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Manager Project

La Spezia, Liguria, Italy
February 14, 2018

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CV - Andrea Tarantola *

Andrea Tarantola

Address: Via Piccarda 13 Bolano 19020 (SP)

Mobile: +39-328-***-**** E-mail: Architect – Project Manager/Director – Surveyor – Construction Manager (construction) Preservation, Painting, Welding & Logistic Supervisor, QA/QC Manager, P.M. (Oil & Gas) Accomplished professional with experience in large and complicated projects; seeking a strategic position to contribute accrued skills in fructifying tangible and strategic organisational objectives. Offering 20 years experience in estate construction, and 10 years experience in Oil & Gas sector. Excellent skills in project management, site management, cost estimation, quality control/quality assurance, staff training/teaching, development and communications. Proven track record of developing projects by efficiently resolving issues, meeting and achieving challenging goals on time and under budget. Proficient in managing project from initiation through conceptual designing, master planning, project planning, design and execution to completion and closure. Possess excellent communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships towards organisational objective, I also know New Zealand & British Columbia building codes. Watchwords: coordination, humility, liability, steadfastness, versatility. Areas of Expertise

Leadership & Supervision Strategic Planning & Development Quality Planning & Control Stakeholders / Clients Relationship Budget Estimation & Planning Safety/Regulatory Compliance Quality Assurance & Maintenance Risk Assessment & Management Organisational Skills Budgeting & Finance Control Business Administration & Planning Cost Planning & Administration Site/Project Management & Planning Research Analysis / Investigation Technical Knowledge / Expertise Career Highlights

Major Accomplishments

I have 20 years experience in Residential Construction with over 150 projects done, from design (AUTOCAD) to all stages of production and sale, received 2 letters as building of the year, one project reproduced on ZIPPO lighters, I realized a fortress renovation destroyed during World War II, transforming it into a luxury restaurant for ceremonies and weddings (National treasure) and made the restoration of an old furnace turned into a luxury hotel with SPA and restaurant

Received 2 letters of praise from the customer on GORGON (CHEVRON) project as a fundamental element for the attainment. Received 1 letter of praise from the customer on ENI Congo (Litchendjili) project as a fundamental element for the attainment and a letter of praise from GE – ZADCO PROJECT, efficiently covered all the roles and the job documentation on Pemex project. Effectively meet customer expectation and received customer appraisal to the quality of the activities carried out in Kazakhstan –onshore project, which helped to avoid a millionaire dispute for which received client appreciation. Prominent Projects Handled

From February 2007 to Present – Freelance Architect – Made several projects included my own house, published on

From July 2007 to Present on Oil & Gas as FROSIO corrosion engineer, QA/QC, PM, CM, designer, interpreter, preservation and logistic supervisor:

- HALDOR TOPSOE for MARJAN – 5.000 MTPD Methanol Plant S-01722/Bandar Assaluyen, Iran June to July 2016

- HALDOR TOPSOE for KAWASAKI – Auto thermal reformer – Turkmenistan, May 2016

- TENGIZ 3GI (CHEVRON) Preservation, Painting, Welding and logistic supervisor, site manager on demands for SIEMENS TRAFO assembly January 2016 to present

- ZADCO (PETROFAC) Preservation, Painting, Welding and logistic supervisor June 2015 to present

- ENI MPUNGI UTA U02 FONDATION – SUBSEA – Angola – June 2015 to present

- TENGIZ (CHEVRON) Preservation, Painting, Welding and logistic supervisor June 2015 to present

- NAVALMARE 1 Barge rejuvenation March 2015 to May 2015 CV - Andrea Tarantola 2

- C0712 CLARA North West & BONACCIA North West with ENI April 2014 May 2015

- C1513 GORGON GTG-3 - Sea fastening Module 4003 with Chevron/Shenker Australia April 2013 to October 2013

- C3512 Modulo Habitacional HA-AG-01 with PEMEX - Mexico April 2013 to October 2014

- C 0912 LITCHENDJILI Project – Deck with ENI Congo January 2013 March 2015

- C3712 GORGON GTC2 – Sea fastening Module 4002 with Chevron /Shenker Australia Feb 2013 to Apr 2013

- C 2512 GORGON Project – sea fastening Module 4001 with Chevron/Shenker Australia Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

- C1612 – GTC Module - Ichthys with SAMSUNG Heavy Industries – GE Oil and Gas July 2012 to May 2013

- From May 2012 to August 2012

Centrale Gas Pineto - Allacciamento Pozzo Colle Sciarra 1 – C860 Area Pozzo Colle Sciarra – Allacciamento Pozzo Colle Sciarra 1 – C860 Area Pozzo Colle Sciarra – Skid iniezione glicole– C860 Centrale gas Rubicone – sostituzione linee misura fiscale – C871 Centrale gas Fano – sostituzione linee misura fiscale – C871 Centrale gas Falconara – sostituzione linee misura fiscale – C871 Piattaforme Barbara T/T2 – revamping compressione – C848 Barbara B Export gas modification – C882

Area Pozzo Trecate 12 - C889

Ampliamenti Piattaforma Angela Angelina - C887

Centrale gas Rubicone – ottimizzazione – C875 ENI S.p.a. – Adriatica Idrocarburi. QC, Welding/painting inspector, certification, traceability, as built, RT, VT, LP, PWHT controls Adriatic platforms and installations.

