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Project Manager Data

Houston, Texas, 77018, United States
January 30, 2018

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*Please view these links on the types of services I provide my clients.

*(1-6 How to Extract Data: DataForce Demo/.Net)







* (How to use the Eval Function (Perl, C++, .Net)




*(EDI Demo)


My computing skills are Intermediate and Advanced, in designing / coding, testing and maintaining front-end (Enterprise Recourse Planning applications) and "SPECIALTY SOFTWARE."

For the past 25 years I have established a history of building successful professional relationships.

20 years in Visual Basic 6 w/ ADO; Client /Server, VBA, MS-Access, Excel (Office 2000, 2005, 2007, 2010)

15 years experience in database programming using SQL-Server w/MS-Access and Excel w/xla(Macros), w(SSIS/DTS), ORACLE-9i, and ODBC via DSN.

10 years WSH script, VB Script, VBS, HTA, JavaScript, HTML, Regular Expressions.

10 years Project Management and Enterprise Resource Planning .

5 Year Perl, ASP.NET w/ C# Forms, XML, C++

4 years Java-Script, XML, HTML languages and Internet security, Crystal Reports (6-9)

3 years SharePoint 2010, Info Path

2 PowerBuilder 2012

1 Year (workflow engine software) Pipeline Pilot, Knime, Sample manager (LIMS)

My Medical Insurance skills are:

5-6 years HIPAA Medical Claims processing and Adjusting: HMO, Medicare, and Workers Compensation investigation and collections.

7 years Medical Billing and *Electronic Coding (*ICD-9-CM CPT/ HCPCS, *UB/92Revenue Coding)

2+ years HIPAA terminology

Application Analyst / Programmer 09/30/2016 – 12/01/2017

12/01/2013 – 09/01/2015

SHELL Inc. Thru CGI Houston, TX

Objective: Develop business logic process and application for determining global expenditures for all computer applications.


a) (9/30/2016 – 9/1/2017) I Developed all enhancements for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM-Tool Kit) application for product manufacturing, the application is written in VB. I developed new enhancements for the PLM K2 system the application is written in vb.Net. I developed 10 new tables. I developed ETL methods and Temp Table exchanges methods contained in Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Functions, and SQL Server agent to allow for messaging via Outlook, scheduling and connection to Link Services Servers. All code is now in Production SQL 2012 SERVER.

Created connections to SPOT FIRE tool for reporting:

b) (12/1/2013 – 9/1/2015) I developed an auditing application to calculate the cost for purchasing and to maintaining every application used globally by SHELL. This process estimated a saving of 2.5 million dollars yearly, by using multiple levels of invoice data and Tpmc2 (Slice) calculated formulas. The logic allows for applications to be identified for removal or expense savings. This process involves an (ETL) processes and parsing data from various data tools such as, EMPIS, APEX, SPOTFIRE, and FlexNet. The major database used is MS Sql Server 2012. The Application is written in app (Bata).

Used advanced VBA (in Outlook, Access, Excel) for data retrieval, and reports. And Crystal Reports

Created advanced views in Oracle, and used ORK (Operational Reporting Kit) to generate various financial/auditing reports.

PowerBuilder development: Created MDI test applications for data retrieval, GUI based applications.

Used Workflow Software (Knime and Pipeline-Pilot: both are module based Node Repositories) for creating test samples on how to easily model chemical/laboratory processes used for Fracking and Subsurface Well data/ reports.

(Manager Carl Cadis and Jack Jones.)

Application Architect / Programmer 12/1/2015 9/1/2016

Waste Management /thru icon Houston, TX

I completed design, development and go live implementation of the "Procurement" creation, retrieval and tracking tool needed for concurrent manipulation of records by over 100 users . The program is VB.NET using SQL 2012 as the database. This project involved converting all data, logic and computations originating in excel sheets. Next the proof of concept was established, then the .Net application was created (in version 2012).

Next all data (200 columns, 650,000 records) from Excel were parsed via ETL into SQL Server, and all data is verified. There is a backend process that allows for editing the server data.

