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Natick, Massachusetts, 01760, United States
January 19, 2018

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Mobile: 732-***-****


Over 10 years of experience in design and development of software for various domains like Telecom, Railway Signalling and Printing

Strong expertise in C++, C, STL, Unix, Linux, Shell

In depth experience and understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts

Expertise in various version control systems like Git, Gerrit, IBM RTC, Clear Case and Build tools like Jenkins

Result oriented developer with comprehensive domain and technical background

Involved in extensive design, development and prototyping, code walk-through, review and testing in software development

Sound experience in different software development processes like Agile and Waterfall.

Expertise in Agile Scrum Master and Sprint activities

Experience in performing Target, Regression, Sanity testing and Integration Process

Possess good analytical and problem solving skills

Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated and quick learner

Possess excellent trouble shooting techniques, Debugging and Exception handling skills.


Operating Systems WinCE, MS Windows 7/NT/2000/VISTA/XP, Linux, Unix

Languages C, C++, Core Java, PL/SQL

Scripting Languages Shell, Perl, Python, JSON, XML

IDE MS Visual Studio 2008, Altera, Xilinx, Eclipse, Predix SDK

Modelling Tools Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio 2010/2007, Enterprise Architect

Version Controls Clear Case, SVN, Git, IBM RTC

Management Tools IBM RTC, Jira, Gerrit, Jenkins


Project: Edge Development

Senior Developer, TCS, Boston, USA

Client: GE Automation and Control, USA, Jun-2017 to present

Skills: C++,C, Google test, git, Jenkins, Docker Container, Vagrant, Eclipse, JSON, XML

For Edge platform, implement the CDP(Common Data Transport), which is common for all types of transport protocols

Implementation of OSIPI client to subscribe for the OSIPI server data

Setup of OSIPI Server and access it real functional testing and Implementation of Mock client in the Gtest framework

Push the source code regularly to CI and run the Jenkins jobs

Update the progress and status of the tasks through weekly and daily calls with the customer

Project: Ethernet/IP Protocol Development

Developer and Team Lead, TCS, Hyderabad, India & Virginia, USA

Client: GE Automation and Control, USA, Oct-2016 to Jun-2017

Skills: Core Java, Predix SDK, MFA, Jenkins, Eclipse. OSGI container, PL/SQL

Adhere to the standards from OVDA for CIP and understand the requirement to read the data from AB PLCs(Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller)

Implementation of Implicit and Explicit messaging as Predix Machine Adapter for Ethernet/IP

Bring up the AB PLC on CPE 400 board with PME( Proficy Machine Edition) software project

Setup and Bring up of the MFA Hardware (Mini-Field-Agent) and connect it with the AB-PLC hardware

Provide technical support in porting the solution onto MFA

Update the progress and status of the tasks through weekly and daily calls with the customer

Project: BT/Wi-Fi development and Platform(Concord) enhancements

Module Lead, TCS, Cambridge, UK

Client: Domino, UK, Mar-2016 to Sep-2016

Skills: C++, STL, Boost, Design Patterns, Multi-threading, IBM RTC, WinCE, Visual Studio-2008, MS SQL Server

Development environment set-up using VS-2008, WinCE platform builder, IBM RTC

Implementation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces for Octopus printers

Hardware board (Concord2) bring up with BT and Wi-Fi interfaces and target testing

Enhancement of Concord platform by adding the Hijri, Jalali and Gregorian calendars support

Concord platform code is written in C++ using Multi-Threading and designed using various Design Pattern concepts mainly Singleton Pattern, Factory Method, Observer Pattern, Visitor Pattern

As a onsite co-ordinator, supporting the offshore development team

Project: IoT ( Internet of Things)

Module Lead, TCS ( TCS acquired CMC Limited in Oct, 2015), Hyderabad, India

Client: Qualcomm, USA, Aug-2015 to Feb- 2016

Skills: C, C++, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Eclipse

Review & Understanding the requirements

Preparation of HLD and LLD documents and involved in review process

Involved in implementation of tracing module and CoAP protocol

Porting and testing the executables on to the target board(Qualcomm Development Kit – Kingfisher)

Preparation of test plan for the functional testing

Involved in Unit and Functional Testing

Project: Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) for Microlok II Positive Train Control (MLKPTC)

Module Lead, CMC Limited, Hyderabad, India

Client: Ansaldo STS, USA, Jan-2014 to July- 2015

Skills: C++, Linux, Shell script, Python, Altera IDE, Xilinx IDE, IBM Rational DOORs, SVN

