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Microsoft Office Project

Streamwood, Illinois, United States
January 24, 2018

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Rayburn V. Dunn

Streamwood, IL *****-****

Cell: 630-***-****


Objective: Continue a successful career in Application Development & Support, willing to work on site or remotely

Summary of Experience and Qualifications::

My career experience includes different roles as Computer Consultant, Programmer/Analyst, etc in various industries. The technical expertise includes COBOL, DB2, SQL, SPUFI, QMF, CICS, IMS DB/DC, TELON, MVS/ZOS, OS/MVS/ZOS JCL & Utilities, VSAM, and TSO/ISPF/PDF/SDSF. In some previous projects, I have been a Project Team Leader; also have done Systems Analysis & Design. My career experience includes application systems maintenance & support. Trained in ORACLE, PL/SQL, SAP/ABAP, and JAVA and Project Management.

Current Employer: Walgreen’s, Inc. Streamwood, IL Oct 2014 to Present.

Retail Sales Specialist – part time

Part time retail sales work for a major retailer & pharmacy company. Assist customers and complete the sales.

TEK Systems Client Navy Federal Credit Union, Pensacola, FL Oct. 2013 to Sep. 2014


* Designed, developed, and supported the Loan Processing, Direct Debit & ATM systems.

* Developed transaction programs using CICS. This included data security for the credit/debit PIN Pad systems.

* Developed & supported COBOL programs for the Mortgage Payment & Collection system. These systems used

COBOL 390, DB2, and CICS, /ZOS JCL & Utilities on the 30XX host system. The networks included MS WINDOWS,

SQL, and Java & Java Script.

Deloitte/Client: J. P. Morgan Chase, Brooklyn, NY, Feb 2012 to March 2012

Mortgage Loan Analyst/Consultant

* Short term project, analyzed, and tested the various mortgage loans systems for a major banking client.

* These systems used the MS-Office products. The host system was an IBM MVS/ZOS mainframe computer system

which used COBOL, CICS, and DB2.

Deloitte/Client: State of Florida, Dept. of Children & Families, Tallahassee, FL. Mar 2006 to Jan 2012


* Designed, developed, and supported the FLORIDA CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT system.

This included on site & remote support.

* Duties included coding, testing, and supporting the system using.TELON, IMS DB/DC, COBOL 390,

TSO/ISPF/PDF/SDSF, MVS/ZOS JCL & Utilities, MVS/ZOS, on an IBM ZOS30XX Mainframe computer. The LAN included

Microsoft Windows with the MS-OFFICE. Trained in SAP & Java.

Client: Affordable Sunrooms, Inc. Lake Villa, IL. Oct 2003 to March 2006

Data Base Administrator/Office Manager.

* Data Base Administrator of a MS ACCESS 2000 database for a small construction company.

Also supported & used Microsoft EXCEL and MS-PROJECT.

Client: Texas Bizmates, Inc. Coldspring, TX. Jul 2003 to Oct 2003

Assistant Mgr.

Supported the computer systems for a small business chain of fast food convenience stores.

Supported & used Microsoft Windows 2000 & Microsoft Office.

Jan 2002 to Jul 2003

Telemarketing sales of financial services. Also, I was trained in ORACLE E-Commerce & Data Base Administration,

Experience Highlights (Continued): Rayburn V. Dunn

Client: State of Alabama, Dept. of Human Resources, Montgomery, AL. Oct 2000 to Dec 2001


* Designed, developed, and supported the ALABAMA CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT (ALECS) system.

* Duties included coding, testing, and supporting the system using. TELON, CICS, COBOL, MVS/ZOS

JCL & Utilities, DB2, SPUFI, QMF, on an IBM ZOS mainframe 30XX computer system.

This also included on site & remote support

* The LAN included Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

* Extra duties included doing technical evaluation interviews.

Client: McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, Illinois. Feb 2000 to June 2000


* Developed & supported an Electronic Commerce System for the Internet (ECOIN system), an accounts

Payable interface application.

* The system used IMS-DB/DC, COBOL 370, MVS JCL & Utilities, DB2, SQL, QMF, SPUFI, on an IBM

MVS/OS/390 computer. Also, the system interfaced with a UNIX/ORACLE Electronic

Commerce system and included MS Office products.

Client: Hertz Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK Programmer/Analyst June 1999 to Dec 1999

* Supported and maintained the Global & European Accounting Systems.