Enterprise Resource Planning Architect /SQL Programmer 6/1/2013 -11/1/2013

Cor-Pro Thru Ashly Ellis: Duration: 6 months Houston, TX

Objective: Create Prof of Concept ERP system Database system.

This Application is used to estimate the cost of “Materials, Resources, and Time” needed to accurately charge/bill a client; and make a standard market profit. The database used is MySQL stored procedures and triggers. Created process specifications for a standard data-dictionary, application naming convention and programming /coding standards -for creating Queries and Routines.

Application /SQL Programmer 12/1/2012 – 5/22/2013

EXXON-MOBIL. Thru Experis : Duration: 6 months Houston, TX

Objective: Modify legacy MOH Database System.

JOB duty: I maintained and updated the OHM (Occupational Health Care Management) process from a legacy system to a .Net automated process. I created and enhanced several reports and nightly processes using VBS Script, ASP script, Access and MS Excel. I utilized Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 and Visual Basic. I created technical and very complex SQL solutions to Retrieve, Parse and Update data (aka ETL). I created training manuals and technical manuals. Examples of my processes are:

1) Several automated scripts written in VBS to Update, Delete and Parse data on OHM SQL Database. It then returns data via CSV format and then Emails all designated recipients and users, and also creates a LOG file for archival audit. This script is run on the MS Task Scheduler.

2) Several MOH_Disclosure_Forms, using Three Languages, C#, VB Application and ASPX.NET website. The data source is both SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2005. The data is parsed from SharePoint into a CSV, and Data is saved in SQL Server.

Application /SQL Programmer 2/1/2012 – 11/30/2012

Mattress-Firm Inc. Thru KForce Houston, TX

Objective: Modify legacy Payroll Database System.

APPLICATION DEV: I maintained and updated the payroll process from a legacy system to a .Net compatible system. The application was created in MS Access and uses CSV data from UltiPro (Cognos) and SQL Server 2005 & 2008 and PL/SQL data. I maintained and stabilized the Access.mdb (by tweaking all the VBA code and sql code). First I created DTS Packages for converting the CSV files into the database, and SSIS packages to Create New Tables and special data manipulation. Next I updated it to a C# webpage GUI for navigating through the payroll process. I created multiple SSRS packages that automate -via email- new reports every Friday.

SQL CONVERSION Project: I modified over 50 SQL queries consisting of Casting Date/time, strings and integers into proper data-types. I used Cursors, Nested statements, and Unions in both T-SQL and PLSQL to create Table, SP, Triggers, and Indexes. I created an ETL process that extracts, transforms and loads correct data from TSQL into PL/SQL, and Microsoft Dynamics AX views.

ADDENDUM: I Created a VB form for uploading Tax-information data (from a CSV file) into SharePoint 2010. Also used SharePoint 2010 to create a data entry form to capture users comments and requests. I converted critical sales data reports, from Crystal Reports into SSRS Reports, while maintaining the same complex report format and data integrity. As an analyst I wrote Business logic to calculate critical Sales and Employee data used to accurate balance paychecks.

Advanced Access Programmer / SQL Developer 9/26/2011-12/31/2011

EXTERRAN Inc. (thru clearpoint) Houston, TX

I developed VB6 frontend application, with multiple MS Access database systems (both 2000 and 2007) into a Purchase Order tracking system.

I designed all Vb6 and Macro programming, and forms that dynamically retrieves data, updates the database, and creates reports and Charts.

My forms and reports, allow the user to login, enter & track purchase-orders, and to view very complex (Daily, Quarterly & Yearly) Charts.

The Charts reflect Budget vs. Actuals (trending performance metrics) and critical incident-reporting Data.

I improved the speed of the database by 40% by rewriting code, tuning the Database and transforming the Data (i.e. the Data contained Nulls, and incorrect Data-types).

The Database is backed-up for recovery as an MDE file type.

All of the coding procedures and processes were thoroughly documented.

And the Module code is scalable for future conversions.

I used SharePoint 2010 as a repository to store new releases of all Production applications.

Programmer 7/1/2011 9/1/2011

Waste Management /thru Eclate Houston, TX

I completed design development and code correction for SQL 2005 and Oracle, for Project “Budget Application”.