Leading the team technically by providing support for different activities like Flashing executables on to Microcontrollers, Unit testing, Creation of test plan and specification documents

Design the software using C and Preparing Software Hardware Integration test cases

Installing and build set up for Altera & Xilinx Projects

Experience in Verification and Validation of Ansaldo Railway Signalling products

Review of Test Specification and Test execution

Traceability of test specification and report with Feature Module Requirements in DOORS

Project: Common Operations and Maintenance – COM

Developer, CMC Limited, Hyderabad, India

Client: Ericsson, UK, March-2013 to Dec- 2013

Skills: C++, Linux, Python, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Core Java, Maven, Ant, wire shark

COM is to serve the FCAPS functionality at the NMS/EMS/NEs level. F – Fault Management (FM), C – Configuration Management (CM), A – Accounting Management (AM), P – Performance Management (PM) and S – Security Management(SM)

Involved in SM Module, is responsible for authorization of the NBI (North Bound Interface) users. And then authenticate all the CLI(Command Line interface) / Netconf(XML requests for system to system) operations performed by the NBI users

Added the TLS(Transport Layer Security) feature to the COM

Involved in solving TRs in SM, CLI( Command Line Interface) and Netconf(system to system communication through XML requests) modules

Responsible for the deliverables from the team, preparing the sprint plans and following the RTC tool for tracking status of planned tasks

Project: XEROX – Core Imaging Module Development

Developer, CMC Limited, Hyderabad, India

Client: Xerox Corporation, USA, July-2011 to Feb- 2013

Skills: C,C++, Unix, Shell script, Sun Solaris OS, AccuRev, Remedy, Clear Case

Understand the Core imaging modules (PCL, PPML, and PPR)

Involved in Automatic Regression Testing

Experience in Debugging on Sun studio and Xerox related processes

Involved in creation of Test documents and testing

Worked on reproducing and analysing the ARs/SPARs in PPR modules

Project: Development of RNC functionality in Femto-BSR (Base Station Router)

Senior Developer, Aricent Technologies, Bangalore, India

Client: Alcatel – Lucent (ALU), Swindon, June 2007 to May 2011

Skills: C,C++, Clear case, Rational Rose/UML, UMTS - RRM(Radio Resource Management), Rational Rose, Clear Case, Web Sablime, DCT, Unix SUN Solaris, Linux

Exploration of the Telecom Domain and the UMTS technology

Involved in Design, Development, Module Testing & Target Testing of ACB (Access Class Barring) feature

Involved in Developing the Open Access feature

Development and Module Testing of GSM Optimization feature. This provides the list of 2G neighbour cells of the Femto and this list will be used during the HO (Handover)

Design, Development, Module Testing & Target Testing of PM. PM is responsible for maintaining the Performance measurement counters and collecting them to send it to the operator for logging of Performance Related Measurements from the applications of BSR into the PM Files

Worked in the features Prioritized Open Access (POA) feature. POA is to give the priority to the Owner/Guest users over Public users.

Involved in implementing the feature Femto Group Support

Involved in implementing the feature Femto to Femto Handover. This feature is to support the Handover of CS and PS Calls between the Femtos

Implemented the feature Software Support for 850/1900 Dual Band with the complete ownership.

Implemented the feature Standards Compliant RNC ID as a feature Prime.

Have the experience in fixing the Testing Issues, MR(Modification Request)s and CR(Change Request)s

Involved in the Integration Process, Building and releasing the Frameworks

Implemented the feature Measurement/Mobile Assisted Handover from Femto to 3G/2G Network for only CS Call

Worked with the PS Call and CS+PS MAHO(Measurement Assisted HO) to 2G/3G Network

Project: Development of SM Module in Micro-BSR (Base Station Router)

Developer, Aricent Technologies, Bangalore, India

Client: Alcatel – Lucent (ALU), Swindon, Sep-2006 to May-2007

Skills: C/C++, Clear case, Rational Rose/UML, Session Management module, Rational Rose, Clear Case, Web Sablime, SUN Solaris

Adhered to high-quality development 3GPP standards while delivering solutions on-time and on-budget.

Involved in exploration of basics of telecom Domain, GSM, GPRS, UMTS

Development, Module Testing & Target Testing of Session Management(SM)

Involved in implementation of Charging module


Bachelor of Engineering with specialisation in Computer Science Engineering from Acharya Nagarjuna University, India in 2006

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