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Petroleum Engineer with Experience in Horizonal Well Stimulation Desig

Houston, Texas, United States
January 18, 2018

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Russell (Rusty) Lee Smith

Houston, Texas *****


Petroleum Engineer

Well Construction and Trouble Shooting

Expert in petroleum and environmental industries. Includes stimulation/drilling/completing,gas storage wells, class I disposal wells, class II disposal wells, oil and gas production wells. Experience in the uses of new technologies concerning alloys and fiberglass pipe in hazardous waste wells. Contributed to increased “injectivity” on saltwater, non-hazardous, and hazardous disposals wells for Navajo Refining, Williams, BP, Veolia, and Solutia. Directly contributed to cost reductions for Navajo an estimated $30,000.00 on the recompletion, Conoco/Philips saved $28,000.00 on a workover, and Veolia reduced well cost estimated $20,000.00 on fiberglass injection tubing. Directly contributed to the workover of Trisun disposal in the Big Lake area to reduce operating cost. One year with Eli and Associates well stimulation projects in Oklahoma for Newfield.

Oil well enhanced production methods:

fracturing, acidizing, chemical treatments, and cementing.

Leadership and supervisory skills:

Oversite of drilling operations, well workovers, well testing, and reverse unit drilling operations.

Creating well construction budgets for drilling and completion operations (AFE).

Fracturing and completions designs in horizontal wells for both South Texas and North Dakota shale formations using coil tubing and conventional wireline plug and perf methods.

Technical writing skills:

Completed compliance documentation for state regulators in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, California, and wrote a paper that was presented at the SMRI conference in Lafayette, LA.

Professional sales experience:

Present proposal to various clients for usage of new fluid and electronic technologies to increased production on a number of wells for clients such as Unit Corporation, Laredo Energy, 1776 Energy, Oasis Petroleum, and Worsham Steed Gas Storage.

Petroleum Industry Skills

Fracturing Equipment Training

Reservoir Engineering

Fracturing Theory and Design

Cementing Equipment Training

Cementing Chemistry

Well-Cementing Theory and Design

API Drilling Practices

Cement Bond Log Analysis

Open and Cased Hole Log Analysis

Reservoir Evaluation for Production

Advanced Fracturing Engineering

Horizontal/Deviated Well Design

Waste Water Disposal

EPA Hazardous Disposal Well Design

EPA Non-hazardous Disposal Well Design

Class I / Class II Well Permits

ASTM/API Gas Storage Well Design

DOT Training

Front-Line Management Training

Value-added Sales Training

Well Project Management

API Well Construction and Design

EPA/API Well Testing and Analysis

Well Stimulation Design

Compliance Procedure Reports

Preparing Well AFE

TRRC Submitting Well Permits

Well Control Certified

Disposal Well Certified GWPS

Schlumberger Stimulation Certified

Software/Computer Skills

*MS Office Software

*MS Project

Fortran99/Visual Basic



*Weatherford’s Pansystems




*Well LOG



*Schlumberger’s CADE Software




Cavern Design software Salgas


*Fluent with this software in design and testing wells for project data analysis and reports.

Professional Experience

Affordable Accurate Petroleum Consulting (AAPC), Houston, TX 2015 – 2017

Consulting Engineer and Owner

Performed stimulation fracturing consulting work for Newfield under Ely and Associates in Oklahoma. The work for Ely consisted of job oversite insuring that the well was fractured according to design and if necessary make changes to accommodate the downhole condition. Did contract work for Trisun Energy on three of their commercial disposal located in Texas. The work for Trisun consisted of stimulation, design, testing, and well over site of workover projects.

Baker Hughes Inc., Houston, TX 2013 – 2015

Application Engineer / Technical Support Sales Engineer

Expert in the development of horizontal well fracturing and cementing designs for clients in South Texas and North Dakota. In house engineering for all pumping service product lines, cementing and fracturing services in horizontal well wellbores, integrating coil tubing services with pumping services and supporting sales of water management services. A major achievement while at Baker was the development of cost estimates for the proposed designs for integration into the well proposal that reduced the client estimated budgets using new technologies, innovative in tools, procedures, and fluids. This lead to Baker increasing my exposure to client presentation of all engineering and technical data to further sales. Left Baker Hughes due a reduction in workforce.

Major Client Projects:

Oasis Petroleum: technical support development of fracturing designs and cost proposals

Cabot Oil and Gas: direct oversight of well cementing designs and proposals

Laredo Energy: indirect oversight of cementing design and fracturing treatments

1776 Energy: assisted with the development of fracturing designs and sales

Unit Petroleum: development of vertical well and horizontal well fracturing designs

Lonquist & Co., LLC, Houston, TX 2012 – 2013

Petroleum Engineer/Consultant

Provide expertise on a variety of petroleum engineering projects for the company, included hazardous waste disposal well design, well stimulation procedures and designs,

Workover procedure design - engineering designs for well solution mining for gas storage in caverns, in Sulphur, LA for Petal Gas and Storage, completion designs for cavern gas well storage in Petal, MS for Mississippi Hub Gas and Storage, successfully completed state required cavern testing and class II salt water disposal well testing, for Liberty Gas and Storage. Responsible for the design of cavern well leaching projects including updates and new well design.

