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Software Engineer

Dayton, Ohio, United States
35$-40$ per hour
January 01, 2018

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**** ******** **, ********, ** 45324 C: 937-***-**** Excellent reasoning, programming and problem solving skills. Created software, designed websites and conducted research as Graduate Research Assistant. Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple projects and consistently meet deadlines. Hands on experience with C,C++,Java and Python programming languages for more than 6 years. Advanced knowledge in Web Development using HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. Experienced in all aspects of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Strong knowledge in frameworks like Spring(MVC), Django. Experience in JavaScript technologies like AngularJS and NodeJS. Strong knowledge of Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Advanced knowledge in MySQL, MSAccess, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database systems. Talented software engineer focused on process improvement and on-time project delivery. Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python,

Objective-C, C#

Databases: SQL, MS Access, PostgreSQL, SQL

Server, MongoDB

Web Technologies: Django, Bootstrap, NodeJS,

AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,


Libraries: Tensorflow, Weka, NLTK, Scipy.

Python Developer, 06/2017 to 12/2017

Data Analytics and Optimization Lab – FAIRBORN, OH Created Python scripts to automate the process of loading the addresses of trauma incidents and converting the address into Latitudes and Longitudes.

Developed Python scripts to find the closest trauma center for each trauma incident in the state of Ohio between 2008-2012.

Designed a GIS application by using Python, Tkinter, GoogleMaps API and Matplotlib. The application PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY



shows the hospitals, population and trauma incidents in the state of Ohio as different layers which the user can add or remove.

Full Stack Developer, 01/2017 to 05/2017

Data Analytics and Optimization Lab – FAIRBORN, OH Designed and developed a new website for the management of the Inpatient Discharge Planning project using HTML5,PHP CSS,JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap. This allowed the team to create a landing page for Inpatient Discharge Planning results. Created dynamic images of discharge and completion times for the website management using Highcharts. One of the few selected students to work in the NSF funded project. Project URL: Student Intern, 04/2014 to 08/2014

National Atmospheric Research Laboratory (NARL) – Tirupati, AP Partnered with researchers at NARL to plan, develop and implement Acoustic Receiver. Created a new application to find the optimal position of the receiver which effects the efficiency of the receiver.

This resulted in a 25% increase in the accuracy of predicting the weather. Technologies Used: Python,Java,C++,MySQL.

Master of Science: Computer Science, 2017

Wright State University - Fairborn, OH

GPA: 3.7/4

Coursework: Machine Learning, Advanced Database Systems, Data Mining, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Advanced Programming Languages, Deep Learning, Soft Computing, Distributed Computing, Information Retrieval.


Image Recognition: Classifying size invariant images in still a very difficult task for neural networks. Invented a MAX_POOL technique to improve the performance of the neural network in size invariant object recognition by 10%.

Probabilistic Word Problem Solver: Solving a mathematical problem which was given in word format is still a very difficult task in Natural Language Processing. Current state of art algorithms used by wolframalpha can solve complex arithmetic problems by using NLP and machine learning techniques. Invented an algorithm that can be used to solve the probability word problems using NLP techniques. EDUCATION problems Compression Algorithm:Search engines stores information about the words by using Index Lists. The Index list for a word contains the document ID if the document contains the word. World Wide Web consists of billions of documents and thus requires the compression techniques to store the lists in a database.Invented a compression technique to improve the performance of compression by 25% over traditional compression techniques.

Bachelor of Science: Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2015 AP IIIT RK Valley - Kadapa, AP, India

GPA: 9/10

Coursework:C, C++,Java, Python, Database Systems.

Recipient of 6 year State Government Merit Scholarship. PROJECTS:

Disassembler: Built a disassembler which converts machine code to human readable assembly code in C language.

Search Engine: Designed a search engine to search the medical documents using the Java Lucene.

Python :


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