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Manager Sales

Bay City, Michigan, United States
December 11, 2012

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I should be accepted for this position because I'm self motivated,dependable,teachable,

optimistic,energetic,hard working individual with excellent people skills and take genuine pride in

everything I do. I use these skills in my daily and business lifeto be a leader and give my

childern an excellent role model fro thier upbringing to this world of unsirtanty and tough times.

I'm sure i can work well with your team and help this company to progress in all of our business


(Important Qualifications)

I tolerate no lieing

When I make a mistake,I admite I was wrong and try to learn from that mistake so it doesn't happen again.

If thiers something i don't know,I'll ask for knowledge to get the task completed.

Good leaders listen as well as speak.

I can never be perfict but my expectations for myself are endless.

Having the abillity to understand everyone is unique in thier own way

and still being able to work as a team.

Whenever i start somthing, I finish that task whatever it takes.

I describe myself as an A's of spades,I call it the way I see it,if it's liked or not,

but it's honest and fair.

If I want to be a good leader,I would praise for good work,

and work as a team to get the results that I expect.


Set -up and operater-Double Disk,O.D. machine,Blanchard,Drill Press and hold tolerances

.0005-.0001 spuare and parellel and always checked oil before use and clean up area each day

operate and hold tolerances.0005 on Wet Saw and Hawk Lathes.

U.S. Graphite Inc. Sawginaw, MI 1-989-***-**** 2/2007-4/2008

maintenance/carpet and apholstry steam cleaning/security/electrical-I've fixed or replaced motion

sencers,switches,recepticals,balast,bath fans/plumbing-I've fixed or replaced faucet

gaskets,trapes/toilets or urinals-I've replaced or fixed wax rings,flanges,fill valves, flappers

battery operated flush valves and cleaned screen-I've fix or replaced leaking or broken water lines,

mixing valves,shut off valves,sottered copper lines and cleaned or augered pluged lines.

Valley Plaza Resort Midland,MI 1-989-***-****

~reason for leaving~I've caught my boss lieing to me.I brought it to his attention,he denied,but I

have papers to prove he did,i was told not to pick up around facillity because it was a porters job.

I suggested it was everyones job,and i was told,"If you don't like the f***ing way things are ran,then

thiers the f***ing road pal",I said maybe we should talk to someone higher up and his remark was

"Do you like the hours your getting?". 1/2006-3/2007

designer/contracter/roofer/siding,windows,doors,cabinet installer/landscaper + design

/electrician-I ran all wires,put in all switches,recepticals,hooked up and wired all panal box,ran

coduit underground from house to pole/plumber-I built my septic feild and set tank to kitchen

and bath sinks to showers and tubs to the sink pipe/landscaping and drain tiles underground

pulled and passed all my occupancy permits on my own and now I'm living in the house of my

dreams with my family.

Self Employed MI 1-989-***-****

~reason fro leaving~ Now I have to pay for my determination. 4/1998-5/2006

Roofer-applied OSB down,cut eaves,applied drip edge,felt,icegard and shingles/electrician-

ran wires,put in switches,recepticals,shanelerars,recessed lighting,panal boxes,tested all

wireing with tester before model homes left facillity for shipment.

General Housing Corp. Bay City,MI 1-989-***-****

~reason for leaving~housing market fell and was laid off indefinity. 5/1997-4/1998

cleaning,stripping,waxing of hard flooring/supervisor 15-20 people took materials and equipment

to Flint and Detroit suburb areas to jobs and returning next morning with all that I took to do the job.

Michigan Floor Maintenance Zilwakee,MI (out of buiness) 3/1995-5/1997

Mold injection press/pulled and trimmed parts and boxed to be shiped

United Technologies Auburn,MI (out of business) 5/1994-3/1995

sales associate(home cleaning system)

Kirby Bay City,MI 7/1993-4/1994

machinist(350 WAM lathe)tolerances .0001--plane tools

Knight Carbide Steerling Heights,MI 2/1992-6/1993

attendent/cashies/tire repair and balancing

Amaco Steerling Heights,MI 6/1991-8/1993

cashier/attendent/tire repair and balancing/oil changes and 30 point inspection

Shell/Goodyear Steerling Heights,MI 7/1989-5/1991

grill cook/cashier/crew leader/assistant manager--ordered Distron for franchise store that


United States Wide

Burger King Troy,MI

~reason for leaving~Dad passed away and I had a hard time dealing with that type situation at that

time in

my life, not having much maturity or being able to deal with that type of stress. 2/1989-6/1989

dishwasher/grill cook

McDonalds Auburrn.MI

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