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Test Cases Engineer

Longmont, Colorado, United States
May 30, 2017

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Robert E. Hart

Software Test Engineer


Software Test Engineer in an organization with philosophies in quality and customer-service.


Developed tests using ReSTFul API for Oracle8i database.

Developed Manual tests for XML GUI interface.

Developed interface diagnostics for the SSD shared memory. The code was in C and assembly.

Execute manual and automated tests for SSD systems.

Develop Firmware and diagnostics in ‘C’ and assembly for WinCE and Linux embedded systems.

Developed tests for the iSCSI Windows, UNIX and Linux API’s.

Develop test plans and test scripts for Performance, Boundary Limits, and Cold-Start test.

Developed XML tests used for GUI raid Configuration tools.

Develop and maintain GUI automated test harness and test cases using Test

Director/Quality Center and Selenium.

Object-oriented Design methodologies were used to develop test cases. The test cases were developed using ‘C/C Java, PERL, assembly, and Shell Scripts.

Develop test automation software tools for white box component level and

System level black box testing.


Systems - Windows Server 2003/2008, VM, IRIX, HPUX, AIX, Netware 5.0/6.0,

Enterprise Linux Red Hat/SUSE

Databases- Sybase, DB2, Oracle8i, SQL

Networks – iSCSI, OSI, OSPF, RIP, SNMP, LAN/WAN, Ethernet, Token Ring, TSO, SPF,

VTAM, TCP/IP, Telnet, ATM, SAN, NAS, Fiber Channel, SCSI

Tools - C/C++, Perl, J++, Bash, Python, Visual Basic, WinRunner, ReSTFul API,

gcc, Test Directory/ Quality Center, Test Track, MatLab, LabView,

PVCS, Rational, Doors, Synergy, PyCharm, Pylint, Eclipse, Perforce,

Selenium, Jenkins


Time Warner Cable/Charter (Edgelink) Contract 2/2016 – 11/10/2016

Sr. Development Tester

Responsibilities include Author Test Plans, Test Design and Implementation.

The ACE UI front end and Oracle Database backend was tested using Excel and ReSTFul API. The development process was Agile with twice a week stand-up meetings. Excel was used for the Test Plan design. ReSTFul API was used to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE database entries. Perforce was used for code and document management. JIRA was used for defect tracking and resolution status. Selenium was used for test automation with Java and python.

Micron – (Synapse Automation Design) contract 6/2014 – 6/24/2015

Sr. Developer Test Engineer

Responsibilities include Author Test Plans, Test Design and Implementation for SAS and PCIe/NVME SSD products. The development process was Agile with twice a week stand-up meetings. Rally and JIRA was used for schedule and progress tracking. The tests were written in Python using Micron coding standards. The tests were put into Jenkins for test automation. LaCroy and SerialTek analyzers were used to get traces for Firmware and Python test code using either FPGA or ASIC hardware. Arium was use to get Firmware code traces.

Converted SAS python tests to NVME/PCIe Python SSD tests. SVN and GIT were used for code control for all Firmware and Python test code. Code Collaborator was used for code and document reviews. The Oakgate system was used for Performance testing and conformance testing.

Intel – (netPolarity) Contract 8/2013 – 5/13/2014

Sr. Developer Test Engineer

Responsibilities include Test Design and Implementation. The tests were written in C/C++ and Perl scripts. The tests were written for an embedded system’s API and wbemcli interfaces. The tests had to be designed to work in the test automation frame work and ran standalone. The automation test frame work was written in C#. The test cases were designed and linked to requirements in Quality Center. Rally was used to track Agile Scrum productivity and project progress. Review board and GIT were used for test development and the test repository.

Covidien – (Kelly IT) Contract 8/2011 to 10/2012

Program Management/Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Responsibilities include scheduling, Author Test Plans, Protocols/Tests, Test Reports and test Execution. The documentation was done for each of the test phases. Co-Author with the vendor to creating their Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Report to ensure they meet regulatory standards. Confirmed requirements were covered by test cases and putting all test plans, test results and test reports into Agile per regulatory standards. Test Track was used for defect tracking for this project.

Authoring test Processes, Test Reports, and SW Validation execution on service agents and medical device software/firmware releases. The test platforms included Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, and Windows 7 64-bit XP VM. The IBM tools used are Doors, Synergy, and Change for defect tracking. Agile was used for change control. Completed training for FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for the Medical Devices and Six Sigma RR.

HP - Developer/Test Engineer 1/2011 to 8/12/2011

Develop Perl applications, Test scripts and Test Plans for, SAS, and Fibre Channel storage disk Arrays. Setup and configure LAN iSCSI, SAS and FC networks to perform the testing of disk raid firmware. Install and configure Hosts systems with Red Hat 5.4/5.5, SUSE 11.0/11.1, and Windows 2003/2008 server operating systems. Execute automated test cases and download firmware to the Array controllers using FTP and Telnet.

LSI Logic – Functional Test/Contract Test 1/2010 to 12/31/2010

Install and configure hosts, raid disk arrays, and network disk management. The host systems are AIX 6.1, RHES 5.4, SUSE ES 10.4, SUSE ES 11.0, Windows 2003 Server R2 SP 2 and Windows 2008 R2 Server. Setup LAN and FC network to perform Acceptance and Integration testing disk raid firmware. Install and test disk array firmware, array controller firmware, and network host configuration software. Create JAVA scripts to create test configurations.

Covidien – (Kelly IT) Contract 8/2008 to 12/31/2009

Principal Software/Hardware Validation Engineer

Responsibilities included writing test Protocols, Engineering Change Orders (ECO), Test reports, Review Test Documents, and executing test cases. Created, Modified, Debugged and ran automated test cases using Mat Lab, Lab View, and vnell tests written in C++. Create and Modify C++ code for custom embedded system that has both usb and rs232 user interfaces. Design and code Test Harness in C++ to test DLL given to OEM customers. Ran test Procedures for formal Verification and Validation for Sterile/Non-Sterile Sensors, large Applications, embedded software and DLL libraries. Hardware testing using diagnostics, Digital Volt Meter, Signal Generator and a Tectonics Scope embedded system. Agile was used for document control, ECO’s and releases. Test results and Test reports were checked into Agile for review and release. PVCS was used for code revision and defect tracking. Completed training for FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for the Medical Devices and Six Sigma RR. Completed Training for helping companies Meet and Exceed FDA and Total Quality Management Standards.

EDUCATION – Denver University (Software Engineering), Colorado University

Extension (C, IBM assembly, Object Oriented Design (OOD), Networking

100, 200, 300), Front Range Community College (Electronics), Amdal

(IBM assembly)

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