- C1010 GORGON Project CHEVRON August 2011 to May 2012

- C0709 GUENDALINA Project GUENDALINA Platform with ENI S.p.A. May 2011 to August 2011

- C667 KASHAGAN Project Raw Gas Injection Barges 1 & 2 with Nuovo Pignone S.p.A. July 2007 to May 2011

- Ana – Vesna – Irina Hook up with INAgip d.o.o. - Croazia September 2008 to October 2008

- IVANA B Revamping with INAgip d.o.o. - Croazia July 2008 to August 2008

From April 2006 to February 2007 Studio tecnico immobiliare Arch. Bergamaschi – Architect, Project Manager/director, Construction Manager, Site manager, QA/QC, estate agent, interpreter - A lot of projects done, villas, golf club, refurbishment of an old stone furnace to create a luxury hotel with restaurant, swimming pool, and many other amenities

( 17078561.html)

From April 1997 to April 2006 Studio tecnico Giorgi – Ediliziavezzanse S.N.C.- Architect, Project Manager/director, Construction Manager, Site manager, QA/QC, estate agent - Almost 150 projects done, villas, refurbishment of an old fortress destroyed during world war II to create a luxury restaurant (Forte Macè national treasure), condos, roads, ecc Core Competencies

Adhering and excellent knowledge of budgets to successfully complete the project within the cost controls.

Designing and constructing houses, buildings, roads, commercial/industrial buildings, swimming pools, renovation of ancient ruins like fortress, resorts (golf club) ecc.

Effectively deal with customer queries and received customer compliments for the quality of the activities carried out and the results obtained.

Monitoring and coordinating production progress in all the aspects of a building creation, problem prevention and solving. Great ability to avoid downtime.

Proficient in studying drawings in detail and suggesting any changes for improvement.

Precisely preparing and submitting the budget estimates as well as progress and cost tracking reports. CV - Andrea Tarantola 3

Checking and certification of ultrasonic and radiographic tests & certification, visual tests inspection and certification. Painting and corrosion protection manager & corrosion check/evaluation

Monitoring and coordinating preservation activities and logistic activities managing for sail away

Engineering design modification, indite procedure & QCP/ITP, translations

Monitoring and coordinating production progress in all the aspects of a platform creation from structures to piping, problem prevention and solving

Professional Work History

FREELANCE ARCHITECT, QA/QC, CM, PM, SITE MANAGER Feb 2007 – Present FROSIO corrosion engineer, Preservation, Weldin & logistic Superv. June 2015 – Present GE/FROSIO Nuovo corrosion Pignone – eng.Avenza, QA/(QC, MS) Construction Viale Zaccagna & Project Manager, interpreter, designer Mar 2011 – Present

NAVALMARE S.r.l. – Loc. Pertusola di Muggiano – 19136 Lerici (SP) QA/QC, Construction & Project Manager, interpreter, designer Jul 2007 – Mar 2011 NUOVA OMA S.r.l. – Via Enrico Fermi, 7, Loc Groppoli di Mulazzo – 54026 (MS) Architect, PM, CM, QA/QC, Estate Agent, interpreter Apr 2006 – Feb 2007 Studio Tecnico – Immobiliare Architect Bergamasci – Via Garibaldi 16, 54027 Pontremoli (MS) – 19136 Lerici (SP) Architect, Proj. Director/Manager, CM, QA/QC, Site manager, HSE Apr 1997 – Apr 2006 Studio Tecnico Giorgi – Ediliziavezzanese – Via Emilio Segrè 2, Vezzano Ligure 19020 (SP) Educational Qualification

CORTEC VCI QUALIFIED - anticorrosive June 2015 – September 2015 CORTEC Training – Anticorrosive chemical products

AUTOCAD 3D – 15 HOURS TRAINING September 2015

FROSIO corrosion engineer March 2014 – October 2014 University of Genova Training Institute – Civil, Environmental and chemistry engineering UNI EN 473 & ISO 9712 - 2P Consulting July 2008 – December 2010 Welding engineering – NDT – II levels (UT, RT, VT) Master in Architecture April 1998 – December 2001

ITG Cardarelli, Studio tecnico Ing Montefiori/ Arch. Evaristi / Geom. Giorgi -La Spezia Training Institute High School Architectural Diploma September 1992 – July 1997 ITG Cardarelli - Experimental – La Spezia Training Institute English language course July 1990 – Aug 1990

Queen Margaret University, Edimburgh, Scotland, UK Professional Courses & Training

COTRTEC VCI anticorrosive – CORTEC training course 09/2015


CV - Andrea Tarantola 4

FROSIO corrosion engineering – Cert. N 8343 – ISPAC corrosion engineer UNIGE – University of Genova training institute 07/2014

“Personal Survival Techniques” STCW 95 regulation VI/1 and section A-VI/1 of the code para. 2.1.1 Tema Safety & Training 07/2011

II Livello RT-VT-UT UNI EN 473 & ISO 9712 - 2P Consulting – Genova / CPND training institute 07/2008

Master in Architecture at BCCC (without diploma) – Baltimore City Comunity College Training Institute 07/2007

Master Architecture at ITG Cardarelli, Arch. Evaristi & eng. Montefiori – La Spezia 12/2001

19 years of AUTOCAD (residential and engineering structures drawings), OFFICE & OUTLOOK

ANTITERRORISM training course (basic) – (30 years of Martial arts and third parties defence) Personal Language Skills Details : Native – Italian, Fluent – English, Spanish and Basic – Portuguese Driving Licence : Car & Bike Driving Licence

References available upon request

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