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Management Sales

Petersburg, West Virginia, 26847, United States
August 28, 2017

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Thomas E. Kivlehan, Jr

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Petersburg, WV 26847



Over 40 year’s experience of leadership, management, maintenance management, production management, operations management, consulting, sales, logistics, budgeting, program planning, training, personnel administration, and analytical experience.

Retired (20 years) U. S. Marine, highly trained professional Master Gunsmith (MOS 2112 USMC), Machinist, CNC Machinist, CNC Programmer, certified Welder, Firearms Safety Instructor, school trained Safety, Radiation, Laser, Hazardous Material and Physical Security Officer. Administrative skills to include MS Word, MS Works, Excel, Power Point, numerous CAD programs MasterCamX, FeatureCam, Solid Works, Solid Edge, Preditor, Plan 3D)

Highly motivated, very responsible, willing to take charge (or follow orders) to accomplish duties, strong personal leadership, excellent communication abilities, verbally and written. Proven hands-on and supervisory experience through out the world.



Many of the above areas also included operations and manufacturing management and since retiring from the Marines in 1997, I continued to work in the Firearms Manufacturing Industry as a consultant, Firearms Subject Matter Expert (SME), Sales, Armorer Instructor, Mechanical Engineering, Production Manager and Manufacturing Manager. Whether it is people or material, my first leadership trait is “Troop Welfare”, then “Teamwork”


As the S4 Chief in the Marines, I managed the following sections; Motor Transport, Communications, Security Guards, Armorers, Ammunition Technicians, Optical Repairmen/Missile Technicians, Supply Warehouseman, Administration and provisions for local community services. Fabricated and updated numerous Operator and Maintenance Manuals for Infantry Weapons, foreign and Domestic.

As Program Officer at Marine Corps Systems Command, and the Responsible Officer for the Ordnance Test Facility, was responsible for Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) of Infantry Weapons (past, present and future) and all related equipment to include TMDE and IWGCP programs within the Marine Corps. This included developing life cycle management from cradle to grave of all firearms, accessories, tool sets, test systems and calibration systems from acquisition of these items from the manufacturers, setting test and inspection parameters, to fielding these items to Marine Corps units (threw out the world) and setting the calibration standards with engineers and controlling the process of calibration in a timely manner, then replacement of worn or unserviceable items. These items also included local calibration and calibration not required equipment.

Personaly held/attended meetings and work groups that included Integrated Product Teams (IPT) that included MCSC personnel, calibration personnel, Army and Marines from using units. Set guidelines and procedures for calibration equipment to include timelines and standards, along with who rates what.

As a Program Officer at MCSC, planed, coordinated and provided oversight in logistics and program management for these items. It was required that all personnel attended the Federal Acquisition Courses and updates that pertained to acquisition and program management. Prepared, documented and delivered written and oral presentations in support of these projects. All documentation was in accordance with DoD 5000 series and USMC regulations.


School trained USMC National Match Gunsmith/Machinist/Welder (MOS 2112). Work experience included fabricating and customizing tools and parts, for the production of USMC firearms and accessories. Provided instruction to Marines on technical inspection, operation, disassembly/assembly, repair, fabrication and customizing of firearms for use in the U.S. Marine Corps shooting teams and MEUSOC teams. Formally trained on Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) for integration into the U. S. Marine Corps Precision Weapons Shop.


School trained in Naval Physical Security of Arms rooms, Armories, Ammunition and Explosive storage areas (AAA&E). Controlled, Firearms and Ammunition, issue, recovery, maintenance and disposition. Upon retirement in 1997, the last clearance held at Marine Corps Systems Command was “SECRET”. Managed Security Guards in the performance of their duties to include firearms training and controlled access to classified areas.


School trained in Hazardous Materials/ Waste Handling Procedures, Industrial Hygiene Safety, Radiation Safety, Laser Systems Safety (CAT II), Range Safety and Firearms Safety.

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