Wrote a paper that was presented at SMRI conference in Lafayette, LA by Lonquist. The paper described different pipe cutting technologies used in gas filled caverns.

Leadership skills include on site supervision over cavern well operations in Kansas for Williams and Mississippi for Mississippi Hub. Left for a promotional position with Baker Hughes.

Major Client Projects:

Petal Gas & Storage: well conversion from leaching to gas storage

Liberty Gas & Storage: plug and abandoned existing cavern wells

Mississippi Hub Gas & Storage: conversion from leaching to gas storage

Williams Gas Storage: well testing for mechanical integrity

Parsons Brinckerhoff (Formally Subsurface Group, Inc.), Houston, TX 2005 – 2012

Petroleum Engineer

Developed expertise in field oversights of Class I hazardous / non-hazardous disposal well projects, well design and testing, performing well tests and analysis using Pansystems software. Lead in well stimulations design for Williams and BP, new waste disposal wells design for Navajo Refining, and management of change to well projects

Major Client Projects:

KC Industries: Well petitions for a hazardous and non-hazardous wells

Navajo Refining (Holly Corp.): Conversion of abandoned oil well to non-hazardous waste disposal well

Williams: Washington, La: Maintenance on deep high pressure conventional gas storage wells

Veolia: Well testing, stimulation, and mechanical integrity repairs on non-hazardous disposal wells

BP: Well testing and stimulation of wells both non-hazardous and hazardous wells

Conoco Phillips: Borger TX facility, well testing and recompletion of bedded salt gas storage wells

CSI Technologies, Division of Superior Energy Services, Houston, TX 2004 – 2005

Technical Advisor

While at CSI I reviewed and analyzed well documentation looking for procedures, incidents, or chemical processes the may have caused downhole job or well failure. This included a review and analysis of all documentation regarding drilling procedures, cementing and fracturing processes, flow results of wells, downhole tools, downhole and surface equipment, all pumped and produced fluids, cement procedures, stimulation and flow back procedures, and historical production data.

Developed expertise in writing detailed reports using all the information provided to review and analyzed data (including data from other companies involved with the “job” as well as the client’s data).

Major achievements while at CSI was the discovery of what caused cement failure on a number of offshore cement jobs. Onsite troubleshoot to a client problems performing testing frac water. Left CSI for a better position with Subsurface Technology.

Environmental Consulting Work 2000 – 2004

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III of the ESA both inspection and design

Environmental site inspections for asbestos, lead, and indoor air

Asbestos lead and mold abatement designs

URS Corporation, Hurst, TX (Asbestos, and ESA projects)

Farmer & Associates, Inc., Allen/Hurst, TX (Asbestos and Indoor Air Quality Projects)

Terra-Mar, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX (Asbestos, ESA, and Lead projects)

King Consultants, Inc., Bedford, TX (Asbestos, ESA, and Lead projects)

Schlumberger, Inc, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana 1994 – 1999

District Engineer – Longview District, Bossier City, LA

Oil well enhancement and cementing, oil well stimulation evaluations, design cost control, personnel and equipment manager, quality control agent, safety training analysis, customer service representative. Provided customer service and support to clients, designed cement-casing jobs and hydraulically induced fractures for increased well production. Recommended pre-perforation and post-flow back techniques based on open log data analysis, estimated post-well fracturing production and compared to current production for economic analysis. Performed reservoir well evaluations and simulations on a given well and formation for the client to determine possible fracturing candidates. Responsible for cementing, stimulation evaluations and designs, cost control, personnel and equipment, quality control, and safety training analysis.

Field Engineer II, & Field Engineer – Offshore Cementing District, Houston, TX District

Offshore well cementing, and casing design, including evaluation and of well casing cement integrity.

Provided evaluation of case hole bond logs, and recommended casing design parameters.

Field Engineer I, Field Engineer – Midland, Texas District, Hobbs, NM

Oil well stimulation, design and implementation of oil well chemical treatments (acidizing and fracturing).

Projects While at Schlumberger:

Evaluation of the Haynesville formation to optimize oil and reduce water production after well stimulation.

Development of a cement spacer slurry design program using Efficient Laminar Flow parameters.

Responsible for the development of a foamed cement-pumping offshore program.

Field testing of a new flow control product, “Propnet”, and evaluated the determination of closure pressure during high rate acid jobs


Forty hours HAZWOPER training. Certified in waste disposal well engineering by GWPS, Certified by Schlumberger in fracturing and cementing design, in addition to well control classes with Certification.


Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Undergraduate courses, Business Administration Accounting, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

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