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Cnc Programmer/machinst

United States
January 29, 2018

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I am a very smart, energetic, outgoing person. I know a great deal about CNC machining and CNC programming due to my Apprenticeship at Bosch Rexroth. I learned the most about machining from going through Bosch’s apprenticeship program. The program is a little over 2 years and during it you are required to complete various advanced projects manually as well as go to school full time. Before learning the CNC side of machining, I first learned how to become a very proficient manual machinist on both the mill and lathe. Then I learned the CNC aspect of machining as well as CNC programming. I have experience with Mastercam, Esprit, Solidworks, NX and a few others. I have experience with both Fanuc and Siemens Controls. Once the program was completed I was sent out into production. I ran a deckle Mahu 5 axis milling machine, but have experience with CNC turning centers that feature live tooling as well, although I definitely consider myself a mill guy. I am a hardworking, dedicated machinist. I worked in the new GE AMW building on a huge project for GE Aviation. We were in the process of machining the “MLE” or metal leading edge that goes over the blades in jet engines to protect the engines from bird strikes. We were using a custom Liechti 5 axis verticle milling machine. This particular unique machine was made to run these parts, and is the only machine just like it in the world.

I feel I am great at what I do, have a real passion for machining, and think I would be a great asset to your company!




CNC Machinist

>Setup, programmed, and operated Haas VF4 (held very tight tolerances)

>Did most of our programming at the machine, however, some more complex parts required me to use Autocad, Mastercam, and Fusion 360.

>Was lead programmer assisting the other machinist in my department.

Contractor for GE Aviation


CNC Machinist

>Operate custom Liechti 5 axis vertical milling machine.

>The machine is so unique that there is no other machine just like it in the world.

>The machine is equipped with Siemens controls in which I was already very familiar with; however, I am also very familiar with Fanuc controls as well.

>We are using shrink fit to hold our tooling which I am required to set and manage all tooling.

>The tooling as well as the part is very tedious due to the curvature of the part.

>The part starts out at about 300lbs of steel and gets machined down to 4lbs, therefore the cycle time is extremely long (over 200 hours).

>We have many custom tools that are very long so that we maintain proper clearance while machining the ID of the pocket that slips over the exposed engine blade.

>Was hired as a lead machinist to oversee two other operators.

>I have gotten the opportunity to work closely with the programmer overseeing this project and have assisted him getting this product up and running as well as proving out the programs to make sure the operations run smoothly.

>During this experience I have gotten the opportunity to learn a little more about the NX programming software (as I am already a certified programmer).

>I have ran many CNC machines (both mill and lathe), and feel that I could run any machine that I am briefly trained on.

Coldwell Banker Caine

Real Estate Agent

>Left Bosch to pursue a career in real estate.

>Have been successful with it, but want a career with a steady income and to be back in the work environment that I am most comfortable with.

>It can be tough in this economy to sell house and obviously it is a commission job, so if you do not sell you do not get paid.

>I enjoy machining and being in a plant environment. I feel that this is the field that I am the most knowledgeable in.

Bosch Rexroth 2011-2014

Went through apprenticeship program to become a CNC operator/programmer

>Held 20-30 micron tolerances.

>Ran Deckle 5 axis Milling Machine with automatic pallet changer.

>Also have experience with CNC turning centers (CNC Lathes) that feature live tooling.

>Set-up different fixtures to hold part while machining.

>Was a team leader overseeing 6 other CNC machines and their operators.

>As a team leader I am familiar with submitting daily production reports.

>Can make offsets to hold correct tolerances, as well as program edits.

>Always did my own set-ups and changeovers.

>Know just as much about manual machining as I do CNC (manual mill and lathes)

>Very proficient in blue print reading.



Greenville Technical College

Certified in CNC programming and operation (6 credits shy of associates degree in Machine Tool Technology.

>Went to school as a part of Bosch apprenticeship.


References are available upon request.

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