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graphics designer

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
December 02, 2017

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wedad kamal mohamed

Contact Information: Address: 5, St., El Sheekh Hassona, Hadayq EL

kobba, Cairo, Egypt.

Current Job: working as a designer and an accountant in Castle for

Decorations company.

Job Objective: To work as Graphic designer and improve my Skills in

Creating the ideas about logos, rollers, brochures,

Manipulating with photos, drawing characters, flyers and

Cards, seeking a position as "Graphic designer"

where I can apply my skills and knowledge in the field

to be a professional creative, the portfolio is .

Phone: +202*******

Mobile: +20102 - 343 -3496


Education: Sep. 2012 – Bachelor of Computer and Information Systems, Information

May 2016 Technology department, Faculty of

Computer and Information Systems Helwan

university, Cairo, Egypt.

GPA: 2.82/4.0.

Accumulative Grade: Very Good.

Project attained: Excellent.

Sep. 2009 – High School: certificate from Al Salam secondary school

May. 2012 HadayQ el Kobba, Cairo, Egypt.

High School Degree: 93.3%

Training and Courses: Jan. 2015 – Training at TIEC (Technology Innovation

Feb. 2015 and Entrepreneurship Center)

trainee as team leader.

working in a medium project participated

in the Intel ideation workshop in.

EnnovEgypt, I gained a certification in it.

Aug. 2015 – Training from IBM

Sept. 2015 I was a member in IBM mobile application

developer with Worklight and I gained

a certification in it.

Mar. 2015 Course CCNA

June. 2015 I got a certification in CCNA from Cisco


Jan. 2017 web developer

April.2017 working as web developer with PHP language

in zam tech company.

April. 2017 Graphics designer course

June.2017 learning graphics design with illustrator,

photoshop, InDesign in Creative Group

Company with a certification in it.

April. 2017 Drawing course

June.2017 learning how to draw in Creative Group

Company with a certification on it.

Technical Skills: Design Programs: Illustrator – Premiere pro – Photoshop – InDesign

Maya - after Effects.

Programming: Java (SE) - OOP - C- matlab -openGl

Web Skills: JSP - PHP - Restful webservices –


Database: SQL Server - MySQL.

GP (Graduation Project):

Project Title: Scan Tec.

Project Brief:

medical System helping doctors and patients to save their data without using Database and internet, it saves money

and the cost of servers by using QR Code, it has security to protect the data with AES Encryption that every doctor can`t access another medical department but just his own department and every patient has his own QR code containing his data no one could access it without the scanner of the program which has the decryption.

Project tools: Java - QR Code - XML.

Interpersonal Skills: working at Resalla charity.

working at fine arts atelier for painting with oil,

graphic and art decoration.

working at ma3ak acting workshop.

native Arabic, fluent in English, and a little


ability to be generator of creative Ideas.

working under pressure.

social person with ability of communication with

new people.

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