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Project Software Engineer

Irvine, California, United States
January 09, 2018

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Dawen Wei

*** ******* ****, ******, ** ***** 714-***-****


- Solid coding experience on Linux/iOS/Windows.

- Proficient in: C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, SQL, and Swift.

- Strong data analytical skills in Matlab, Octave.

- Working knowledge of Large-Scale Data Analysis, Parallel Computing, CUDA, Natural Language Processing, Distributed Systems, Software Development, Optimization with SSE Instructions, MPI

- Exceptional communication skills: strong ability to lead or work as a team player to accomplish goals

- Quicker learner for new tools and languages


UC San Diego San Diego, CA

MS, Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering Sept. 2015 – Jun. 2017

- GPA = 3.8/4.0

- Courses: Parallel Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Operating System Chapman University Orange, CA

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics (Major) Jan. 2013 – Jun. 2015

- GPA = 3.7/4.0

- Minor: Computer Science; Economics


San Diego Housing Commission San Diego, CA

iOS Software Engineer, full time July 2016 - Dec.2016

- Design and implement SDHC’s information system

- Stream notification consisted of text, image and video to terminals

- Control terminals from the server side

- Develop the tvOS application that takes commands from the server side

- Create testing plans and maintenance procedures for the mobile application Projects

Mobile Phone User Identification, Project Lead Apr.2017-June 2017

- Utilize built-in sensors of android phone to get velocity, acceleration and position features when user unlocks the phone.

- Utilize Fast Fourier Transformation for noise reduction

- Multivariate Gaussian for creating owner profile

- Achieved 95% rejection rate to identify an unauthentic unlock

- Achieved 76% acceptance rate if the unlock operation is from user Web Mining and Recommendation, Project Lead Jan.2017-Mar.2017

- Latent Semantic Analysis used to represent connotation of user reviews

- Random forest used for giving recommendations

Word Embedding, Project Lead Oct.2016-Dec.2016

- Unsupervised Learning on natural language(English)

- Principle Component Analysis used to reduce dimension of each word Digit Classification, Project Lead Mar. 2016-Jun.2016

- Principle Component Analysis and ISOMAP used for lowering dimension and reconstruction of each image input

- Achieved 87% correction rate of single digit input. Dawen Wei

102 Prairie Rose, Irvine, CA 92618 714-***-**** Speech Recognition, Project Lead Mar. 2016-Jun.2016

- HMM was used to compute the most probable sequence of hidden states

- The message was revealed in seconds with 26 hidden states representing English alphabet with 150000 observations taken on binary values Statistic Language Modeling, Project Lead Mar. 2016-Jun.2016

- Maximum likelihood estimation was used for unigram and bigram counts of 500 frequently occurring tokens in English text

- Compute and predict log-likelihood of given sentences under the unigram and bigram models

Implement a User-Level Threads Scheduling Package, Project Lead Jan. 2016-Mar. 2016

- Stack partition for multithreading

- Different scheduling scheme

- Achieved robust thread implementation after testing with various main programs Simulate Cardiac Electrophysiology Using MPI, Project Lead Sept. 2015-Dec. 2015

- Aliev-Panfilov method was used for signal propagation in cardiac tissue

- Utilized Stencil method on a 2-D grid

- Stampede was used for performance testing

- Achieved nearly linear scaling on a cluster with 1024 cores in double precision

- SSE was used for further performance improvement to 160% Optimize Large-Scale Matrix Multiplication using CUDA, Project Lead Sept. 2015-Dec. 2015

- NVIDIA's Kepler GPU was used for programming

- Achieved 90% of peak computing on a matrix of size 1024*1024 in double precision Other Activities

- Community volunteer of tutoring mathematics for 7th grade or below (2014 - present)

- Chair of Ski Club at Chapman University (2013-2014)

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