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Mechanical Design Engineer

Cookeville, Tennessee, United States
August 28, 2017

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S ri V ishwanath K urnool

**** * ******* * ** A pt # B, C ookeville, T N, 3 8501



Creative engineering graduate with high self-motivation, precision and a ceaseless passion for Mechanical Design. Proven ability to undertake tough projects and complete it within tight deadlines. In search of a challenging environment w here s trong c ommunication, a nalytical, t echnical a nd p roblem-solving s kills c an b e e xercised. Areas o f p roficiency i nclude:

Machine D esign

Computer A ided D esign

Finite E lement A nalysis


Master’s - T ennessee T echnological U niversity, C ookeville, T N Aug 2 017 Major: M echanical E ngineering ( Finite E lement M odelling a nd A nalysis) G .P.A 3 .18 Bachelor's - G . P ulla R eddy E ngineering C ollege, K urnool, A .P, I ndia A pril 2 015 Major: M echanical E ngineering G .P.A 3 .4 SKILLS

Engineering Design Tools: P roficient in SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD, PTC Creo, Catia V5, Ansys Mechanical APDL, H yperMesh, R adioss a nd M otionView.

Statistical S oftware: M atlab, M S O ffice, M aple.

Programming L anguages: C, F ortran.


Mechanical P roperties o f M aterials Aerodynamics

Fatigue & W ear i n M echanical D esign Theory o f E lasticity

Statistical I nference f or E ngineers Introduction t o C ontinuum M echanics

Finite E lement A nalysis Fiber-Reinforced C omposite M aterials

Advance M aterials S cience


Mahindra E lectric V ehicles P vt L td, B angalore, I ndia - I ntern N ov 2 014-Apr 2 015 Part o f t he C AE t eam t o c omplete t he F EA m odeling o f a ll m echanical s ystems f or l inear a nd n onlinear a nalysis. Also i nvolved i n t he d iscussion a nd b rainstorming p otential r oot c auses a nd s olution f or f ield i ssues. Essential d uties:

Provided C AD s upport o n t he d esign o f t railing a rm.

Performed r oot c ause a nalysis o n t he f ailed p art a nd s uggested d esign s olutions.

Provided d etailed r eports o f t he a nalysis b efore d eadlines. PROJECTS

BS p roject: D esign a nd a ctual t esting o f a utomotive s crew j ack A ug.2014-Nov.2014 Using A uto C AD, a n a utomated s crew j ack w as d esigned a nd t he p art w as f abricated. A D V t est ( development and v erification t est) w as d one o n a r eal v ehicle ( Suzuki c ar) w ith t he f abricated p art. o The p art w ithstood a t otal p ayload o f 7 00kgs. o This w as m uch m ore t han t he d esign l imit o f 6 50kgs. o The t est w as r epeated m ultiple t imes t o e nsure t he d urability o f t he p art. Tools u sed: A uto C AD

Internship: F ailure a nalysis o f t railing a rm u sing M BD l oads D ec.2014-Apr.2015 The r ear-trailing a rm h olds t he m otor a nd t ransmission. T otal u nsprung m ass i s a pproximately 3 5kgs. T his i s an a ctual f ield i ssue w herein t he c racks w ere n oticed a t t he w eld j oint a fter 8,000-10,000kms o f r egular customer u sage.

o This w as a c lassic e xample o f H igh c ycle f atigue f ailure, o ccurring n ear t he w eld a reas o n t he t railing arm.

o Under d ifferent r oad c onditions, t he r eaction f orces w ere e xtracted a t d ifferent p arts o f t he t railing arm u sing M BD s oftware.

o The r eaction f orces w ere i ncorporated i n t he F E m odel o f t he t railing a rm. o The f ield f ailure w as r eplicated w ith r espect t o t he o riginal f ailure a nd s everal d esign s uggestions w ere provided.

o No f ield i ssues w ere o bserved a fter n ew p roposed d esign s olutions w ere i mplemented. Tools u sed: C ATIA ( for d esign); A dams ( for l oad e xtraction); H yperworks ( pre a nd p ost p rocessing); R adioss


MS p roject: D eflection a nalysis ( Transient) o f a f lat o val d uct t hrough F inite E lement A nalysis J an.2017- July.2017

Two t ypes o f d esigns w ere d esigned t o o bserve t he m aximum d eflections a t d ifferent p ressures w ith d ifferent duct t hicknesses. U sing A nsys M echanical A PDL s oftware, s tructural a nalysis w as p erformed t o f ind t he maximum d eflections w ere a nalyzed.

o The p roblem w as c onsidered a s a N on-linear a nalysis u nder d ifferent l oad c ases. o The a llowable m aximum d eflection w as 0 .75 i n. i n a ll t he c ases. o Based o n t he r esults, t he o ptimum d esign w as c hosen f or f urther s tudies t hat i nvolved d eflection prediction o n f lat o val d uct s ystems.

Tools u sed: S olidWorks ( Design); A nsys M echanical A PDL ( FE a nalysis). EXPECTED S ALARY

I a m e xpecting a s alary o f 5 0,000 - 5 5,000 $ a y ear. REFERENCES

1. Mr. V amsi P athapadu

Lead C AE E ngineer

Mahindra E lectric M obility P vt L td

+91 9-84-525-****

2 . Dr. J ane L iu

Professor o f S tructural M echanics

Tennessee T echnological U niversity

+1 9-31-372-****

3 . Dr. S tephen I dem

Professor o f M echanical E ngineering

Tennessee T echnological U niversity

+1 9-31-372-****

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