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Engineer Engineering

Richmond, Texas, United States
January 17, 2018

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Cell Phone: 832-***-****


As a technical leader with extensive structural engineering experience in creating state-of-the-art solutions for complex steel structural frames and detail design under seismic, wave, wind loads with AISC, ACI, ASCE, ASTM, ANSI and OSHA.

As a project lead and coordinator, provided professional engineering expertise for the field investigation, the facility design, constructions, operations and safety issues on capital projects.

As a technical lead with state-of-the-art methodology, created vessel inspection plans, initiated vessel deck complex modifications for new facilities and equipment, designed sea-fastening for heavy cargo transportations (up to 8000 MT).

As a PI, lead in conducting experiments or tests to obtain scientific data generating cutting-edge technologies or conceptual designs for applications.

As an onsite operation leader with proven expertise in steel structure constructions, pipe installations, heavy lift (up to 8000 MT), transportation, and installation aids.

With cutting-edge technology in structural integrity analysis using probabilistic predictions.


GE Oil & Gas, Small Scale LNG 10/2015 – 03/2017(Full Time)

1150 Schwab Road, Schertz, TX78132. Phone: 830-***-****

Lead Structural Engineer

Lead engineering service in USLNG (Shell) fabrication and assembly test. Support Block(VGL) team in complex technical solutions.

As a site lead engineer, interfacing with customers to supply construction guaranty to fulfill their schedules and technical requirements; creating innovated solutions for small scale LNG facility assembly (total 37 modules) test and conducting detail design for leveling foundations of LNG facility assembly.

Consulting rigging designs, generating rigging solutions, and signing off rigging documents to the client.

Directing heavy lifting team in LNG module internal lifting, transportation, and shipping operations.

Creating pipe labelling SPEC, managing labelling team to meet the deadline in time and in quality.

Signing on APPROVAL for drawings and reports/brief for the management in LNG structures and piping.

Computer Programs: STAAD PRO, ANSYS, MATHCAD.

EMAS AMC 06/2013 – 05/2015(Full Time)

825 Town and Country Vlg, Houston, TX 77024. Phone: 832-***-****

Lead Structural Engineer (Technical Advisor)

Led on several structural teams in supplying unique design for vessel deck modification, subsea installations, and vessel deck overall sea fastenings in EPC projects.

As a leader, successfully coordinated multidiscipline teams, designed and constructed a 52’ challenging pullhead tower on a vessel deck for Petrobras, Cascade-Chinook Power Umbilical Installation.

As a leader, with a thorough investigation of current codes, initiated the designs, guidelines and constructed subsea installation aids for Noble Energy in Big Bend and Gun Flint Tie-Back Production Line Installation.

As a leader, conducting tests for initiated designs of subsea installation aids and marine architectures to warranty deep water operation successfully.

As an advisor, coordinated a team to design and construct sea-fastenings and initiate Marine Survey Reports (for pipe reel barges) in time and in quality.

Computer Programs: STAAD PRO, ABQUES, MATHCAD.

AMEC FORSTER WHEELER 07/2011 – 06/2013(Full Time)

585 N Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, TX 77079. Phone: 713-***-****

Structural Engineer IV

Had been in charge for several EPC offshore projects in structural engineering and suppled state-of-the-art technology for challenging solutions in vessel deck modifications, and offshore fixed platforms.

Interfacing with Chevron clients and Implemented API RP2A latest revision in offshore fixed platform detail engineering, and made the structural engineering upgraded into a new level.

Interfacing with EXXON clients and Supplying challenging solutions for Marine Well Containment System Project in facility module designs and connections of facility modules with the vessel deck.

Solved complex technical problems in huge lift, installation aids, and ocean transportations for Mad Dog Phase 2 Project, BP, Feed Engineering.

Interacted with the administration and supplied satisfied solutions for their concerns.


TECHNIP USA INC 08/2008 – 07/2011(Full Time)

11740 Katy Fwy, #100, Houston, TX77079. Phone: 281-***-****

Senior Specialist

With extraordinary performance, had led/been in charge successfully for several world top EPC projects in nation and overseas by applying cutting edge technology, supplying challenging solutions with advanced computer programs in structural engineering.

