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Design Project

Metuchen, New Jersey, 08840, United States
60000 - 70000
January 21, 2018

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*** ********* ****, ******, *** Jersey 08837 Cell, VM: 732-***-****

Cover Letter 12.1.2017


Summary of Qualifications

MicroStation V8i 2D & 3D CAD (Series 3), Luxology Renderer

Architectural, Structural and Civil Design Drafting

Design and Development of Houses based upon Structural Insulated Panel Technology

Design and Development of Manufactured Products

Design and Development of Manufactured Building Component Products


My work has been the designing and detailing of buildings, architectural interiors, building components for more than twenty-five years. That includes more than 20 years of CAD work for several types of projects, for example, concrete bridge structures, steel building structures, structural steel shop drawings, and civil engineering site and utility drawings for some two years. I am twenty years proficient at MicroStation.

An excellent designer, developer and detailer, I can deal with engineering and architectural design details with a refined sense of craftsmanship, esthetics, engineering requirements and construction reality. I am a creative and highly inventive problem solver, and I seek to find an employer who needs to integrate quality solutions for design and business problems. I have a diversity of architectural design, general arrangement, and civil and structural drafting experience. I have evaluated the organizational and CAD methods of several companies. I can do building surveys and also check construction-working and shop drawings.

Because of my prior career designing manufactured products, building components, and office furniture I am familiar with manufacturing, geometry, design development, shop and fabrication techniques. I have excellent skills in color drawing using physical color drawing media, and 3D CAD photorealistic rendered images and drawings.

Capable of providing highly creative solutions to design and structure problems, and I provide new product concepts and inventions. An effective analyst, communicator, and facilitator with a unique blend of architectural and business vision, I utilize and integrate diverse resources in achieving design, engineering, and other business objectives.

Ralph Hertle


225 Parsonage Road, Edison, New Jersey 08837 Cell, VM: 732-***-****

RESUME - 12.1.2017


Summary of Qualifications:

Architectural and Design professional with more than twenty years of experience in the design and drafting of industrial, commercial and residential structures. Six months work on NYC subway stations. Civil work amounting to one year involving industrial and residential building site plans, campus site contour drawings, utilities and roadway work. Two years structural CAD work involving architectural steel, fabrication piece drawings, concrete highway bridges, steel highway toll gantries, and reinforced concrete highway bridge structures. Architectural design background supplemented and enhanced by academic foundation and significant experience in office interiors, manufactured product design and furniture design.

More than 25 years work using MicroStation through V8i Series 3, 2D & 3D CAD drawing, geometry modeling, and 3D imaging using Luxology Renderer.

Proficient at setups for 2D or 3D CAD projects with reference files, drawing types, client and design/engineering standards, layers / levels, symbology, plotting, markups, and workstation maintenance. CAD project setup is one of the main areas where I have saved my employers money: 25% of the costs of producing working drawings and less schedule time.

My civil work includes site plans for industrial buildings, shopping centers and private homes. For civil work I can close a boundary polygon, site buildings in setbacks, locate bore holes, and place 2D and 3D contour lines, for example. I am interested in learning MSTN civil structural SW. Work with NJDOT, highway, utilities, and architectural CAD standards. I have coordinated both AutoCAD and MicroStation files to make construction and work order drawings and plan details in MicroStation. Use of MicroStation to co-reference and make combination and referenced DGN and DWG drawings; and also work within MicroStation directly on native DWG file format drawings.

Worked on architectural and civil drawing coordinate systems for subways, highway locations, factory buildings and bridge sites. Some mapping using reference files. CAD format translations, PDFs and plotting.


Intergraph MicroStation CAD Sequences (McGraw-Hill, 1994), book author.

The Entity Theory of Gravity (U.S. Library of Congress, 1990), book author.

Architecture project work:

Considerable experience in designing and drafting diverse residential and commercial facilities, including single and multi-family housing, office interiors, shopping centers, transportation infrastructure, and site drawings..

