Proficient in setting up Project Environment, execution of component & other phases of SDLC with substantial experience in leading teams across domains at client locations.

Responsible for the recruitment of candidates for technical positions & mentored junior technical team members.

Handling team size of 9 members.

Netlink Software Pvt. Ltd.

Gurgaon, Haryana

24th Mar 2014 – 31st Mar 2016

Development Manager

Responsibilities -

Note: Xeeva India evolved from Netlink itself. Hence roles & responsibilities, as well as the projects, are similar.

Project Undertaken –

Title: MarketPlace, eInvoice, Reports & Cash Box

Front End / GUI Tools: C#, .Net Framework 4.5.2, MVC5, WCF, ASP .Net, AngularJS, VS2015, TypeScript

RDBMS / Back End: Oracle 11g

Description: MarketPlace – ( – Marketplace is a rich, intelligence multi-tenant platform that provides suppliers access to billions in spend currently being managed by Xeeva procurement & sourcing solutions. Marketplace connects Suppliers & Customers to drive huge savings & create significant new revenue opportunities. Receive & respond to RFQs from current customers & new prospects. Upload & maintain global, customer, & geography-specific catalogs. Create marketing campaigns to target customers by geography, industry & buying patterns. The Marketplace is providing a seamless, cost-effective way to do business with their customers.

eInvoice – eInvoice module is part of the P2P applications.

Reports – Reports module is also a part of the P2P applications.

Cash Box - Cash Box is a concept called Dynamic Discounting in which system allows customers to pay early in return for certain discounts from Suppliers on existing invoices. Suppliers can also request early payments from their customers in return for the discounts on current invoices.

Smart Collaborative Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (Subsidiary of Smart Solutions, Inc., earlier known as Ohio Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

Gurgaon, Haryana

4th Oct 2010 – 17th Mar 2014

Project Lead

Responsibilities -

Responsible for module design, development, issue fixing, & enhancement done. Products have been designed & developed as a solo web application product for some clients & also integrated as a part of main web application product from front end & back end both.

Effectively developed code by using OOPs concept, 3-tier & SaaS-based solutions, design database for the web application products mentioned below.

Responsible for software design reviews, peer code reviews & software acceptance test activities on a regular basis.

Responsible for publishing version wise code & database deployment on test & production environment.

Prepared release note on every version release. Prepared use case documents. Manual reviewed for the products developed.

Trained Help-desk team for the products.

Data migration sheet prepared for the new clients. Data migration from excel documents to the database for the initial launch of a product for the client.

Mail communication settings configured on all servers for IIS6 & IIS7 version.

Responsible for code development, code publishing & deployment tasks, issues fixing, mail communications, conference calls, team handling & coordinating with other team members etc.

Handling team of 9 members. Total team size is 10.

Project Undertaken –

Title: SmaHRt People, IPDP, Evaluation, Bulk Matter Creation Tool, MCI

Front End / GUI Tools: C#, ASP .Net 4.0 (.Net Framework 4.0, MVC3, VS2010)

RDBMS / Back End: SQL 2008 R2

Description: SmaHRt People – (, - HR Application was designed to facilitate the administration of staff members’ data in a school district. This application can - Automate the staff administration process, Facilitate efficient staff administration & management by utilizing a centralized database, Capability to connect to Appli-track web service, Capability of full integration with USPS (read & writes).

IPDP – ( ) - This web-based tool was designed to facilitate teachers to create, implement & follow an Individual Professional Development Plan that represents explicit learning goals. IPDP tool can - Focus on improving student learning as the overall goal, Balance with the needs of students, school & the district, provides a meticulous structure for professional growth.

Evaluation - Evaluation tool was used for evaluating Principal & Teachers evaluation in any particular school district.

Bulk Matter Creation Tool – This tool was designed & developed for generating excel files (C1C2, C5, C6, WORKSPACE, AGO Last Sequential file) & text files (C1C2, C5, C6, WORKSPACE) for matter creation work. This tool was successfully used for preparing bulk matter creation files.

MCI - Designing & development of Matter Creation Interface tool which helps the users to place the workspace creation requests from a windows application.

CMS – Worked on customized web content management system (eSchoolView) for the creation of new customized web pages for the site

XML Form creation for IEP Anywhere application.

Applabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Hyderabad, A.P.

5th Sep 2006 – 30th Sep 2010

Team Leader

Responsibilities –

Responsible for the R&D of integration of Ranorex & Mercury Quality Centre tool. Knowledge of Quality Centre Open Test Architecture API to integrate Ranorex based on C# with Quality Centre.

