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Project Management/ Cross Functional Executive

Santa Clarita, California, United States
May 20, 2017

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Sherry Falcon

Valencia, CA. ***** * (818) ***-**** *

Relevant Work Experience:

20+ years Cross-Functional Consultant, Project Management, BSA/AML, Staff Management.

Demonstrated Operational Fraud Management with unique skills for producing factual evidence.

Actively working with auditors, attorneys, regulators, and examiners in the financial industry.

Managing Consent Order Projects, Internal/External Audits, MCA, and CAPs.

Tech Writer, Policies and Procedures, Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management.


Citi/Citi Holdings, Los Angeles, CA.6/2014 – Present

Job Titles:

AVP IS COB & Controls Sr. Analyst [3/2015 – Present Employee of Citi/ Citi Holdings]

Audit Coordinator [6/2014 – 3/2015 Consultant, Axelon]

Job Functions:

Fraud Analyst, BSA, AML, Tech Writer [CAPS / Policies / Procedures], FDIC Consent Order, Complaint Management, Dashboards, iCAPs, CCM, MCA, PRCs, BRCC, Audit Coordinator, Project Manager, Staff Management, Compliance, and Risk Management, and Data Analyst

Job Description:

I was brought in as a consultant to assist Banamex USA (BUSA) with the FDIC Consent Order and Audit, due to my knowledge and level of various business functionalities, my Director (A CITI Seconded Employee) offered me permanent employment with CITI to assist with the Wind Down of BUSA. The self-liquidation of BUSA allows me to work in various roles as listed above, including the management of employees and consultants. The tracking of corrective action plans to closure, and validation of the effectiveness of control enhancements. Proactively assess risk trends to identify potential emerging risks. Work with senior management and key internal process owners to develop appropriate and timely actions to mitigate/address such risks, which also benefit my work writing policies and procedures. Develop and maintain reports of root cause analysis, trending, and solutions. Perform daily due diligence on all complaints from executive, third party, businesses, and customers. Train and implement procedures regarding customers and the wind down process. Tighten the control of the environment including conformance with standard controls checks and procedures in accordance with corporate standards. Execute business Optimization and Simplification for Wind Down effectiveness. Collection and assessment of audit, compliance testing, and regulatory deliverables for reviews of business units and processes. Working with internal/external auditors and regulatory agencies. Assist Compliance and other business units in drafting of audit and exam responses. Lead ad hoc projects and help develop and implement solutions for business units, risk and compliance programs and initiatives. Abstract thinking with the ability to read and understand laws and regulations and interpret the implications to support business units.

6/2011 – 3/2014

Federal National Mortgage Association (FannieMae

Dallas, Texas

Job Titles:

Governance QC Oversight Risk Analyst Risk Management [3/2012 -3/2014 Term Employee]

National Underwriting Center Credit QC Loan Underwriter[6/2011 – 3/2012 Consultant]

Job Function:

Governance Analyst II responsible for leveraging knowledge of the business, complex processes, and regulations in support of the effective implementation of the organization’s governance, risk, and compliance programs. Performing a variety of roles including, but not limited to training, implementation, monitoring, research and analysis, remediation and reporting.

Re-evaluate and analyze all loans, vendor audits, and insurance rescissions. Background investigative work alongside Legal, Compliance, and Fraud.

Job Description:

Implements and maintains operational plans for key control activities to ensure compliance with regulatory, legal, and corporate or functional related policies and procedures. Identifies ongoing process improvements, operational gaps, and potential remediation steps.Evaluates new policies and procedures for operational and control impacts and governance, risk and compliance standards. Develops risk and operational reporting.Functions as a liaison to internal departments and aids in surfacing gaps between written procedures and staff execution; helps with and may lead process re-design and coordination of remediation efforts. Oversees and provides ongoing support for the update and maintenance of policies and procedures and other governance activities.Lead ad hoc projects and help develop and implement corporate wide or business unit governance, risk and compliance programs and initiatives.Re-evaluation of all loans purchased by FNMA by all mortgage banks and brokers. Re-evaluation of all insurance rescissions made by all MI companies throughout the USA. Re-evaluation of all Vendor Audits. Responsible for submitting detailed reportsfor analysis of: DTI, CLTV, Income, Property Reviews, Multiple Loans/Properties, Assets, Settlement Statements, Credit Reports, Purchase Contracts, Notes, Helocs. All background investigative work done on a daily basis in correspondence with: The Work Number, LexisNexis,, BBB, and various website portals. I have constructed several excel and word documents to improve work flow with the ability to track the status of each loan within organized systematic spread sheets.

8/2003 –11/2009

PricewaterhouseCopers LLP

The Entire USA – 100% Travel

Job Titles:

Due Diligence, Fraud Analyst, Senior Underwriter, QC, Loan Auditor, Compliance, Risk Management, Policy Team Lead, Credit Risk Management, and Bank Wind Down/ Closure Process.

Job Description:

Project Lead responsible for the management and training of 25 people. Twenty years of Manual Underwriting experience with signing Authority up to 1.5 million US dollars.In-depth knowledge of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriting and quality control guidelines. Comprehensive understanding of Risk and Compliance controls and processes enabling me to develop policies and procedures within the various departments based on Federal and State regulations.Full knowledge of secondary market activity and business industry practices as they impact underwriting quality and origination activity. Forecast and development of financial modules and budget analysis.The undertaking of various roles; Project Management and Delegation, Risk Analysis, QC, Marketing, Editing, Developing and Implementing new procedures to correspond to Federal and State regulations.Assist and work in conjunction with legal counsel, FBI, Government Banking Commissions, U.S. Treasury Bank, officers of the law, and the Secret Service with regards to Identity Theft and Fraud involving employees, attorneys, CPA’s, customers, and various large and small corporations. LERC Committee - Responsible for the analysis and submission of written responses for files throughout the United States to the legal department of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CBASS, PMI, GMAC, and customer obtained counsel. The analysis includes: background checks, LexisNexis Reports, DBA’s, Sitex Data, FraudGuard, cross checking borrowers, interviewing employers, borrowers, managers, and others, land flips, straw borrowers, appraisal analysis, and an underwriting re-evaluation of entire files for possible fraud.Risk Management - The overseeing and analysis of the impact of natural disasters affecting loans in process and after closing. Implementing new loan guidelines and changes in accordance with each state’s banking laws throughout the United States.Senior Quality Control Underwriter and QC auditor for the Risk Management Department. My duties include Underwriting Supplemental Audits, New Product Audits, QC Overflow, EA Arbitration Agreements, BPO’s, FPD’s, and FBW’s. Reports are then emailed to the Vice President, managers, branches, AE’s, Underwriters, and funders on the various problems and guideline issues that are causing the loans to be un-sellable in the secondary market.Scrub Analyst – Analyzing various loan documents that do not meet State and/or Federal standard operating procedures. Methodical and distinctive fraud investigative skills, with special talents for producing factual evidence.

Education: Skills: LAMC (9/1987 - 05/2004) Economics / Computer Science

Proficient in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, Oracle, SharePoint, iCAPs, AS400, CitiRisk, PeopleSoft, and AS400.

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