Planning and layout of projects, integration of engineering elements into unified designs, developing residential and commercial interior and exterior designs optimizing functionality and aesthetic design.

Cost estimating, take-offs, database, materials & component research, reports, purchase orders.

Preparation of preliminary design sketches, renderings of elevations and building site features.

Cooperated with architects and engineers in the design and layout of building envelope, structural,

mechanical, plumbing, site and HVAC systems.

Knowledge of structural insulated panel construction systems and design techniques.

Top color media drawing skills, and top logical, creative design, and problem solving abilities.

Prepared schedules and established priorities assuring timely completion of design and drafting projects.

Engineering project work:

CAD work involved making design and detail drawings for structural steel and concrete, civil site, reinf.

concrete highway bridges, overhead steel highway gantries. NJDOT related highway and site work.

Project work for: URS Corp., Engineers, Maurice Brown PE, PSE&G, Kodak, CRSS Architects, Amtrak,

HLW Architects, HOK Architects, Herman Miller Inc., Albertson's stores, Shaw Stone & Webster Engineers,

AI Engineers, and KS Engineers.

Provided design concepts and development in coordination with the project engineers.

Science project and manufactured product development work:

3D CAD models and 3D cells for experimental laboratory components and pilot production equipment,

Merck & Co. Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory.

Current invention development CAD work for scientists and inventors in electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

Work is on pilot production facilities based upon algae oil technology.

current work on proprietary Inventions and development of designs for manufactured product components

for buildings


Full/ part time. Northern / Central New Jersey area. Two high-resolution 24” monitors.

Salary: negotiable.


Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, Bachelor of Science, Product Design.

New York School of Interior Design - taught second and third year Design Courses.

Kean University: 3 courses - 2D & 3D AutoCAD, Web Site Development

Middlesex County VOTECH: 4 courses – AutoCAD, Photoshop, Excel 1, 2.

Ayn Rand Institute: 12 courses – philosophy, history

Work history and projects with references

From July, 1996 to Present - most recent listed first:

1.Blue Star Design, Edison, NJ. Full time and direct consulting during 2001 through 2017.

Contact: Ralph Hertle, CEO.

Sr. CAD Designer / Drafter / Direct Consultant

Design and development work for inventions, science equipment, and manufactured products.

Design and engineering professional for 40 years: top logical, design, and problem solving abilities.

Color sketching and drawing using physical color drawing media.

2D technical drawings for manufacturing and fabrication, 3D CAD models, and photorealistic

rendered images and drawings using MicroStation V8i and Luxology.

A list of previous career design projects may be available upon request.

Direct consulting work done for scientists, inventors, and manufacturers:

CAD and product design and design development projects and consulting.

Engineering development of inventions leading to applications for patents.

Design and development of manufactured products.

Highly creative solutions to design and structure problems.

Product development.

New product concepts and inventions.

Familiar with product geometry, design development, manufacturing and

fabrication techniques.

3D CAD models and 3D cells for experimental laboratory components and pharmaceutical pilot production equipment. [ Previous work done for Merck & Co. Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory.]

Invention development CAD work for scientists: CAD modeling of pharmaceutical molecules, for inventor clients on consumer electronics projects, for example, cell phones, sound systems, and computer accessories. Proprietary designs and inventions available for licensing. Portfolio of proprietary invention and design projects including, for example, building and structural components, office furniture systems, pilot production facilities based upon algae oil technology, seating, automotive mechanical components, and construction tools.

2. Macon Pace Inc., engineers, Hamilton, NJ. Made CAD working drawings for structural steel gantry structures for NJTPK highway fast lane toll camera equipment, and also, CAD drawings for large reinforced concrete oil-water separator for NY Air National Guard Base. Used MicroStation and Bentley ProjectWise. Contact: Mr. D.M. Chanda, PE, CEO, at 609-***-****. Staff, Jan. 1, 2008 to Jan. 1, 2009.

