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Technical Writer Management

San Mateo, California, United States
December 27, 2017

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Senior technical editor, writer, or content developer/strategist


Senior information/content developer and strategist with extensive technical writing and editing experience documenting enterprise network, security, storage, and platform technologies. Plans and develops content for print and online publications and documentation. Proven ability to conceptualize and communicate specialized technical and scientific content to business, consumer, government, and academic audiences. Creative, critical thinker, with academic background in structural linguistics (semiotics) and communications. Demonstrated thought leadership developing information models for multiple publication outputs. Demonstrated capacity analyzing and developing advanced content for strategic, technical and research communications. Substantial experience developing and implementing DITA content model. Outstanding developmental and copy-editing skills. Established publishing record in science and technology journalism. Proven history of delivering targeted content through print, online, and social media. Demonstrated ability collaborating and communicating with subject-matter experts in cross-functional teams.

Content management systems (Vasont and SDL Live Content/Trisoft)

API, SDK, programming, installation, administrator, configuration, operations, and reference guides

Developmental editing (all publication types, including books and online help)

Content analysis, structured authoring

Publication and editorial management

Knowledge of object-oriented programming (Java, C#, JavaScript)


Production editing and coordination in high-volume environments

Version-control software (CVS, Subversion, Perforce, Git)

Network security and disaster recovery

Strategic planning of future content needs.

Topic-oriented authoring (DITA) and API reference guides

XMetaL Author; Confluence; oXygen, Google Docs and Sites; Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Visio; Adobe Acrobat Pro, FrameMaker, PhotoShop

Science and technology journalism

Marketing communications/copywriting

Development and maintenance of style guides; Chicago Manual of Style

Information design for Web services, UX, online help.

Quality management, regulatory compliance (e.g., NERC)


Filter at Google, Mountain View, California November 2015 – April 2016

Technical Writer June 2016 – February 2017

Researched and wrote operations guide for testing data-center equipment (servers) during manufacturing process, including network setup, installation, and firmware and software updates. Analyzed workflow and organized content using task-based, topic-oriented authoring techniques to document operations of manufacturer’s and Google’s web services. Described algorithms used to route and test components, Wrote knowledge-base articles on fiber quality management system. Revised standards and practices for fiber-optic transceiver installation and maintenance. Updated internal glossary terms. Planned migration of technical documents from Google Docs to version-control systems. Edited documentation for data-center rack assembly.

Barracuda Networks, Campbell, California January 2015 – March 2015

Technical Writer

Using Confluence, rewrote, restructured, and posted Wiki-based documentation for multi-tier tape-based storage-management backup system hardware. Added video tutorials. Developed new content for anti-virus/anti-spam gateway/firewall appliance administrator guide. Explained Explained algorithmic application of Bayesian statistics to risk assessment. Created system infographics. Contributed test data to technical documentation lab.

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), San Jose, California March 2014 – May 2014

Technical Writer (contract)

Updated documentation for credit-scoring web services. Created content describing enterprise resource planning, management and integration of multiple services, including application processing, data analytics, data acquisition, and decision management. Interpreted algorithms for administrators to configure applications to customize services. Authored DITA topics using XMetaL Enterprise Author and SDL Trisoft content-management system. Participated in peer reviews, providing edits as appropriate.

Hitachi Data Systems, Santa Clara, California May 2010 – November 2013

Technical Editor/Writer (contract)

Conducted and coordinated developmental, copy, and production edits. Designed and developed network storage documentation for cloud computing and enterprise-resource planning, describing algorithms used to provision resources. Edited Hitachi Command Director guide for collecting and reporting system configuration, performance, and tier-level data from storage area networks, Led editorial team in planning implementation of SDL Trisoft content-management system. Developed content-analysis methodology for migrating legacy content to DITA topic-based content model. Identified content for reuse. Conducted content analyses, developmental edits, and code reviews for migrating existing XML-based contents to content-management system. Redesigned documents to optimize search and enhance user experience. Developed API reference guides. Wrote extensive authoring guidelines Authored content using XMetal Author and edited documentation sets using oXygen. Conducted training in topic-based writing and mentored non-native speakers. Reviewed and revised UI content. Wrote online help documentation for IT management software. Copyedited content, designed templates, and maintained guidelines to ensure consistency and quality of publications. Conducted production reviews, coordinating publication of 1500 manuals per major release, using FTP to post deliverables. Wrote release notes.

Sabbatical, Oakland, California November 2008 – May 2010


Researched and worked on book about editorial theory of content development for information design.

Symantec Corporation, San Francisco, California October 2006 – November 2008

Senior Information Developer (technical writer)

Designed and developed content of print and online customer-facing documentation for enterprise email-security appliance and software. Applied strategic communication goals for repurposing content, improving machine translation, reducing customer-support costs, and optimizing search. Wrote technical overview of flagship product, detailing process flow and explaining statistical algorithms used to filter inbound mail and apply DLP policies to route outbound mail. Authored DITA content using XMetaL Managed content using Vasont CMS. Restructured traditional print and online documentation for integration into topic-based DITA content model. Edited and revised UX content. Applied corporate user interface guidelines to redesign of online help content model. Coordinated and performed production reviews for each release.

Documented integration of regulatory-compliance components (e.g., NERC, HIPPA, ITAR. etc.)

Determined and produced contents for integration of industry-leading data-loss prevention (DLP) and compliance-management software into enterprise email-security appliance.

Documented integration of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and TLS encryption services into email-security appliance.

Edited VMware installation and configuration guidelines.


