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Cerner EHR Systems/Support Analyst San Diego, Ca ref HOLD

ESR Healthcare
San Diego, CA
November 16, 2020

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Cerner EHR Systems/Support Analyst San Diego, Ca ref HOLD


JOB TYPE: Contract

LOCATION: San Diego, California, United States, 92101

INDUSTRY: Information Technology

CATEGORY: Healthcare

EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree

EXPERIENCE: 5-7 years


RELOCATION ASSISTANCE: No - Will consider candidates that relocate on their own

WORK ELIGIBILITY: Green Card, US Citizen


DATE UPDATED: Within 24 hours

DATE POSTED: Oct 09, 2020

CANDIDATE PAY RANGE: $45 /hr to $65 /hr

RECRUITER COMMISSION: $475.48 /hr to $146.58 /hr

PROJECTED CONTRACT EARNINGS: $5,705.70 to $1,758.90



The role acts as the primary liaison onsite between Hospital Staff (Psychiatric Hospital) and Clinical Systems vendors, including the Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record (EHR). The role works with providers, nurses, administrative staff and any external vendors who interact or impact the EHR.

Accountable for developing, facilitating and supporting processes and workflows that enable delivery of the highest standard of care to patients using a range of technical, process, and ITIL support tools. This position requires a mastery of clinical systems and their application in both ambulatory and critical care settings. The role is responsible for managing change and resolving issues that span functional teams and organizational departments by planning, organizing, directing and supervising clinical program support activities in a cost effective and productive manner to achieve a measurable improvement in patient outcomes.

looking to build a team of 5 Systems/Support Analysts made up experience anywhere from junior to senior. The team will work out of Liberty Station office in San Diego, CA and will need to be onsite. They offer 24/7 support so people with a flexible schedule are a bonus.


Education and Experience Required:

· Minimum 5 years’ experience developing or supporting an Electronic Health Records certified by Joint Commission

· Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Healthcare Informatics, Information Technology or related field.

· Experience with collecting requirements and specifications for build through leading and facilitation of stakeholder workgroups.

· Knowledge of hospital operational processes and policies

· Ability to translate clinical needs and work requirements into IT functional requirements and vice versa.

· Ability to speak and write fluent English including medical terminology.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

· Broad knowledge of the regulatory environment related to clinical systems and electronic health record implementations, including Joint Commission, OSHPD, HIPAA and an expert understanding of best practices for standards compliance

· Ability to manage teams, with individual success defined by how the organization works as a team, including resource and skill sharing.

· Knowledge of regulatory and technical challenges in leveraging healthcare data to improve patient outcomes across organizational boundaries

· Ability to understand clinical and business problems from multiple perspectives and manage the implementation of a solution that completely and correctly addresses the problem with a constant focus on patient care and population health.

· Ability to validate/evaluate if a clinical or business information system or operational architecture meets business and clinical needs

· Ability to apply knowledge of how clinicians can use information technology to address challenges using best practices, standards and infrastructure, cross-industry trends, and industry-specific roadmaps

· Ability to maintain the integrity of a proposed solution to assure positive impacts on patient care, professional quality and logical consistency in the face of political and business pressures

· Ability to develop functional and technical specification and other deliverables that map clinical and business requirements into complete information systems (technologies, processes and people) or operational solutions.

· Ability to relate risks, challenges and impacts to patient care that the organization should expect to encounter with a proposed system based on industry knowledge of proposed solution, other client efforts or projects and internal knowledge of organization

· Ability to perform business process analysis/synthesis using modeling or simulation tools and techniques, such as workflows and diagrams to show interrelationships of multiple processes, tracking instances/characteristics of process elements.

· Broad knowledge of Healthcare technology, and specific knowledge of complexities of integrating enterprise clinical systems and health records

· Ability to apply program/project management methods and processes to define, plan, cost, resource, track and ensure the accomplishment of targeted goals for large enterprises

· Ability to strategically consider all sides of an issue within the contexts of time, breadth, and range of options.

