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Electrical Engineering Engineer

Syracuse, New York, United States
April 14, 2018

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Himank Sharma


• Syracuse University: Syracuse, New York GPA 3.8

MS, Computer Engineering (Hardware) (Aug 2017-May 2019) Relevant Coursework: VLSI Design, VLSI Testing & Verification; Embedded System Design, Computer Architecture. Advanced Data Structures

• Lancaster University: Lancaster, United Kingdom GPA-2.8 B.Eng. (Hons), Electronic Systems Engineering (Oct 2011-Aug 2013)

• International Centre for Applied Science’s: Manipal University, Karnataka, India Electronic and Electrical Engineering GPA- 3.0 (Aug 2008 – Jun 2010) Professional Experience:

Syracuse University – Course Projects (Aug 2017 - Dec 2017)

• Path planning Robot: As part of the embedded systems coursework, implementing a path planning robot utilizing the BeagleBone and peripheral sensors.

• 8-bit Microprocessor: As a part of VLSI Design coursework, designed the layout and schematic of an 8- bit microprocessor using cadence tools for the layout and schematic design and hSpice for verification and simulation purposes.

Omnipresent Robot Technology Pvt. Ltd. – Lead Research Engineer (Feb 2014 – Aug 2017)

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Designed and manufactured customized platforms of multi-rotor UAV’s called

‘Garun’. Developed the hardware architecture based on pixhawk and Arduino.

• Self-Designed UAV: As a personal project, developed using Arduino and an IMU, the flight controller software for a quadcopter.

• Ro-Boat: Implemented an innovative and unique custom-built robot ‘Ro-Boat’ which can autonomously navigate and clean rivers. Integrated different functional modules & on-board electronics and software.

• Unmanned Ground Vehicle: The autonomous navigation & guidance system based on the ST32 architecture. Surpassed expectations as our team was shortlisted in the Mahindra RisePrize Driverless Car Challenge- a national competition with a million-dollar prize money

• Speedobotix: Spearheaded the team along with designing & implementation of the Speedo Brain (using EagleCAD), h/w libraries & GUI, provided direction & vision in its development as a product.

• Camera Stabilizers: Designed & Deployed Gimbal and it’s controller based on the AVR for clear & crisp video outputs and hardware for Remote Camera Control. This enabled the use of various cameras based on payload and purpose.

• Vibration Measurement: Using accelerometer and a microcontroller, filtered raw accelerometer values to get measure of vibrations. Used this device primarily for isolating various vibrating sources. Skill Set:

• Specialization: Robotics, Unmanned Systems, VLSI, ASIC, PCB, Mechatronics (Sensors & Actuators)

• Programming Languages and O/S: C++, Python, Debian

• Tools: EAGLE, Tetramax, PyQT, OpenCV, MATLAB, AVR Studio, Synopsis, Virtuoso CAD, MATLAB, Oscilloscope

• Hardware: AVR family, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, ST32 Other Achievements & Activities:

• Finalist at Mahindra Driverless Car Challenge. Responsible for on-board electronics and sensor fusion

• Finalist at 2nd World Electric & Hybrid Boat Summit for Coastal and Inland Water Transportation 2015.

Apt 10, 437 Columbus Ave, Syracuse, NY-13210

Phone Number: +1-315-***-****


Himank Sharma

• Mentor and Coordinator at Teach India - An initiative by Times of India and the British Council for the under-privileged. (Jan 2014 – Apr 2014)

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