Karl Mettinger, MD, Ph.D., Berkeley, California January – September 2006

Consulting Developmental Editor

Developed and edited content of book-length manuscript on history of biotechnology by industry-leading biomedical researcher. Researched scientific background, clinical trials, marketing practices, and public-health context of drug-development initiatives. Assisted author in developing business narrative and bioethics theme.

Sybase, Inc., Dublin, California August 2004 – May 2005

Senior Information Developer (technical writer)

Developed online help for creating database clients with SQL and XML RPCs for SOAP-based web services using Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE). Used XMetaL Author tools to create online help and Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) for version control.

KW Associates, Oakland, California January 2003 - August 2003


Built document-management system for digital forensics using case-management database, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Capture. Analyzed and summarized evidence in multiple-client cases. Converted documents into searchable PDF for electronic discovery. Generated reports for attorneys on demand.

University of California Institute of International Studies

Berkeley, California January 2002 – January 2003


Conducted web-based research and compiled data on alternative sustainable-development options for Pacific Island nations. Analyzed risks from terrorism, ethnic conflict, and climate change. Participated in and contributed to area study of potential instabilities in Asia-Pacific region.

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand March 1998 – September 2001


Created internal and external communications, including alumni magazine, staff newsletter, and annual reports, for University Relations department. Laid-out publications and oversaw production. Participated in development of communication strategies, wrote press releases and vice-chancellor speeches, and designed collateral materials. Assisted in planning marketing campaigns.

Edited UC Research annual report on university-sponsored research.

Guest-edited and designed issues of staff newsletter and contributed news and feature articles, staff and visitor profiles, and book reviews.

Under contract to the University of California, edited materials for distance-learning courses on calculus and relational database management theory.

Lecturer, American Studies March 1999 - June 1999

Drawing on background in structural linguistics (semiotics), taught introductory upper-division course on social theory as applied to contemporary American society (multiculturalism, identity politics), with special emphasis on communication theory.

Grant Proposal Coordinator March 1998 – June 1998

Edited and produced grant proposals submitted by University of Canterbury researchers to New Zealand foundations. Canterbury ranked second in research funding awarded to New Zealand’s seven universities for 1998.

Sybase, Inc., Emeryville, California September 1995 – February 1998

Senior Information Developer (technical editor/writer/document architect)

Designed, developed, edited, and wrote documentation for client/server relational database management system (RDBMS) middleware, including application programming interface (API) references, administration, and configuration guides. Trained new writers. Prepared documentation for web delivery and online help. Performed production reviews for each release.

As project-team leader, document architect, and technical editor: developed new documentation for first-of-its-kind web-based database client software development kit (SDK) for online-transaction processing (OLTP), forerunner of web service-oriented architecture (SOA); wrote white paper anticipating architecture of future SQL-based distributed XML-RPC web client/database-server middleware; designed sample application for marketing communications.

As document architect and technical editor, redesigned administrator’s guide and wrote architectural overview of distributed database-replication product.

Wrote object-oriented database developer’s guide.

Wrote C++ and COBOL API references; edited other API guides.

Used FTP to update software for releases.

SRI International, Menlo Park, California September 1994 – September 1995

Senior Technical Editor

Edited articles, reports, presentations, and proposals by information-technology and transportation policy consultants in response to RFPs for leading scientific/technical consulting firm. Edited series of white papers on information-security threats emerging from the World Wide Web. Proofread documents for production reviews.

Logomatrix, Santa Cruz, California August 1992 - August 1994

Developmental Editor/Writer

Performed developmental-, copy-, and production-editing services for software, magazine, and computer-book publishers, advising publishers and authors on content organization. Clients included Apple Computer, 3Com Corp., Ziff-Davis Publishing, and University of California Extension.

Edited programming guides for Apple Computer’s HyperCard and Dylan and. end-user documentation for AppleSearch.

Wrote articles for MacWeek on technological trends, including HTML authoring tools, Macintosh web servers, computer-based training, desktop publishing, enterprise networking, human factors, programming languages, and client/server transaction processing.

Wrote user manuals for AOL interface to University of California Extension distance-learning program.

Ziff-Davis Publishing, Foster City, California January 1992 - August 1992

Senior Editor, Corporate Computing

Developed themes for ten departments covering all aspects of enterprise computing for monthly magazine startup. Recruited contributing editors, developed and assigned topics, and edited contributions.

Addison Wesley Publishing Co., Redwood City, California May 1990 - January 1992

Managing Editor, The Mathematica Journal

Inaugurated and edited quarterly journal on applications of mathematical software for higher-education research and teaching. Edited contributions by scientists and mathematicians. Developed editorial content of departments and oversaw all aspects of magazine production, including interactive electronic version. Coordinated academic peer reviews. Oversaw all aspects of production. Supervised free-lance production staff. Promoted circulation in library and news-stand markets through collateral materials.

Launched first computer programming journal devoted to scientific applications of mathematical software.

Transformed academic journal format into graphics-rich computer-magazine format suitable for a broad scientific/technical audience.

Wrote feature articles of general interest to potential readers..

Ziff-Davis Publishing, San Francisco, California May 1988 – September 1989

Associate Editor, MacWeek

Proposed, assigned, and edited feature articles on wide range of technical issues emphasizing viability of Macintosh computers in enterprise networks. Reported product news. Oversaw production of features department. Conceptualized infographics.

Developed and edited quarterly networking supplement, helping to expand readership into enterprise market.

Wrote feature articles on human-computer interaction (HCI) and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW, groupware)


Doctor of Philosophy candidate (A.B.D.), English (and structural linguistics)

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Bachelor of Arts, Literature/Creative Writing, with Honors, minor in semiotics (structural linguistics)

University of California, Santa Cruz, California

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