· Ability to systematically gather, assess and apply critical organizational, technical, and operational information for clinical and business decisions.

· Ability to prepare clear, concise, and persuasive communications for multiple audiences, including demonstrating effective writing and presentation skills, listening actively, and projecting a credible image.

· Ability to articulate technical or operational problems into understandable business and clinical terms appropriate for the audience.

· Able to design and present high-impact messages to clinical and executive leadership.

· Able to use a wide variety of presentation tools to persuasively communicate complex messages to multiple audiences

· Excellent speaking and writing skills with proven capability to represent organization at executive, clinical and industry events.

TEAM Responsibilities

Duties of this position include:


· Provide initial triage of problems for Psychiatric Hospital users, gathering all data related to problem (including PHI if required)

· For problems or incidents determined to be related to application, liaise with AMS on affected Psychiatric Hospitaluser's behalf

· For problems or incidents deemed solely related to Perspecta maintained infrastructure, hand off Psychiatric Hospital user as appropriate

Application Management

· Maintain reference library of Psychiatric Hospital roles and privileges, including definitions of required roles, task access, positions and solution specific-security profiles.

· Notify vendor of any changes to user security, such as termination and role change.

· Approve individual users accounts at global level through change management

· Add new users and manage individual user accounts

· Maintenance of remote report distribution settings using Cerner maintenance tools

· Capture customized workflows outside of Cerner recommendations

· Conduct end-user training

· Identify and provide printer and printer location(s) list

· Manage change for local installations

· Develop and maintain guidelines for solution-specific security

· Manage WTS locations

· Liaise with AMS on any domain activities, providing appropriate notice and planning for impacting events.


· Liaise with AMS to provide troubleshooting expertise, Incident and Problem resolution

· Liaise with AMS to evaluate and implement short-term and long-term alternative resolutions to Incidents and Problems

· Follow Cerner policies for handling patient data

· Provide analysis, feedback, and recommendations for leveraging monthly service reports for process improvement

· Provide accurate Ticket description, example, and point of contact who can verify request is complete to AMS for any Cerner application problems

· Liaise with Cerner client help desk

· Liaise with AMS for all time management activities for Cerner Managed Software

· Act as central point-of-contact between Cerner and vendors for foreign system and medical device interface errors

· Troubleshoot and resolve foreign system and medical device interface errors on Client-side of interface

· Act as initial escalation point for troubleshooting departmental workflow tasks (i.e., person combines, cancelling orders, resulting orders)

· Coordinate with AMS on management of purge job activities

· Provide purge retention criteria to AMS

· Maintain event management threshold document and provide continuous directives regarding desired management of operations jobs and interfaces

Custom Reporting

· Request modification to Custom Reports or Discern rule; provide requirement and mockup of change

· Coordinate with AMS on troubleshooting issues with Custom Reports or Discern rules in production

· Prioritize and Manage requests for custom reporting

· Review and approve custom reports and Discern rules implementation

· Validate Custom Reports and assure the integrity of the resulting data

· Provide Incident management and maintenance of Custom Reports not developed by Cerner until stabilized

· Request Custom Report or Discern Rule modifications; provide requirement and mock-up for the request

· Customize P2Sentinel Reports

· Coordinate Localization of Cerner-developed Mpages

· Development/localization of MPages

Content Management

· Liaise with AMS to deploy solution-related front-end special instructions for service package loads

· Validate regression test scripts

· Work with AMS to develop appropriate responses to Monitored Software notifications (i.e., flashes, advisories, Cerner Knowledge Network, etc.) and take necessary action

· Validate service packages/solution enhancements and fixes, assure the integrity of the resulting data, and provide final approval/sign off for deployment.