Effectively developed Pertiva (CDS) & Darwin (LIMS) application.

Effectively identified the quick fixes for the Pertiva application to realize an increase in efficiencies immediately & also work on new enhancements for the next release.

Ensure project compliance with company SCM processes.

Handled Worklist, Formula Builder, Custom Calculations, Processing Schema Injection Range, & Processing Methods use cases independently in Pertiva.

Worked on Worklist, Charting & Instrumentation Calibration Management Systems (ICMS) module independently in Darwin.

Interaction with the client on regular basis to collect the development requirement for the use cases which I am handling for the product.

Responsible for Coding by using remoting & reflection concepts of .Net

Responsible for Code Reviewing. Responsible for writing NUnit Test cases for the development work done by me. Responsible for the implementation of i18n task.

Worked on Version Control (CVS).

Coordinating with the team members as & when required. Handling team size of 4 members. (Total team size is 14.)

Project Undertaken –

Title: Pertiva CDS Application

Front End / GUI Tools: C#

RDBMS / Back End: Oracle10g

Description: The Pertiva chromatography data system controls hundreds of instruments from a variety of vendors in compliance with FDA regulations. Pertiva was developed in partnership with leading chromatographers to easily configure any laboratory’s workflow while providing the flexibility to integrate with LIMS & other data management systems for a scalable, compliant solution.

Title: Darwin LIMS Application

Front End / GUI Tools: C#

RDBMS / Back End: Oracle10g

Description: Darwin is a LIMS that has been built to support standards found in the pharmaceutical industry. Its design concepts are familiar to pharmaceutical companies & users, offering an intuitive user interface & a logical layout that includes common objects like batches, drug products, drug substances, & market-based specifications, as well as standard testing methods like assays & dissolution testing. Darwin is developed on the Microsoft .NET framework, supporting open development standards so that in cases where specialized functionality is required, users can extend the system using standard commercial development tools & languages. Our LIMS offerings include Sample Manager, the world’s de facto standard Enterprise LIMS, & Watson, the industry standard for bio-analytical labs at top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

Softedge Software India Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi

4th Jul 2005 – 24th Apr 2006

Senior Software Engineer

Responsibilities –

Involved in the enhancement/development of the DocsAlive application.

To identify the quick fixes for the existing DocsAlive application to realize an increase in efficiencies immediately.

Re-Designing of existing DocsAlive application into the Visual Basic .net application with some modifications.

Handled team size of 5 members. Allocating task to team members & responsible for delivery of product/work.

Reviewed the product for releasing business edition in the coming months. For this, we have to upgrade this product according to the need.

Digital Wrapping technology has been implemented in a DocsAlive application for the web version downloading. Worked on version control (CVS).

Project Undertaken –

Title: DocsAlive Application ( )

Front End / GUI Tools: Visual Basic .Net

Description: DocsAlive Application is an all-in-one multimedia content creation software product, which allows the user to create video, audio, animation, text, drawing, & pictures in one document without the need for any other software.

Title: Optimise Application ( )

RDBMS / Back End: SQL2000 (My responsibility is to handle backend part & deliver the project on time.)

Description: Optimize™ is a suite of tools to plan, manage & control software QA & testing. Using Optimize™ it takes just hours for a test manager to set out a step-by-step plan to ensure the quality of a new release under 6 headings:-

Setting project test requirements. Defining test processes. Clarifying product features for testing.

Allocating people & other resources. Tacking defects. Reviewing & reporting on progress.

Indian Institute Of Technology

New Delhi

8th Sep 2003 – 30th Jun 2005

Project Assistant

Responsibilities –

Responsible for design, development & maintenance of Origin-Destination Matrix Generation Software in Visual Basic 6.0 & MS Access technologies for the use of data analysis & simulation of Transportation Research project.

Responsible for designing the tables, views, indexes, constraints & relationship for the software application as per requirement.

Responsible for coding of the whole software. Created macros this generates the reports in Excel.

Responsible for Data Analysis for two projects.

Worked on GIS tool (Digitization only) (Updated knowledge on database programming).

Designing & development of Road Accident Analysis Software in VB .Net, SQL, Access.

Done planning work for the new project related to Complaint Management System to be designed in VB .Net technology.

Project Undertaken: -

Title: Road Accident Analysis Software

Front End / GUI Tools: Visual Basic .Net

RDBMS / Back End: SQL, MS Access2000

Description: Road Accident Analysis Software which is intended for the use of law enforcing authority for accident analysis covering various parameters like injury severity, crash-impact, vehicular & user characteristics. It will also cater to the needs of preparing historical & future data for government authorities & research activities.

