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Customer Technical Support

bershalin staffing, llc
Seattle, Washington, United States
$20-22 hourly
November 07, 2019


This is a temporary position set to last about one year. Location is Redmond, WA.


You will directly work with one of the project teams to communicate, prioritize, and drive customer support issues that have been reported. In addition, you will be managing updating Support Agents on the current status of outstanding customer tickets, which includes keeping discussion/comment, attachments, and status in sync across the lifetime of the issue. Stakeholders will need to have clear information on the breadth of users impacted as well as the depth of impact an issue has. You will communicate with Support Agents to get additional information on issues and work with them to help improve the data gathered from users. Input on how to improve and streamline the process will also be core to your responsibilities.

As the internal voice of the community for support team, you will need to effectively communicate top customer issues and make sure we are designing and developing solutions in our products to keep the community healthy.

Minimum Qualifications and Skills

3+ years of software troubleshooting or customer support

2+ years of experience with the software development product cycle

Passion for customer advocacy in the gaming industry

Excellent communication and collaboration skills

Ability to quickly learn new technologies and processes

Desire to improve customer support experience

Strong familiarity with Xbox, PC gaming, and the Halo franchise

Ability to successfully communicate using data

Experience working with software testing/development/ design disciplines