This project involved fixing and creating the Interface, the modules and the SQL Code for multiple frontend applications (including, Javascript page, MS-Access, Excel, Outlook).

Also I created new code, new queries for data retrieval, from the backend Essbase Hyperion database.

The manager of the project is Stephen Yeatts: <>

PL SQL Programmer 1/1/2011 3/1/2011

US Oncology Houston, TX

I preformed extensive T-SQL and Pl-Sql Programming. All programming was for Data verification in PL-SQL and MS SQL 2005 & 2008, for HL7 HIPPA data.

The Data was migrated from NDO data warehouse to IKM (Iknowmed) data base.

The queries I created, verify that all data was transferred correctly.

Tools SQL-Squirrel, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SQL*Plus.

I used DTS and SSIS packages for testing data conversions.

Programmer 10/2010 -12/2010

American Express Inc. Contract (The-Experts) Houston, TX

For SABRE (airline data) I Created a VB PowerShell server-side script for Transforming the XML and XSD files into a delimited flat file, to be used in a VB.Net application.

The VB.NET app uses Crystal Reports, Excel, Access, and SQL 2005 to generate multiple reports and spreadsheet.

Application Specialist Analyst/ Project Management Team 7/2009 – 8/5/2010

(KBR & ARAMCO Serv. & ConocoPhillips) Houston. TX

Programmer lead in (SDLC) Systems Development Life Cycle, process creation, using VB6, VBA and Excel for mapping, migration and creation of Data Safety purchase order Material Sheets.

The project captures data input, and saved it as a text file; data is then used for Dashboards, and Excel reporting, and the following databases; SAP, SQL, Access and Fox Pro, and SharePoint 2007.

Application Systems Analyst 3/2009 - 5/2009

MD Anderson Cancer Research Center (Thru Partners Consultants) Houston, TX

Resolved Data migration issues from legacy system to SQL 2005. Created Update, Insert, Delete queries, and stored TRIGGERS on Test-box and Production-box. I utilized SSIS packages, SSRS, SQL-optimization tool, Access and Excel to map, and migrate data for testing and Reporting.

I Created an HTA (intranet) Dashboard using Excel charts and reports as a Kiosk for daily-time log application.

Project Manager / Programmer 6/2008 2/2009

American Express Inc. Contract (The-Experts) Houston, TX

Created SOA (service oriented architect) for migrating GDS data from Online booking tools -such as Sabre, Apollo and other legacy systems- into SQL 2000 & 2005 servers using WMI.

The application has several phases:

o(a) the “ETL” process using .Net w/C#, VBS, HTA/JavaScript, to instruct the Sabre server to return XML files. Next VBS parses the XML files (using RegEx,WMI, J2EE, Perl) into readable text files that are sent to SQL 2005 via SSIS package’s and FTP to the server.

o(b) Once stored on the serve the data is transformed into business logic data. That data is viewed in an C#.Net application that prints out reports in SSRS format.

o(c) The DATA is also used in HTA (a lite-web) VBScript DASHBOARD for internet data viewing; and also in desktop applications (including Access & Excel, for desktop frontend reporting).

My process currently saves the budget 30k a month in outsourcing costs. Platform used: XP, w/ Office 2005, 2007.

Project Manager /VBA Developer 2/2008 - 5/2008

Cobalt International Energy, L.P. (Oil & Gas) Houston, TX

Developed VBA code (Access and Excel 2005 & 2007) to obtain data for cumulative Oil and Gas production and Reservoir pressure by volume.

The program strips Oil/ Gas data from a master file, parses the data (via VBScript code) and transfer the needed data to a new worksheet.

This process saves users over 30 hours per week by automating an ‘Extract Transform and Load’ process within an excel environment.

The program uses ODBC to store data to the secondary database in SQL 2005.

The program has a frontend Dashboard (in Excel 2000) displaying charts, data, and images.