Title: Origin-Destination Matrix Generation Software

Front End / GUI Tools: Visual Basic 6.0

RDBMS / Back End: MS Access

Description: Origin-Destination Matrix Software consists of the flow values from each vehicle source to each vehicle sink. It input the raw data of traffic flow of each type of vehicles & gives output in the form of matrices for the sake of further analysis.

Live Networks

Lucknow, U.P.

4th Sep 2002 – 29th Aug 2003


Responsibilities –

Participated in System Development Life Cycle. Work has done on Visual Basic6.0 & Oracle8.0 technologies.

Design the tables, views, indexes, & relationship for the software as per requirement.

Responsible for coding of the application. Reports have been generated in Excel & Crystal Reports formats.

Project Undertaken: --

Title: Pathological Management System

Front End / GUI Tools: Visual Basic 6.0

RDBMS / Back End: Oracle 8.0, MS Access

Description: Pathological Management System is exclusive software for pathology lab, which is aimed at reducing stress in the pathology lab. This system was designed to allow a pathology lab to keep track of all the patient’s coming for a medical test, the doctor’s record who has referred the patient & also maintain all the medical test record which is conducted at the particular pathology. Pathological Management System is the only pathology lab management system that helps to improve labs efficiency, service & hence the profit.

Title: Stock Inventory Management

Front End / GUI Tools: Visual Basic 6.0

RDBMS / Back End: MS Access

Description: This project was designed to keep track of all goods in stock, goods purchased by order & the information of goods in the store. It provides the user with a report of all goods in stock, an item that needs to be reordered, cost, sales & purchase report. It also prints sale receipt, purchase order & all types of reports.

Skyweb India Limited

Lucknow, U.P.

9th Oct 2000 – 20th Aug 2002

Web Consultant

Responsibilities –

I was involved in the development of web pages for different websites (e.g.

Participated in strategy making & integration of different websites. Preparation of feasibility study report of the system being developed.

Developed Library Management Software in 'C' language on IRIX 6.4 operating system.

Handle some part of UNIX (IRIX6.4) administration wherever needed for the software.

Project Undertaken: --

Title: Library Management

Language Used: 'C' Language (on IRIX 6.4 Operating System)

Description: This project was designed to deal with all books in a Library like addition of new books, modification, deletion of book records, issue & return options, membership options gives new, renewal, withdrawal, deletion of memberships etc., query option gives list of all books, issued books, all members, overdue books, expired membership etc.


Masters in Computer Sciences (MScCS) - Sikkim Manipal University – (2009-2010)

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) – IGNOU – (2003-2005)

Diploma in Computers in Office Management (DCO) – IGNOU – (1998-1999)

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) - University of Lucknow – (1997-1998)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Mathematics & Statistics) - D. A. V. Degree P. G. College, University of Lucknow – (1992-1995)

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages – C#, VB .Net, VB6.0, Java (Core), COBOL, C++, C

Dot Net Technologies - ASP .Net, MVC3/5, ADO .Net, LINQ, Web Services, Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5.2

Front End Tools – Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2005, 2003

RDBMS - SQL Server 2008 R2 & 2000, MySQL, Oracle 8.0/10g, MS-Access2000

Internet Technologies – AngularJS, Typescript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JQuery, Java script, XML

Web & Application Servers – IIS6.0/7.0

Operating Systems - MS-DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP, Windows NT4.0, UNIX, IRIX6.4

Reporting Tools – Crystal Reports8.0, Dundas

Source Control – TFS, VSS

Other Tools – NUnit, FxCop, MS-Office, Sharpoint2010

Knowledge Base – Design Patterns, OOPs & SOLID principles, WCF, WPF, WWF, Ajax, LAN environment.

Packages - dBase III plus, FoxBASE.

Languages: English & Hindi.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth - 15th September 1972

Father’s Name – Shri Har Govind Sahai

Marital Status – Married

Attributes - A sincere, smart working result oriented professional having a positive mental attitude & strong willpower. I strongly believe in teamwork & with a strong inclination to learn & capacity to operate along challenging assignments within the organizational systems. I always try to do my work in a systematic way portraying a neat process & a polished output.

Hobbies – Music & Photography.

References: Will be pleased to provide upon request.

Date: 13 April 2018

Place: Gurgaon, India (Sudhir Kumar Srivastava)

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