* These systems used IBM MVS Mainframe with MVS JCL & Utilities, COBOL II, CICS, VSAM and DB2

Databases with SPUFI, QMF. The support platform included MS Windows NT 4 Work stations and Servers.

Client: The SABRE Group, Inc., Ft. Worth, Texas. Sep 1998 to April 1999


* Y2K compliance project, providing coding, testing, installation, conversion and support for various applications

systems. Used CICS, TELON, IMS/DL/1 DB/DC, COBOL II, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, MVS JCL & Utilities, on an

IBM MVS/ZOS mainframe computer. These systems also used PC's With MS-WINDOWS and MS Office.

Client: Federal Express Corp., Memphis, Tennessee. Feb 1997 to Sep 1998

Programmer/Analyst/Consultant – Project Team Leader.

* Y2K compliance project, providing coding, design, testing, implementation, conversion and support of various

Applications systems. Worked with MVS JCL & Utilities, COBOL II, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, IMS DB/DC on an

IBM MVS Mainframe computer system. This system also used IBM PC's MS-WINDOWS and MS-OFFICE.

Client: Discover/NOVUS Services, Inc., Riverwoods, Illinois. June 1996 to Jan 1997


* Developed, designed, and supported a credit card billing application system.

The system used CICS, MVS JCL & Utilities, IMS DB/DC, COBOL II, DB2, SPUFI, and QMF on an IBM an IBM

MVS mainframe Computer These systems also used IBM PC's with MS-WINDOWS, and MS-OFFICE.

Client: Nations Bank, Dallas, Texas. Feb 1996 to May 1996

Programmer/Analyst Consultant.

* Converted the Demand Deposit systems to the LE-370 COBOL software. Worked with CICS, IMS, DB/DC

and DB2 in an IBM MVS/ environment. These systems used IBM PC's with MS-WINDOWS and MS-OFFICE.

Client: Saudi Aramco Oil Co. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Jan 1994 to Dec 1995

Project Team Leader - Programmer/Analyst/Consultant.

* Functioned as a team leader of five programmers.

* Converted a FOCUS database system to DB2.

* Converted a PL/1 IMS Application system to a TELON, COBOL, and DB2 system.

* Converted PANVALET systems to ENDEVOR.

* Responsible for the design, development, implementation & support of various applications systems.

* These systems used CICS, MVS JCL & Utilities, IMS-DB/DC, COBOL II, PL/1, TELON, Microfocus COBOL

ALC, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, on an IBM MVS Mainframe computer system. Also used MS-OFFICE.

Experience Highlights (Continued): Rayburn V. Dunn

CONTRACT CONSULTANT. Feb 1990 to Dec 1993

Other engagements with clients: International Paper, Fidelity Investments, State of Kentucky, GTE,

Army-Air Force Exchange Service, IBM/Santa Fe Railroad. In these projects, I performed in the role of either

Project Team Leader or a Project Team Member.

Education and Specialized Training:

A A. Elgin Community College, Elgin, Illinois. – Associates Degree

Major in Business Administration. Minor in Computer Science.

Micro Computer Specialist Training August 2012.

Other Education and training.

Trained for ORACLE PL/SQL, E-Commerce & Data Base Administrator.

Participated in a diversity of company / industry sponsored training programs encompassing: Project

Management - Systems Analysis - Leadership Skills - Sales/Marketing - Employee Motivation - etc.

NCO Leadership and Supervisory training in the U. S. Military Reserves program.

Trained in SAP/ABAP.

October 2014 to present – Review training in COBOL, DB2, Oracle and Java.

Deloitte – 2010 thru 2011

SAP & SAP/ABAP training

Project Management training

JAVA Programming

Business Analyst training

Technical Skills:

Hardware: IBM 43XX; 30XX; 90XX; PC's; Tandem, Honeywell Level-66.

Opr. Systems: ZOS, OS/MVS/ESA, OS/390, DOS/VSE, MS-DOS/Windows NT,7,8 and Windows 10




Database: DB2, Oracle, SQL IMS DB/DC,DL/1, IDMS, Honeywell DM-IV

Languages: LE-370 COBOL, COBOL II, Visual COBOL Tandem COBOL, C/C++, JAVA, SQL,

HTML, PL/1, Assembler

U.S. Citizen. Military Service: U.S. Army. Have held the DOD SECRET Security Clearance

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