Project Manager/VBS, VB.Net Developer 10/2007 - 1/2008

General Electric Inc. (Adecco) Houston, TX

Develop solutions using SQL, C++ Dll, VBS, VB.Net, Access, VISIO and PowerPoint for (Office 2005 & 2007) programs to obtain data for Engineering product production, metric calculations and drawings.

The applications are designed to retrieve data from Cognos, Oracle, SQL server, and websites via FTP. The programs are mainly created in VBS/HTA and JavaScript, (using RegEx, Send-Key, ODBC connection strings), and run across the local net and internet. This process saves users over 40 hours per week by automating an ‘Extract Transfer and Load’ process within an desktop environment.

I use Data-Miner tools to retrieve data from PDF files as well.

Used Cognos Impromptu to alter database tables for new reports requests.

Sr. Analyst / Project Manager 7/2007 - 9/2007

Heritage Health Systems Inc. Houston, TX

Developed Reporting specification for Facets Database, and new Stored Procedures for SQL 2005 Data Management Protocol. Resolve issues related to Companywide reporting needs.

Created Crystal Reports11 applications w/ advanced queries/triggers/stored procedures DSN/ODBC connections: used .Net frontend using C# and VB, for retrieving and displaying HIPPA, Medicare data for corporate users and customer requests.

Sr. Programmer Analyst/ Project manager/ Contract 8/2006 - 6/2007

Fiesta Mart Inc. Houston, TX

Developed office 2005 applications (Excel and Access) into ASP.NET pages. Scripted (VBS, HTA, JavaScript WMI, Shell, VBScript) ASP.Net, C#, with Ajax, VB6, VBA, ADO AJAX, XML and Windows Offices applications to communicate with; FTP sites, AS400 server, Oracle9 and, SQL server 2000 (using DTS packages ) & 2005 (SSIS packages).

Main purpose is to create complex Queries, to generate specific information for Supermarket Analysis and reports.

Project management of converting legacy VBA programs into VB.Net applications.

Created several new business solutions for N-tare file transfer, and re-engineered VB6 programs using DSN/ODBC connections, into Oracle Data warehouse.

VBA Project management/ Contract 5/ 2006 - 7/2006

UTMB: Thru RSA inc. Galveston, TX

I created a new business solution by developing VB.Net frontend From for entering accounts payable data.

I created multiple VBA applications (including VB6, Access, using ADO connections via DSN/ODBC, and complex Pass-through Queries, into Oracle and SQL server 2000, to pull a series of detailed specific information for (Financial Analyst) Annual reports.

Reports are created and viewed in Access and Excel spreadsheets.

VB Programmer/SQL Developer/Contract 1/2006 - 4/2006 Thru TEI inc. Clear Lake, TX

I Developed complex, detailed specific production Stored Procedures for data migration from Oracle to T-SQL 2000, for Sentinel system.

I developed frontend standalone form in VB.Net, using ADO.Net connections via ODBC, for viewing SQL 2000 Database information. I re-wrote error handling and logs in SQL.

I used DTS Packages to automate the transformation of flat file data into SQL specific Data types.

I used Crystal Reports 11 to generate error status reports. Use Seibel as tracking tool.

Project manager/ VB6 Developer/ Consultant 11/2005-12/2005

PCCA Pharmaceuticals: Thru RSA inc. Houston, TX

I Reengineered and Developed several VB6 Dashboard programs, for use with MS-Access as the backend.

The Application allows for data to be entered and reports to be generated.

The application contains Form navigation, and several Summary and Detail reports, which are generated using advanced numeric calculations and specific weighted averages.

General Duty: coding, testing, and debugging.

VB6 Developer/ Consultant 3/2005-9/1/2005

Gurwitch-Products Stafford TX

Developed project design, coding, testing and debugging. The Front-End/Back-end application is in VB6 w/ ADO.Net via (ODBC) commands, using numerous Grids and Tabs and ActiveX objects.

The databases used are, Access 2005, D2K, MS-SQL Server and Congnos.

This is an Order Entry Application for Storing and Retrieving data.

The application uses MS-Access to connect to Profit-21/ D2K server, to get or “extract, transfer and load” (ETL) data, and sends it to a Citrix Network server. Later it retrieve that Data, from that Network server, back to the D2K secure server.