3. InterMetal Inc., fabricator of heavy steel, Brooklyn NY. Consulting project. Work involved CAD drawing set for a revised building in New York City, including design and shop drawings for columns, floor beams, joists, lintels, clips, BOM, and 35’ structural steel rooftop support structure for 40K. lbs. HVAC equipment.

Contact: CEO, Two months free-lance, 2008.

4. AI Engineers, PC, New Haven, CT. Direct consulting work- one month project. CAD drafting project to plan and format a set of architectural existing conditions drawing files for VA Hospital in New Haven. CT.; specifically to plan the CAD project and workflow. MicroStation V7 CAD. Contact: HR. Staff, 2 months, 2007,

Contact: HR Dept. 2008.

5. K S Engineers, PC, at Newark, NJ. Civil and structural CAD drafting. Major projects in MicroStation V7 and V8 CAD were CAD drawings for repainting of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, CAD working drawings for two 88' long concrete highway bridges for the NJ Garden State Parkway. MSTN CAD help was also provided for two NJ Turnpike Authority bridges and site grading plans for Kean University.

Contact: Mr. Robert Nash, PE, Sr. Engineering Manager for reference or Mr. Kirit Patel, HR Manager, at 973-***-****. Staff, 7-1/2 months. Sept. 5, 2006 to April 15, 2007.

6. Shaw Stone and Webster Engineers, Trenton, NJ. Architectural designer detailer working on architectural building envelope and related structural details for two flue gas scrubber buildings for PPL fossil fuel electric generation plants. The work was done in 2D and 3D MicroStation for elevations, plans, sections, calculations, and specialized details, for example, for rain conductor piping plans, roofs, and stair planning involving 4,000 treads. Excel workbook calculations and MicroStation 3D renderings were produced. Contact Joe Marra, HR Manager, 1-605-***-****. Staff. 7 months. August 22, 2005 to April 13, 2006.

7. Blue Star Houses, LLC, Edison NJ. Design Director, contract design of three houses, design development, site development and plans, working drawings. Between stints with other firms I developed designs for luxury homes and did designs for building alterations for clients. Licensed Home Builder in New Jersey. Contact: Ralph Hertle, 732-***-****. January 1, 2000 to June 1, 2005.

8. Maurice Brown, P.E., Passaic, NJ. MicroStation CAD highway site and construction working drawings for a ten mile water main relocation projects on Rt. 4 and Rt. 1-9 in NJ for United Water Company. MicroStation and AutoCAD CAD drawings. That involved NJDOT-based roadway standards.

Contact: Maurice Brown, P.E., project engineer, 973-***-****. Consultant, 4 months project during 2003 and 4 months during 2008.

9. Montalto-Massa Architects, Edison NJ. Project CAD Captain, building shell detailing, working drawing set production for two Albertson's buildings: two large supermarket box stores and one convenience store and fuel center.

Contact reference. Steve Kiely, R.A., co-worker at company. Staff, May 19 to October 6, 2002.

10. URS Woodward Greiner Architects and Engineers, Architects and Engineers, Wayne, NJ, Major renovation project was the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority - Essex and Delancey Subway Station - two stations in Lower Manhattan at the approach to the Manhattan Bridge. Project involved CAD project design and setup, creation of standards and seed files (template files) for project drawings, field survey work and existing conditions drawings, design development drawings, 3D solid modeling of the two stations, a substantial amount (50%) of the working drawing set, plans, elevations, details, location of historic (1908, 1930) station design drawings and map data on standard U.S. Geological and NYC Standard map systems (Verified with MicroStation CAD the URS engineer's calculations that the original Delancey Street Station of 1000' in length was built in a location that was 1.5 deg. in error. ) CAD work included existing, developmental, and new construction work for the two subway stations, existing and new entrances, and existing new complex stair systems between the two stations, coordination of structural steel element locations, coordination of architectural and engineering work. The main office of URS Woodward Greiner Architects and Engineers is in Wayne, NJ, phone, 212-***-****. Staff, March 29 to October 29, 1999.

