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Engineering Software Developer

Livonia, Michigan, United States
January 28, 2018

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Shruti Rawool Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA - 48335 +1-317-***-****


Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI 2015 – 2017

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering GPA: 3.2

University of Mumbai 2009 – 2013

Bachelor of Electronics Engineering GPA: 3.5

Received 100% scholarship throughout undergraduate studies


Technologies/tools: MIT AppInventor, ElasticSearch, Rspec, Git, Apache Maven, PhpMyAdmin

Languages: C, C++, Java, Excel VBA, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, .NET

Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS

Software: Alcatel Lucent AMS client, SMAART analyzer, MS Office, MATLAB

IDEs: Android Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Kinetis Design Studio, mbed

Target boards: Arduino Uno, Freescale K64, NFC Microcontroller shield PN 7150, ARM Cortex M

Databases: Oracle, MS Access, MySQL Server


Panasonic Automotive Systems Farmington Hills, Michigan

Software Development Co-op (Advanced Engineering) August 2017 – Present

Developed a relational database for audio engineering benchmark analysis using MS Access and Excel VBA

Implemented automated data migration and validation using macros and scripting of acoustic survey data of over 50 car models

Created parameter driven reports running through the front-end of the database tool

Learning and implementing embedded C++ development using ARM Cortex microcontroller

Metronet Inc. Lafayette, Indiana

Test Engineering Intern June 2017 – August 2017

Developed and improved the standard operating procedures to test and renovate Cisco networking devices such as fiber optic networks, routers, VENs, ONTs, etc.

Helped save $50,000 through this project by implementing cost efficient strategies by troubleshooting faults in the electronic equipment

Gained strong understanding of wireless network protocols such as TCP/IP, SIP

BookShout Dallas, Texas

Software Developer Intern June 2016 – August 2016

Developed and maintained an ElasticSearch querying library using object-oriented programming with Rails

Performed full stack development and unit testing of a Ruby on Rails application to help display the data from the queries

Learned and utilized Agile processes and methodologies

Learned about RESTful API development and web/mobile application deployment procedures

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology Indianapolis, Indiana

Teaching Assistant/Grader – Computer Architecture October 2015 – December 2016

Devised project topics and laboratory experiments for over 40 undergraduate students

Tutored students and provided feedback for their projects and assignments before the established deadline

Packt Publishing Pvt. Ltd (a U.K-based IT publishing firm) Mumbai, India

Software Tester (Tech Editor) August 2013 – July 2015

Performed code/software testing for the book to rectify errors

Reviewed and edited books on various open source and enterprise technologies to improve the technical accuracy

Communicated with authors till the publishing stage who were experienced techies and prominent community personalities


Panasonic Automotive Systems – Audio Engineering

Audio system benchmark analysis database August 2017

Developed a benchmarking tool that integrates acoustic frequency response and survey analysis data to perform comparative analysis of audio system attributes of over 50 cars models

Implemented automated data migration between Excel and Access using macros and scripting with VBA

Developed the UI of the benchmarking tool using .NET

Produced comparative and average value results of individual survey responses of over 50 car models


Developing and maintaining an ElasticSearch querying library Summer 2016

Developed a search query that serves as an interface to the data source used to quickly grab data and run aggregations on the indexed data

Performed object-oriented programming using Rails and unit testing of the developed code using Rspec

Twitter clone app development on Rails Summer 2016

Developed a Twitter clone app using Ruby on Rails and deployed the application on Heroku

Performed full-stack development of the web application using MVC design architecture

Gained insight into full-stack development technologies such as JavaScript, Sass, and Rails

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

NFC based attendance system using Internet of Things Spring 2017

Implemented the project using embedded C++ programming on a Freescale K64 development board, where students make use of NFC tags to register their attendance and the recorded attendance is sent to an Android app maintained by the instructor using Bluetooth communication

Developed the mobile app using Java and MIT App Inventor

Safety-first navigation Android app Fall 2016

Designed a system using Android programming and ubiquitous computing that allow users to select the best route to reach their destination considering the fatality factor of route, time of travel, and weather conditions of the route.

Gained insight into API development in mobile applications.

Theremin using Leap motion controller Spring 2016

Integrated the controller with an amplifier circuit to play musical notes through a leap-motion controller. It also reads/writes the musical notes on the SD card.

Implemented embedded C++ programming on Freescale microcontroller.

Wireless video-game controller Spring 2016

The controller consisting of on-board accelerometer and magnetometer controls a video game (created in the Unity game engine). The controller is interfaced with the game through an HC06 Bluetooth module.

Implemented C++ programming on K64 microcontroller board and its many peripherals.


Modeling and Designing Smart Devices

Computational Models and Algorithms

Wireless and Advanced Multimedia Computing

Real-time Operating Systems

Design with Embedded Systems

Basic and Advanced Java

Advanced Electronic Projects

Database Management Systems


Volunteer for Sahaj Meditation January 2008 - Present

Conduct public programs and workshops to create awareness about benefits of meditation

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