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Data Analyst/Tableau Developer

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
April 05, 2018

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Gnana Rathan Velagapalli



Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI

Professional Science Masters Graduated: Dec 2017.

Majors: Medical and Bioinformatics. GPA: 3.24

Karunya University Coimbatore, Tamil-Nadu, India

Bachelors of Technology. Graduated: April 2013.

Majors: Bioinformatics. GPA: 3.5


Predicting Parkinson’s disease through Machine Learning Approaches GVSU, Winter 2016

• Machine Learning approaches and artificial intelligence is widely used in clinical decision making these days. It helps in Physicians in many ways including diagnosis, decision making and cost reduction in many clinical tests.

• Collected a dataset which is composed of biomedical voice measurements of 31 people of which 23 of them has Parkinson’s disease from Max Little of the university of Oxford.

• Used Random Forest, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines and KNN Techniques and Performed data analysis for all the techniques with the help of RStudio version-3.3.3

• Performed predictions of all the 4 models and measured the performance of the models by confusion matrix to calculate the actual data and predicted data to calculate the accuracy of all the four models.

• For predicting the Parkinson’s disease ML techniques are the best way with very less cost and higher accuracy.

Outcome: Presented a Poster.

Developed a RepoVis Tool: GVSU, Winter 2015

• RepoVis tool helps to assist project management by providing a visualization based approach

• to the exploration of Version Control System metadata.

• RepoVis was created to work with any version control system but is most easily compatible with Apache Subversion (SVN).

• RepoVis uses the information from VCS and provides different views. Outcome: Produced a Working Tool.

Developed Mosquito Borne Disease Database KU, FALL 2013

• Documented the study of diseases caused by the mosquito Aedes Aegyptus.

• Performed the Gene expression profiling and Protein Profiling of the mosquito DNA.

• Designed a private web page with HTML and Web Xml using local host for updating the test results.

• Interlinked different databases to the webpage by connecting with JAVA and HTML coding. Outcome: Published a Thesis.


Intern, Mercy Health Hospital May 2017 – September 2017

• Prepare complete, accurate and timely reports of the physician performances.

• Perform necessary analysis to both patient and physician records. Display the data in graphical and visualized formats.

• Creating VSurveys and medical record audits with the help of Verge Solutions platform. SKILLS:

Technical Skills

• R programming • SPSS • Microsoft Office Suite

• Tableau • Java • JMP

• C • Python • C++

• MS Access • SAP Business Objects


• Machine Learning • PCR • BLAST

• DNA Sequencing • Schrodinger • Tissue Culture

• Pulling the necessary medical records from CERNER and monthly medical records from the SAP Business objects data warehouse.

• Create connections between the data that has pulled from the EHR and query databases from the monthly medical records with the help of Microsoft ACCESS DBMS. Audio Visual Technician, GVSU February 2017 – Present

• Creating an AV setup for the conference and seminars on-campus

• Maintaining computer Labs in the campus, troubleshooting lab computers and Classroom presentation technologies.

• Answering technical concerns of students, faculty, and staff. Intern, Amrisha Pharma Pvt.Ltd April 2013 – September 2013

• Interpreted the pathological records into ICD codes for documentation and billing procedures.

• Worked with the team in the billing office for the processing of medical claims.

• Documented the Medical bills, Stored in the patient records history.

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