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Physical Design Engineer

LanceSoft Inc.
San Diego, California, United States
March 13, 2018

Job Overview:

To do Floor planning, P&R, timing closure SI prevention/fixing, power planning, CTS, PV and I/R drop for Block as well as Top level MSM.

Minimum Qualifications:

Able to deal with MSM Top level complexity from FP, Placement, CTS, Routing and timing closure Must be able to take the Hardmacro through P&R from Netlist to GDS including timing closure, formal and Physical verification.


EDA Physical design tools experience ( Examples: Cadence Innovas, Synopsys ICC2, PrimetimeSi/Calibre/ etc)


Physical design implementation expertize in latest technology nodes in one of the below domains or all of these.

1.Floorplanning at Full chip level or Macro or Block Level a.Macro placement, power grid implementation, power routing, special routing like analog signals etc b.Power collapse/Low power implementation flow

2.P&R: Place and route at chip level or block level, perform placement, timing closure in P&R mode, perform clock tree synthesis, routing etc

3.Timing closure/STA a.Perform STA using primetimeSi or Tempus or any industry standard STA engine, timing closure, ECO generation, timing correlation b.Deep understanding of timing skills to perform correlation, timing fixes, corner/voltage definetions etc

4.Clock Tree Synthesis: a.Perform custom or regular clock tree implementation at block level or top level. b.Clock tree balance of complicated tree, clock power reduction techniques etc

5.Low Power Implementation a.Power collapse/power gaing techniques/implementation b.UPF/CPF flow knowledge c.CLP/FV

6.Physical Verification Using Calibre a.Running all the PV checks (DRc/LVS/ERC/Softcheck ) and deep understanding of all the rules and fixes

7.Perl/Python/Shell script experience is also preferred to help with automation