Contact Theresa Surman, HR, 609-***-****. Six months, 1998.

11. John Lawson Architects, Philadelphia, Pa.: CAD working drawing set for office renovations, free lance, Univ. of Penn., Three month free lance project.

Contact: Lorna Katz, Project Architect, 215-***-****. December, 1997 to August, 1998.

12. Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann, Architects, Philadelphia, Pa.: CAD working drawings for Woodlawn U.S. Soc. Sec. Admin. Bldg.

Contact: Linda Sallee, Architect, 215-***-****. Contract, three months, 1997.

13. Thomas Hall Architect, Wayne, Pa.: CAD working drawings for factory building envelopes and site drawings.

Contact: Alan Evans, Marketing Mgr., or John Mugge, Comptroller, 610-***-****. April to August, 1997.

14. Gannett Fleming Engineers and Planners, Philadelphia, PA: CAD working drawings and diagrams for AMTRAK signal and track power systems.

Contact Theresa Surman, National Engineering, 609-***-****. Three months, 1997.

15. Lawrence Gilbert Architect, Phila, Pa.: CAD working drawing set for building design for electrical contracting firm client, Phila.

Contact: Lawrence Gilbert, 215-***-****, February to June, 1997.

16. The Kling Lindquist Partnership Inc., Philadelphia, Pa.: CAD work for the Merck & Co., Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory, Somerset, NJ. The project involved using the CAD programs, Intergraph's MicroArchitect 3D BIM and Bentley System's MicroStation/95, to make 3D drawings and cells for experimental laboratory components, equipment, and pilot production equipment. Models were automatically generated in 3D from 2D plans and automatically rendered.

Contact: Steve Huston, Dir. Personnel, (main reference regarding employment) 215-***-****. Ellen Sisle, Sr. Project Architect, 215-***-****. Richard Cowling, Architect, 215-***-****. Staff, July 15 to November 20, 1996.

17. PSE&G Public Service Electric & Gas Co., Newark, NJ. Site plans, existing conditions drawings, building design development, and CAD construction working drawings for one major PE&G 480,000 sq. ft. equipment depot building, CAD drawings for concrete surface water control devices. PSE&G architectural department closed due to diversification.

Contact: Andersen. Staff, 6 months, to July 1996.

18. CRS Sirrine Architects and Engineers, New York, NY, architectural CAD drafting work,

tall building drawing sets, six months,

No contact; David Benander, CAD Manager, Arch.,1988.

19. Lockwood Greene Architects, New York, NY, trained in MicroStation and Intergraph IGDS, six months.

No contact: David Benander, CAD Manager, Arch., 1987

Previous Work Prior to July, 1996

Started working in office building interior architectural drafting in 1970.

Previously designed manufactured products for 15 years.

General References:

Macon Pace Inc., civil and structural engineers, Hamilton, NJ.

Contact: Mr. D.M. Chanda, PE, CEO, at 609-***-****. Staff, 2008.

Lance Wyman Ltd., 118 West 80th. Street, New York, NY, 10024. I worked on miscellaneous design and support drafting for architectural signing separate projects over a span of twenty years.

Contact: Lance Wyman, 212-***-****. Consultant, from January, 1970.

Emerling Design, Inc., Nederland, CO. Engineering product development.

Contact: Dorothy Emerling, CEO. 1-949-***-****

Danisas Group LLC, Fanwood, NJ. General Contractors, advisor from 2001 to 2014.

Contact: Jim Hurtado, CEO

Professional Organizations, Licenses:

National Society of Inventors, former Secretary and Member of Board of Directors

American Society of Inventors, former Member Board of Directors

New Jersey Entrepreneurs and Startup Network, Member

The United Inventors Association of America, Member

The MicroStation Club of Philadelphia, Founder. Sanctioned by TMC and Bentley Systems, Inc.

The MicroStation Community, Charter Member

Structural Insulated Panel Association, Member

Blue Star Houses LLC, incorporated 2001

Licensed New Home Builder, New Jersey

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