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Genetic Counselor, Certified/Licensed, Work Remotely

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
July 12, 2019 - ZipRecruiter


This is an opportunity to extend your expertise as a Genetic Counselor to patients across the state in which you reside and outside of your state dependent upon state licensure requirements. Working telephonically from your home office, you will have the opportunity to assess and counsel patients with serious concerns regarding hereditary cancer risk, who are seeking the expertise and guidance from a genetic counselor. Reach patients who may not otherwise have the opportunity to receive the expertise of a genetic counselor and work in tandem with physicians across the country who view you as an extension of their patient services.

The Genetic Counselor telephonically assesses an inherited familial disease occurring or recurring in a family utilizing medical history, data gathered from a patient's family health history and incorporating credential online tools. These patients have a serious concern about their hereditary cancer risk, a high percentage concerned about breast cancer risk, who have completed a family history survey and desire the expertise of a genetic counselor. You incorporate education regarding genetic transfer; laboratory testing and research data to help the patient in coping and adapting appropriately to the disease process.

You will help patients understand and come to terms with the significant impact of a genetically inherited disease; how it may affect them and their families. You will assess, document, test when appropriate and counsel.



American Board of Genetic Counseling


Based on State Requirements


Master's in Genetic Counseling


Two years in genetic counseling, including expertise in hereditary breast cancer risk


Customer service skills

Written and verbal communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Ability to work independently

Ability to work with a team

Critical thinking

Organizational skills

Computer skills

Knowledge of regulatory requirements

Management skills

Medical terminology use and understanding


Competitive salary based on experience

Professional liability insurance paid by the company.