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Python, Fortran, C/C++

United States
May 31, 2017

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**** ******* ** *** *** Alexandria VA 22302

410-***-****, /

Data Engineer 11/2016-present

Mesos, Ckan, Aurora, Marathon, DevOps, Ckan open source development

Postgres, Solr

Python Developer 06/2015-10/2016

PKW/ LEIDOS / SSA Falls Church VA

Scan denied disability applications judge’s decision by OCR using Python and analysing

scanned data with use of Natural Processing package.

Python automatic data extraction from SSA disability files and save them in SQL database

Word document is converted to XML file then to CSV file and saved in SQLite database.

Optical scanning of older TIFF images of mental and physical disability cases using Python

code together with NIH team. SAS was used for statistical purposes, created unit test plans,

and did code optimization

Java Developer 05/2015-06/2015

IBM Reston VA

Support legacy Java Oracle code for FEMA emergency applications

Python Developer (contractor) 08/2014-12/2014

Foreign Language Institute UM College Park MD

Educational software

• Used Python on Linux to develop monitoring scripts of Apache, MySQL servers,

• and Nagios to detect network intrusion

• Used Angular, Flask, Django frameworks, Java Script for web development

• Used Bitbucket, Git, for source files storage

• Used SQLite to keep result of servers log and error files

• Citrix was used for remote access of Virtual Machines VM, Vagrant on Ubuntu Linux

• Used FTP for remote file transfer from Python script

Software Developer 06/2013-06/2014

AmTote Hunt Valley MD

Computer Support of Racing for Maryland, New York Racing Association. Windows 7, VC++, MS SQL reports.

I used Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 for

1) Bug fixing,

2) System enhancements, additions.

3) Developed Foreign Para Mutual Betting System,

Python was used for automated testing of several real racing events, Triple Crown 2014, Preakness 2013.

Python Developer 12/2012-03/2013

Blue Cross, Owings Mills MD

Medical insurance industry

Python was used to develop Linux script on Virtual Machine Ubuntu which did:

1) CGI script runs on Apache server,

2) pulls data from Postgres SQL,

3) present data in web browser as HTML

4) present data in XML file in RSS Feed

5) updated results are send automatically to Managers Outlook Mail Box.

6) Pulled financial data from web by PERL/PYTHON script using XML TREE, DOM

7) Used Django framework

8) used OCR tools with 508 compliance for development and testing

9) SANS cyber security classes

NOAA Senior Production Analyst (contractor) 05/2011-10/2012

Camp Springs MD

I run Weather Forecasting Models on IBM supercomputer.

1) Deployed new models for automatic run on Unix machine by LoadLeveler

2) Monitored them by SMS Linux box.

3) Tested existed models for additional changes and enhancements, for example (SREF,WRF,GFS,WAVEWATCH).

4) I responded to night calls for troubleshooting of model crashes and delays. This include monitor of data ingest from satellites or data input from other models. I have knowledge of GRIB,GRIB2. I supported AWIPS.

5) I used PERL script 24x7 automatically collected errors from all sources and make log file.

C/FORTRAN were used for support and development of weather forecasting models.

C/C++,FORTRAN/PERL/Python/shell script. Linux, Unix AIX, HPC, Open MP/MPI

6) I used GPFS and Open MP which is DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM

7) used OCR tools with 508 compliance for development and testing

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMER (contractor) 06/2010-12/2010

Fugro Earth Data Frederick MD

Production of surface maps from 2 air born Synthetic Aperture Radars (Interefometry) data in X and P bands. SAR / IFSAR data processing SGI 3900 POSIX, Altix 4700, Irix, Linux, FORTRAN / C, parallel programming Open MP/MPI, Jurassic Prok (JP), Porting of JP from SGI Irix to Altix Linux box. Performance improvements by re- engineering of source code with possibility to reprocess data faster. Improvements in performance of making shape files on C/C++, breaking JP in part to dump results on disk on 1 run and pickup data at 2 run for smaller needed map area, what allows redo it much faster. PERL code run data comparison produced by different methods.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER 02/2009-10/2009

NASA Greenbelt MD Astrophysics Department

1) Support SWIFT mission PERL based pipeline which provide telescope/satellite data on the web for scientific community all over the world within 2 hour of any new Gamma Ray Burst. 2)

2) Main PERL script used modules which were developed on FORTRAN., C++

FORTRAN, MATLAB, PERL, C, C++, I used Linux cluster as Distributed System

3) used OCR tools with 508 compliance for development and testing

SOTWARE ENGINEER 09/2008-11/2008

ARINC, Annapolis MD (contract)

Unix, Linux,

1) Python 2.1 script was used for Web application Web Browser Automated Testing with SELENIUM server, Subversion, MQ series, VMWare, PL/SQL.

2) Analysis of Tower-Aircraft message patterns, service different air companies across the world


BAE Systems, Fairfax, VA

1) Sun Unix, C, Oracle 10g, Tuxedo, shell, support for e-tax forms for IBM-IRS

2) Added several functional abilities to process junk data, zip files, check for viruses

SOFTWARE ENGINEER (grant) 10/2006-10/2007

Think Adaptive, Fairfax, VA

I used FORTRAN for numerical modelling of fluid flow in confined spaces of irregular shape. Linux, Motif, C, XWindows, XLib, support graphical application for DARPA grant X,Y 3D image analysis of fluid flow in confined spaces with complex boundary.

SENIOR PROGRAMMER (contract) 07/2005-01/2006

Accenture Reston VA, USPS, Washington DC.

1) I developed Java Core batch job which ran every week Oracle query and produced file containing data about payments to different air carriers for SASS Domestic project.

2) I did design, development, testing and debugging. Java Core, XML, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Tomcat, Eclipse.

COMPUTER SUPPORT (contract) 07/2004-09/2004

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Laser image restoration in atmosphere at some distance from laser using different atmospheric models (with US Army Research Lab). Laser beam scattering was modelled by FORTRAN. Visualization was done on Borland C++, LINUX runtime animation on Motif on XWindows. Presentation of laser diffraction as plain 3D image

and its analysis, Motiff, XWindows.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER 02/2001-04/2003

Honeywell, Columbia MD

Worked on Big Dig Project for Massachusetts Highway Administration.

Developed parts of Local Field Controller software using C++ on EMBEDDED MICROPROCESSOR DESIGN LFC2070 OS9 Microware operation system, NTCIP protocol, Borland C++, Doors, UML, code optimization for embedded processors


Magellan Health System, Columbia MD

Developed Tax Identification Number sub-project of Master Provider Database project; this software is used to keep track of billing records for patients, doctors, hospitals and medical insurance for IRS, VISUAL C++,VB,PL/SQL, MFC, MS SQL Server

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE 05/1996-05/1998

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Research in Ocean Wave Forecasting Modeling

Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interactions, FORTRAN/C/UNIX/VMS

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE 09/1995-05/1996

Applied Physics Institute, Western Kentucky University, KY

Developed PC monitoring of the Neutron Generator with the help of LabVIEW

SENIOR SCIENTIST 01/1981-03/1995

Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol, Ukraine

Numerical Wave Forecast Modeling, UNIX, FORTRAN, C

Comparison of wave models with buoy and REMOTE SENSING wave data.

Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interactions between quintet of waves, PC, MATLAB


Ph.D. Physical Oceanography, Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol, Ukraine

B.S./M.S. Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


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