Interfaced with Chevron and led to implement API Supplement 3 into Chevron Sanha Auxiliary Platform Project. Through right interpretation of the code, the initiation made the structural both more reliable and cost effective.

Interfaced with BHBP and took initiative to obtain the critical solutions for riser thermal loads acting on the platform, which blocked the project progress in BHBP Angostura Gas Project. Through a thorough survey and coordinating different engineering team, the riser load was justified into the right size and platform strength confirmed.

Took initiative with cutting-edge technology in launch and floating-over installation.

Led to accomplish two topsides for Platform Wellhead 4/6 by overcoming incredible tight time frame with pre/post service analysis for Umm LuLu Development Project, Phase I Feed II with high client satisfaction.

Interacted with clients to supply satisfied and instant solutions for construction concerns.


UPSTREAM ENGINEERING LLC 07/2007 – 08/2008(Full Time)

1505 Hwy 6 South, Suite 380, Houston, TX 77077. Phone: 281-***-****

Senior Engineer

Implemented SACS program into quarter designs of Bohai Bay Project, and accomplished analyses for in-place, lifting, and transportation for Well Head Platform C, D, E, F, H on time delivery. Interacted with the administration and supplied satisfied solutions for their concerns.

ENERGO ENGINEERING LLC 01/2006 – 07/2007(Full Time)

1300 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Ste 100, Houston, TX 77042. Phone: 713-***-****

Senior Engineer

Made contributions in safety surveys of existing fixed platforms in GOM by applying API design criteria and analyzing the SACS models, and supplying technical solutions for damaged fixed platforms to the client after hurricane Catrina & Rita. Studied damaged fixed platforms and MODUs using probabilistic analysis and fed back the conclusions to the government for codes updating.

Total five platforms were analyzed, which were damaged during Hurricanes Katrina/Rita. With the cutting-edge technology, the damaged capacity was identified and the cost-effective solutions were provided to customers. The repaired platforms are VR 367, Chevron ST131G, ERT ST63A, ERT ST63CA, and ERT WC215A.

Involved in MMS Project #578 - Assessment of Fixed Offshore Platform Performance

In Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Had been in charge for multiple fixed platform risk assessment with hurricane Katrina and Rita data. With the state of the art technology by applying SACS and SORM, the conclusion was reached that the safety factor should have increase ten percent in the current design code.

Involved to creating state-of-the-art procedures for P-31(vessel) risk based interval determinations of inspections, and for MODU Mooring failure/design analysis (industry joint projects) to improve risk based design safety factors.

Interacted with the administration and supplied satisfied solutions for their concerns.

Computer Programs: SACS, ANSYS, ABQUES, MATHCAD.

Yunnan Mechanical Research and Design Institute (China) 01/1992 – 12/1998(Full Time)

Jianlin Road 12, Kunming, Yunnan 650031. Phone: 087*-********

Senior Engineer

As a project lead, contributed on Yunnan (one of Chinese province) economy and industry development by consulting for new investments, joint-venture investments, and independent investment by enterprises. Developed new technologies focusing on effectively using natural resources and improving environmental impacts

Accomplished several feasibility studies for new investments on market survey, technology, environmental impacts, and financial analysis in automobile industry, machine tools industry, and locomotive industry. All of them had been authorized to put into construction and fabrication.

Accomplished six designs and interfaced with constructions of new mechanical facilities within the budget, including investigating fields, determining technology and process, reviewing contractor product submittals and coordinating projects among process, civil, utilities and construction by GB 50007, ACI, CMES. Provided state-of-the-art HVAC technology for air cleaning systems.

Accomplished a QC assurance system for construction machinery maintains as a project manager by building up program, sourcing personals, and initiating inspection allocations.

As PI, executed applied researches on how to effectively use Yunnan natural resource Titanium in foundry industry and reduce the environmental impact under purifying process. The project was founded by National Science and Technology Commission. One Patent was issued. With the research developing, the innovated manufacturing procedures created, process and operation monitored, and the improved products test involved by codes.


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 2002-2005

MS Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 1999-2001

BS, Materials Engineering, Xian Tech University, China


Professional Engineer by Texas Board of Professional Engineer. Number: 102421.


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Junning Sun, Stephen Ekwaro-Osire, Prediction of Energy Absorption of Thin Tubes, Proceeding of ASME GSTC 2002, pp. 63-67.

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