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Test Lab Technician

Uttar Pradesh, India
3500 SR
January 21, 2018

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Islamullah Khan

Voice: +916*********


Career Objective

Hard working, enthusiastic graduate with a degree. I am eager to learn new skills and meet new challenges in a dynamic work environment. Highly self-motivated and a good team worker. Looking to work with an organization that offers a creative, dynamic and professional environment, where my education, knowledge, skills and proven abilities can be fully utilized and which also offers learning opportunities for my career development in the long run.

Professional Experience

Al Rawaf Construction Company, Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia

October 2013 to May 2017

Position: Material Laboratory Technician


Maintain quality Control work at Lab or Site and conduct different testing of Aggregate, Soil, Concrete.

Conduct the test of Proctor, CBR, Sieve Analysis Aggregate and Soil, Liquid limit Plastic limit, LA Abrasion,Specific gravity Soil and Aggregate, Flakiness, Elongation, Soundness, Sand Equivalent, Concrete Compression test, Concrete Durability, on ASTM and Aramco Standard .

Assist the Lab Technician in overall Quality Control on the site and Laboratory works.

Perform Concrete Field Testing at site, sampling, mixing, temperature, Slump, Density, Air Content and making cylinders at Field Testing area . (ASTM, ACI Standard ) .

Co-ordination with QC Engineers of Contractor for maintaining the quality of different material at site.

Prepare Work Schedule for the site and Lab work and preparation of reports.

Lab work experience

Company: GTC (Geotechnical Testing Center) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Position: Material Lab Technician

Aug 2011 to Sep 2013

All tests on Soil

Moisture content determination by oven dry method /speedy moisture tester, California bearing ratio, Standard penetration tests, Unconfined compressive strength of soil, Sieve analysis of Coarse and fine aggregates, Compression tests on Cylinder and Cube, Field Density tests, Sand replacements test, core cutter test, Lab Density tests, Standard proctor test, Modified proctor test, Consistency of limits tests, Plastic limit, Liquid limit and plastic Index test.

All tests on Aggregates

Specific gravity of coarse and fine aggregates, Impact value test, Crushing value test, Los Angeles abrasion test, Soundness test of aggregates, Unit weight of aggregate, Gradation of aggregates, Flakey and elongations tests.

All tests on Cement

Consistency of cement, Initial and final setting of cement, Fineness of cement, Unit weight of cement.

All tests on Concrete

Sampling fresh concrete in field, Slump test, Compacting factor test, Compressing strength of concrete on blocks and cubes.

All tests on Bitumen

Penetration test, Flash and fire point test, Softness of bitumen, Ductility test of bitumen, Marshal stability and flow test, Bitumen extraction, Little bit introduction of Asphalt mix design.

Company: India Standard Construction Co., Bangalore India

May 2007 to June 2011

Position: Material Lab Technician

Quality Testing Earth Work

Earth Work, Soil Classification, Soil test, liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index, Soil gradation ( Sieve Analysis), Proctor (Maximum Dry Density of Soil), Optimum Moisture Content, Specific Gravity of Soil, CBR test (California Bearing Ratio), Supervision of Site Activity, Field Density Test, Natural Ground Compaction, Embankment, Top of sub grade and use for Nuclear Gauge Method ( Truckler Machine) use for field density test. Aggregate Base Course 1st, Aggregate Base Course 2nd and sampling of Sites and Borrow area.

Quality Testing Aggregates

Sieve Analysis of Aggregate Base Course Material, Liquid limit, Plastic Limit, Specific gravity of aggregate, Unit weight, Abrasions (Loss angles) Soundness Test, Sodium Sulfate Test, Proctor Test (Maximum Dry Density), OMC (Optimum Moisture Contents) Supervision of All Site Activities FDT Testing and Site Sampling and stock pile.

All tests on Concrete

Sieve Analysis of aggregate, Abrasion (loss angles), Soundness Test, Specific Gravity of Course Aggregate, Specific gravity of fine aggregate, Sand gradation, unit weight of sand, water cement ratio, slump of hydraulic cement concrete, nominal consistency of hydraulic cement, temperature and casting of cube, rip rap and reinforce concrete of slope protection, Stone pitching, girder of concrete, pouring of concrete, pile of concrete, concrete curb stone, concrete fencing post, compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimen, concrete setting time, boring of pile and load test, casting of concrete 7 days and 28 days Compressive strength test. And all quality test.

Quality Tests Asphalt

All quality test of guardrail, Course and fine aggregate Sieve Analysis, Flush point & fire point, Distillation of cut back Asphalt (MC-70), Penetration of Bituminous Materials Grade 60-70, Coating and Stripping of Bitumen Aggregate Mixtures, Loss on Heating of Asphaltic Compounds, Specific Gravity and Absorption test, Softening point of Bituminous (ring and Ball) test, Marshall test and site Curing Mould, Blended of aggregate.


BA (Bachelor of Arts)

University of Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Jaunpur

Diploma for construction Material Lab Technician

Ideal Training Institute Jamshedpur India

Technical Skills

MS word, Excel (Advance)

Power point, Invoices

Invoices, Use of internet

In page and Installation of software.


•Expert in written and spoken Hindi (Native Language)

•Proficient in written and spoken English

•Proficient in Read and spoken Urdu, Arabic.

Personal Profiles

•Iqama Number 232-***-****

•Iqama Exit

•Father’s Name Shamsher khan

•Date of Birth Aug 10, 1983

•Marital Status Married

•Religion Islam

•Nationality Indian

•Languages English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic

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