The application also uses the Data-Reporter, Excel –with Pivot tables, and Crystal Reports 8, and Access for viewing data and creating Queries.

Utilized Visual Source Safe for application version backups.

Used VBS/HTA and JavaScript for automating backups and recovery tasks.

Programmer FoxPro/ Contract 7/2004 -1/2005

WEB-MD Envoy Buffalo, NY


I performed production Coding for Visual FoxPro product, AccuClaim Plus software. Customized applications in FoxPro ODBC Queries using Pre-Processors, EDI functions, developed PRG’s, DBF’s, and Memo field operations, for Text-Data manipulation of ANSI files.

Created automated VBS/HTA and JavaScript’s to back up database.

Use Seibel & Relational ClearCase as data transfer tool to record routine transactions that improve application exchange.

I also developed a software tracking system for Database GUI, using w/ Access.

The software system is titled HIPAA-Plus. It is used for interpreting Transaction-Set standards as prescribed by HIPAA.

The software reads, formats and writes HIPAA EDI files for submitting UB92 and HCFA Forms.

The front-end is a VB6 form, w/ Microsoft Access as a temporary Database.

The software also encrypts text for security over the internet.

The Database is Oracle8. I use a C# form for updating XML code, within the database, for speed performance.

I Utilized Visual Source Safe for versioning back ups.

Application Programmer/ Contract. 2/2001- 1/2004

Blue Cross of Western New York Buffalo, NY


Develop advanced customized applications in Visual Basic, MS-Access, complex VBA excel Macros, and VBS, HTML and JavaScript for client/server Data Warehouse Projects.

Use DDL to Create and Update Transact-SQL Tables using MS-Query for ODBC, on MS-Server 2000 platform.

Able to build Queries within ''Erisco-Facets for querying HIPAA, insurance data, pertaining to specific claims information, dollar amounts and dates of services.

The operating system is Win-NT: The Data source was Lucent, Viking, SAS-C, Sybase SQL server). Additional Duty: Data Analyst. Created Ad-hoc reports using VB6 Data-Report, Excel using macros w/ create pivot tables, and flowcharts, Crystal Reports 8 w/ graphs.

Maintain Data Warehouse, with accurate and proficient information. Utilized Visual Source Safe for application version back ups.

Created applications and spreadsheets in VB6, Excel w/ MS-Access for an Intranet' storage and retrieval database and for passwords and secondary applications.

Used SQL-Builder for creating ODBC /Pass-through Queries, for database manipulation.

Created reports using VB6 Data-Reporter.

Additional Duties: Preformed collections /investigation on Workers Compensation, Auto insurance.

Application Designer/ Claims Manager 1/1997-6/2000

UPMC Sports Medicine. Pittsburgh, PA

I Created (DHTML w/ Visual Basic 6) data-base, for online Hospital Patient Demographics and Information retrieval system.

Used MySQL for storage and ETL.

Used VBS, HTML and JavaScript to build intranet pages and Applets to run third party software.

Re-Engineered Erisco facets Data-dictionary, for use with Texan Database.

Additional Duties: Performed Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable inspections of claims to be billed to customers (used Medipac and Texan Legacy system).

Case Manager / Application Designer 12/1994 - 12/1996

UPMC /Homestead Hospital. Pittsburgh, PA

Performed Medical Billing duties, and Maintained small Hospital's database (in VB6, MS-Access, Excel, created and JavaScript) for retrieving patients hospital information.

Created complex Queries and SQL scripts (Object Database Connectivity) with SQL-Builder 97,to be stored in VB6 application for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable billing dept.


Southeastern Institute of Computer Technology. 2003.

Murfreesboro, TN.


Southeastern Institute of Computer Technology. 2003.

Murfreesboro, TN.



Pittsburgh, PA. Internet Security and Firewalls Developer.

BIDWELL TRAINING Incorporated. 1995-1996. Certification,

Pittsburgh, PA. Medical Claims processor.

CARNEGIE-MELLON University. 1985-1990. Pittsburgh, PA.


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