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Engineer Manufacturing

Overland Park, Kansas, United States
August 30, 2017

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Jeetesh Jaiswal

DeKalb,IL • 815-***-****



•Recent graduate with collective experience of two years in high volume manufacturing engineering

•Experince of two years in Continuous Improvement

•Certified in Six-Sigma Greenbelt, Lean, and MATLAB


Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

•Master of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering 08/2015 -05/2017

J.N.T.U-Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India.

•Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering, 08/2011 -05/2015


Languages: C, C++

Technical: MATLAB, ARENA, Minitab, Kaizen, 5S, 8D, DMAIC, R-studio, Solidworks, ANSYS, CATIA, AutoCAD, Timer Pro

Platforms: Windows XP/07/08/10, UNIX, MS-DOS, Macintosh

Other: SQL Server, Microsoft office, JavaScript, visual basics 6.0.

Relevant Coursework: Facility Layout Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Simulation, Data Analytics, Scheduling & Logistic, Linear Programming, Reliability Engineering, Quality Control.


Junior Manufacturing Engineer, Shubham Enterprises – Hyderabad, India 06/2014 - 06/2015

•Optimized the manufacturing time of the shoe sole and implied CAPA principles through GMP

•Assisted the senior engineer in FMEA process for manufacturing of shoe's sole as instructed by the medical supervisors for orthopedic customers and was able to reduce manufacturing cost by 5%

•Implication of Kaizen,8D and 5s principle at the production line to reduce the production time

•Participated in the implication and working of APQP tools throughout the process

•Assisted in assessing the quality of raw material intake in the plant

•Managed and handled database of purchase orders and purchasing products from the suppliers

•Maintained coordination among the workers in order to fulfill the tasks on time

• Maintained a detailed report of the inventory and presented to the senior engineer and management

•Maintained the record of functioning of machines time to time and presented it to the senior engineers and management monthly

Project Intern, Advance System Laboratory (A.S.L.), Hyderabad, India, 01/2014-06/2014

•Prioritized list of critical elements of design in a gas generator along with scientists using ANSYS

• Assembled a gas generator with necessary propellant and igniters with the help of various metrological instruments like torque wrench etc.

•Conducted Time Studies using MOST methodology and reduced non value added time by 30 minutes

• Record the readings for thrust generated during testing and perform various test for the performance of the gas generator

• Assisted technicians on CNC to fabricating and finishing of the complex parts

• Performed detailed Static testing in the second stage of a gas generator and analyzed the pattern of burning rate of propellant with respect to time and plotted the graph using MATLAB.

Business Intern, Labyrinth Global Inc., Oak Park, IL 10/2016 –01/2017

•Motivate the other members in improvising the performance and help to focus them on target

•Interact with client in order to help in promotion of the campaign

•Lead a team as leader in helping them to keep them motivated

•Managing the schedule of my team in order to get most positive result and developed a monthly report of their performance.


•Reduction of Scrap generated in a Cheese line of Peacock Food with application of Six Sigma

•We worked as a team of three people and our job was to apply D.M.A.I.C. concept in order to reduce the scrap generated

•Conducted the analysis of time series plot to calculate the variation of weights of cheese blocks

•I took charge of speaking to the company management in order to get permission to take down the reading of various attributes and allow our team to work along with their employees

•Successful in reducing the scrap from 11% to 8% by implying DOE and Pareto Chart Analysis

•Installed a control system by using XMR charts in order to get better results for longer period than their traditional run charts

•Application of Quality Control techniques in a blending line at Power-Packaging

•Improvisation of blending line of soft-drink powder by implication of CAPA principles

•Used Gage R&R to calculate the variations caused in final weight of packaged product

•Prepared a fishbone diagram to analyze the root cause of inappropriate weight of product

•Implication of SPC tools like CUSUM in order to calculate the deviation of mean of each pack

•Proposed a DOE in order to reduce the variations in weight of product

•Designing and fabrication of Aero- Engine Crankshaft

•Assigned tasks among the people of group and proposed design of crankshaft with various components that could be used, e.g. mild steel, etc. on ANSYS

•Operated lathe and CNC in order to fabricate the designed crank-shaft

•Inspected quality of product design by SPC tools

•I prepared a schedule for my team to reach a milestone in completion of project and also made sure that we do not stay behind with schedule

•Quality Control Techniques Applied in Medical Industry.

•Researched the various quality control that are being applied in current medical industry

•Made a through comparison between different tools like CUSUM, Control Charts, etc.

•Conducted a thorough literature review of various academic texts about the topic

•Proposed a methodology of usage of CUSUM together with XMR Control Charts

•Documented a detailed report regarding the applications of quality control tools like control charts,etc. in hospitals for various purposes

•Simulation of Kish Healthcare in DeKalb, Illinois.

•We worked as team of four and our task was to generate a simulated model of different services using Arena at a Kish Healthcare in order to check system’s efficiency.

•I took control of team for getting readings of various attribute at different services in order to build a simulated model of the system and later to analysis the efficiency of system.

•Analyzed the efficiency of worker and needs of customers using Pareto Chart Analysis

•Suggested a Model to Kish healthcare after applying Kaizen technique

•Scheduling of a Parallel Machinery System to reduce weighted tardiness

•Designed a genetic algorithm for parallel machine system up to 100 machines in MATLAB

• Implied some concepts of bee’s algorithm in order to find optimal solution

•Used Linear Programming concepts too in order to optimize the working time

•Certification in Six-Sigma greenbelt by ExpertRating in 2017

•Certification in Lean Management by ExpertRating in 2017

•Certification of Proficiency in MATLAB by ProCad Technologies in 2014


A-Team of MLR Institute of Technology- Hyderabad, India 01/ 2015- 05/ 2015

C.A.M.E Club at MLR Institute of Technology 01/ 2014- 04/ 2014


•I was an organizer in ZAVTRA 2015 – a national level technical fest in India while I was doing my bachelor degree.

•I was a part of aero-modeling club, A-Team, at my undergraduate school at MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India

•Part of Organizing team for an event for Rotract India at MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India

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