· Work with AMS to develop appropriate responses to Incidents found that affect service and require intervention

· Provide approval to remove or inactivate non-current items monitored or managed by Cerner (such as printers, operations jobs, and interfaces)

· Notify Cerner of additions, removals, or non-standard configuration changes within any installed interface engine(s), prior to implemented/completed changes

· Liaise with AMS to respond to Cerner Millennium outbound interface problems and incidents

· Liaise with AMS to respond to Cerner Millennium inbound interface problems and incidents

· Liaise with AMS to respond to medical device interface problems and incidents

· Liaise with vendors for operation and maintenance of non-Cerner side of foreign system and medical device interfaces

· Liaise with AMS to respond to chart server problems and incidents

· Liaise with AMS to respond to incidents and problems involving scheduled operations jobs and scheduled task triggers

· Request and approve the restart of operations jobs as required

· Implement rerun instructions for operations job error

· Coordinate with AMS to respond to problems and incidents involving remote-report distribution

· Coordinate with AMS to respond to problems and incidents involving backend print queues for hung processes

· Manage printer hardware devices and local connectivity

· Monitor print server queues

· Coordinate with AMS to respond to problems and incidents involving iBus system

· Coordinate with BioMed support services for Cerner Millennium iBus local device maintenance

· Coordinate with AMS to respond to problems and incidents involving XR Clinical Reporting

Change Management

· Develop and Maintain Change Management Plan

· Identify representatives to comprise Change Management Group and perform associated responsibilities

· Integrate AMS-managed change management system with Psychiatric Hospital change management systems

· Establish change management process that includes formal vetting and prioritization of requests

· Project manage all changes

· Receive and integrate Cerner change management reporting with Psychiatric Hospital change management systems reporting

· Facilitate and participate in weekly AMS change management meetings

· Agree to weekly production change window schedule

· Communicate planned outages to end users

· Authorize production environment changes and act as AMS support service owner

· Communicate appropriate system changes of non-Managed Software to the Cerner team as necessary

· Validate all changes to the Managed Software prior to moving them to production in a certification domain and immediately upon completion of the change in production

· Test solution enhancements and defect fixes to ensure the integrity of the resulting data

· Provide 6-month notice to Cerner of material changes to growth in the scope of the Managed Software (e.g., order volumes, users)

· Identify representatives to execute and participate within a governance structure

· Receive, evaluate, integrate, and report on monthly statistics and management reports provided by AMS related to service level attainment

Incident & Problem Management

· Act as single point of contact for escalation of Incidents and Problems

· Log all Incidents and Problems in accordance with AMS documented processes

· Differentiate between solution and connectivity Incidents, manage non-Managed Software Incidents and Problems with appropriate teams

· Provide and maintain escalation process within BHS to AMS

· Assign primary escalation contact to Cerner, receive primary escalation contact from Cerner

· Assure AMS maintains client help desk on a 24 x 7 basis to provide first line of support to end users and average first call resolution of 25% per month (excluding password resets)

· Answer basic system questions

· Route user Tickets to the appropriate party

· Gather relevant contact information and log all Tickets

· Maintain a library of electronic and printed system reference materials for use in answering user questions and resolving basic Problems

· Perform password resets

· Remain engaged on high/critical Incident calls as needed

· Assist in validation of the resolution of an Incident as well as provide additional details for issue investigation as needed

· Assist with end-user communication (downtimes, code changes, process changes, etc.)

· Provide workflow training assistance


Dental, Health, and Vision


You will be required to answer the following questions when submitting a candidate to this job

All resumes must be submitted in word format with a brief candidate summary of their experience that outlines the key qualifications/past experience required for this position as per the job description. This write-up will be shared with the client along with the resume.

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REQUIRED: Please copy and paste the QQs and your answers and paste them at the TOP of the resume before submitting! This is required in order for a submittal to be made to the end-client! Thanks!

1. How many years of expereince does the candidate have in Electronic Health Records certified by Joint Commission?

2. Would the candidate be suited for junior or senior role?

3. How many years of experience does the candidate have in knowledge of hospital operational processes and policies?

4. How many years of experience does the candidate have in the ability to translate clinical needs and work requirements into IT functional requirements and vice versa?

5. Please provide an example of the candidate working in a broad knowledge of the regulatory environment related to clinical systems and electronic health record implementations, including Joint Commission, OSHPD, HIPAA and an expert understanding of best practices for standards compliance.